Chapter 3: Say Disagree


All citizens that wearing Light Brain has a corresponding information form inside the Main Brain.

The super-intelligent Main Brain will automatically filtered and matched all data.
Those with a matching degree of more than 50 are recommended to marry, and those with more than 70 matches, if there was no objection, a forced marriage will be carried out, with only one rejection authority.
And the one over 90 have never appeared before.

After turning down one time, in the confirmation link between the two parties, even if one party does not agreed, as long as the other party agreed, the refusal will not be established.

However, those with a suitability of more than 70 were basically subconsciously attracted by the other's pheromone, which can be called a match made in heaven.
So far, there has been no situation where percentage more than 70 would choose to reject a partner.

It was very rare to meet a suitable partner.

In particular, the Main Brain's test results are extremely accurate, which was much more reliable than looking for it by yourself, and has greatly reduced the divorce rate of the Empire in the past century.

【Host, please note that the one facing you now is Lu Jinbei.
All the next missions are based on marrying Lu Jinbei, so Host must marry him.

It doesn't matter if he was about to get married, but he felt that he was about to be strangled to death by Lu Jinbei.

Ling Huan couldn't catch his breath, the strength on his neck suddenly loosened, he staggered and fell back in embarrassment, meeting the man's cold and mocking eyes.

“Say that you don't agree, and this marriage is considered invalid.” Lu Jinbei promised him, “I can help exempt you from the death penalty that should have been given after confessing guilt.”

The man’s cool voice was certain, and he offered an attractive price.
“After two years of imprisonment and determined that there is no threat, you can still be sent back to federal territories, but the precondition is that you are not allowed to agree to this marriage.

“I see.” Ling Huan had blood stuck in his throat, he frowned and coughed twice, the corners of his eyes were slightly red, he wiped the blood from his mouth, and asked, “Where can I voice my opinion?”

Feeling that he was still tactful, the man's gaze glided over the white skin under the juvenile's tattered clothes, then took it back without affected in the slightest.
The slender fingertips wrapped in black gloves tapped the Light Brain twice, and a fluorescent interface popped up.

Regardless of the gender in ABO, it was the same for him.

He was a non-marriage activist¹ and has never thought of getting married.

Marriage was meaningless and a waste of time.

“Face the screen and say that you disagree.”

Ling Huan moved his wrists, and felt pain all over his body.
He suspected that this body might have been beaten before.
He looked at the pulsating light brain, his features constricted slightly, and under the man’s eyes dark gaze, he said unhurriedly:

“I agree.”

The Light Brain instantly jumped to a striking red, and two short 'di di' sounds rang out.

“Rejection failed, mandatory marriage has been started, and the marriage status of both parties has been successfully locked.
Congratulations to both of you.
Wish the newlyweds have a sweet life.”


Author has something to say:

【Ling Ling: If you ask me to say it, I just say it? (Pull)²


[1] 不婚主义者(bu hun zhu yi zhe); this is an ideology.
It's like perfectionist,  environmentalists, socialist etc.
In Lu Jin Bei's case, his ideology is never thought of getting married.

[2] One character but have 3 pronunciation with different meaning.

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