Don't Lift Me So High

“But it was obviously you just now…”

Thinking that Lu Jinbei was joking with himself, Luo Sheng didn’t finish speaking, both hands were folded uneasily in front of him, hesitation was show in his sparkling eyes, and he found that Lu Jinbei hadn’t paid attention to him at all.
He immediately turned his gaze for help on Tan Ye.

Tan Ye, who was place on high expectation of, was under a lot of pressure, he bit the bullet and asked,

“What? What does it have to do with me?”

What’s with Lu Jinbei’s logic?

Obviously he has been watching the show thousands of miles away.

But now he really heard a trace of certainty in Lu Jinbei’s tone, that he really wanted to give him(TY) this good opportunity to get close to the omega.

With a trembling hand, the necklace that he was holding steadily just now fell to the ground with a clatter a second before Luo Sheng was about to pick it up.

Tan Ye hugged his beloved sawdust with both hands, elegantly lifted his shoulder-length curly hair, and said in a gentle voice, “Sorry, I didn’t mean it, or how about you just pick it up by yourself.”

“We still have something to do.
It’s just a bit of effort1, no need to thanks, let alone repay.
It’s not safe for you as an omega to be on the street so late, so go home early.”

Luo Sheng’s hand that had already stretched out half way were stopped mid air awkwardly.
He bit his lower lip forcefully, his curly long eyelashes trembled slightly, as if he was about to cry, but in the end he strongly endured it and squatted down to pick up his own things.

His fingertips against the seams of the trousers kept rubbing the hard edges and corners of the diamonds.

Luo Sheng still unwilling to give up and looked at Lu Jinbei, he caught a glimpse of the murder weapon lying on the ground from his peripheral vision, a stream of light flashed in his eyes, “Are you injured? I saw that the robber brought a knife, although he escape just now, but if you want to catch him and need a witness, you can contact me at any time.
This is my Light Brain number…”

“By the way, I have a little bit of medical skills.
If it is a simple dressing of the wound, you can safely leave it to me, there will be no problem at all!”

“It’s just a small injury, no need to bandage.”

For a person with a high force value, even if he doesn’t deal with this kind of small wound, just relying on his own recovery ability can restore the wound in half a day.

Lu Jinbei’s temperament was indifferent and cold, his slender long legs moved, and he walked to the side of the knife lying quietly on the ground, picked it up and his fingers gripping the edge of the knife handle tightly.

He tried to recalled the seemingly sweet smell in the air when he was in contact with the other party just now, but Luo Sheng kept walking around like he was entangled with him, and kept pulling him out of his thoughts.

Chattering on and on, so noisy.

This omega who talked a lot, his scent were too thick and heavy, and they had completely covered the scent that made his heartbeat unsteady in the air, and could not be captured by recalling briefly.

Lu Jinbei stood up and gave Tan Ye a meaningful glance.

Tan Ye touched his nose.
Friends for so many years, he keenly felt that the air pressure around Lu Jinbei had dropped suddenly, and he came to end it with a good temper.
As soon as he said goodbye to Luo Sheng with a smile on his face, he was caught by the collar and taken away by Lu Jinbei.

Tan Ye got a headache.
He looked at Lu Jinbei who was a little abnormal today, “What the meaning of this? Either you don’t help, or you help and comfortably accept others’ thanks.
Now you help and throw the credit on me casually.
Don’t tell me you just want to subdue the robbery just now.”

“But I think that omega just now looks beautiful, is he interesting in you? I think he just wanted to exchange Light Brain numbers with you…”

“I forgot.”

Lu Jinbei looked down at the murder weapon left by the robbers, and suddenly said a sentence.

Tan Ye turned his head, “What did you say?”

“I forgot what the omega looked like just now.
It shouldn’t be very beautiful.” Lu Jinbei turned the handle of the knife over and glanced at it.
He closed his eyes, and the scene of the boy holding the handle of the knife just now appeared in his mind.

The back of the other party’s white hand was strained, and he could even see the light color of blood vessels, and the slightly protruding knuckles made the fingers long and slender.

Opening his eyes suddenly, Lu Jinbei threw the knife to Tan Ye, “Go and check the fingerprints.
I’ll give you the authorization to apply for verification.
Find out the person who robbed the necklace just now.”

“You’re kidding?” Tan Ye didn’t know why he went to criticized2for this kind of thing.
“Furthermore, the thing was not robbed ah, and it was recovered by you.
If you really use such extreme means to find out, what crime are you going to give him?”

“Check for it first.”

Lu Jinbei’s voice was indifferent.
He turned on his Light Brain and checked the only option attached to the lower right corner.
At this moment, the box was showing a normal green color, followed by a line of words.

【Bound: Ling Huan.

【Status: Sleeping.

Light Brain has never made a mistake, and it was impossible to deceived him.

He squeezed his eyebrows a little irritably.
The damp evening breeze at night was mixed with all kinds of chaotic smells.
He himself wasn’t sure whether the scent he had just smelled was exactly the same as the inferior perfume smell on Ling Huan’s body.

But fortunately, the careless gangster left evidence.

If the scent was not the same, it was similar.

Maybe he was in the same group as Ling Huan, whose memory has been erased.


Ling Huan returned to the small villa of the Rayles family as quickly as possible, carefully bypassing the front hall where the dinner was being prepared, because he had a good sense of direction, he found his own room without any effort.

When he went down just now, he was stepping on the top of the first floor.
Now it was a little difficult to go up, mainly because there was no place to step on.
Ling Huan was looking for a path that suited him when there was a rustling sound from the side.

He turned his head, the flower room with only two warm yellow lights on was quiet, the breeze blew, and two roses gently swayed their petals.

Thinking that he had misheard the sound of the wind, Ling Huan retracted his gaze.
He rolled up his sleeves and touched the uneven wall with the only right hand that could exert force.
Before he started to move, the crisp sound of flower branches breaking appeared in the quiet night sounded extraordinarily harsh.

There was a crackling sound, like a rose branch could not bear the weight of something, followed by a muffled sound of landing.

Something like a round ball rolled to his feet, because the light was not good, only a small black ball could be seen.

Ling Huan raised his eyebrows slightly, knelt down and touched with his hand, it was a little prickly.

He picked it up and looked at it against the light, only to find that it was a defensive little hedgehog huddled together completely.

Because of nervousness and fear, all the exposed thorns of the hedgehog hardened and shivered slightly when being held by him.

A small nose slowly appeared in the gap in the middle.

Ling Huan didn’t see his eyes, he only heard a milky voice, which sounded very anxious.

“Don’t, don’t lift me so high! MaMa3 will see me!”


Author has something to say:

【Ling Ling: Huh? 】

Hiya guys… yeah, I’m late 

I was very busy lately that I don’t have time translating for these past few days(not even one paragraph! Orz).
Today finally got half a day off and I’m trying my best to squeezed out this chapter.
Thankfully this chapter not very long or I don’t think I can post it out today

A bit in a rush so there might be misspelling and grammar there, I don’t have time to triple-check it like I usually did |_・)

And this might continue for sometime, I don’t want to make promises and raise a flag for myself, so I hope you guys don’t mind the wait (>д<)

See you next chapter ya all! ─=≡Σ((( つ><)つ


Raw 举手之劳(Jǔshǒuzhīláo); lit.
the exertion of lifting one’s hand (idiom), fig.
a very slight effort


Raw 上纲上线(Shàng gāng shàngxiàn); to criticize (as a matter of principle).
Look beyond the surface.
Raise the problem to the height of class struggle and line struggle for analysis. Honestly, I don’t understand why TY said LJ “criticize” the matter with the robber or is this a normal way of speaking nowadays? I thought criticize words only use to describe someone when they give opinion on something(normally tv drama, movie, novel, etc)??? *head spinning* For you guys who know Chinese, this is the full raw context 覃野不知道他为什么对这种事情上纲上线.


Raw 麻麻(Má má); don’t have actual meaning tho.
But it sounded similar to 妈妈(Māmā); mother.
This should be the little guy mispronouncing too.
and if only using one word , it’s means numb.
The meaning change as this word put together with other words, ex; 麻烦(Máfan); trouble, 大麻(dà má); hemp (Cannabis sativa), cannabis, marijuana,  or 密密麻麻(mì mi má má); numerous and close together, densely packed, thickly dotted, thick, dense, etc, etc.

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