from pruning branches these days and he doesn’t even bother to talk to us now.”

Wen Chi thought this was just right and he didn’t want to hear Ping An chattering in his ear.

Wen Chi was really tired, he hurriedly took a bath and after going to bed, he began to feel drowsy.

Half asleep, half awake, he thought of Shi Ye who gave him the guqin and wondered if Shi Ye was still angry at the moment.

For some reason, Wen Chi suddenly regretted that he had rejected Eunuch Zhu’s request before.
Although Shi Ye’s temper was indeed weird, it was an indisputable fact that Shi Ye had spared him many times.

He should take advantage when Shi Ye is easy to talk to and try to curry favor with him, lest when Shi Ye ascend the throne in the future and become a veritable tyrant and end his life with one hand.

But thinking is one thing, doing it is another.

Just thinking of Shi Ye’s icy cold face, Wen Chi felt as if his whole body was frozen and he didn’t even dare to move his limbs easily.

He’s really scared woo woo woo…

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Wen Chi slowly fell asleep while thinking about these messy things.

After sleeping for a long time, Wen Chi gradually became conscious and he felt a strong sense of being stared at.

That line of sight cast down from the side of the bed, sweeping him from head to tail, like a hunter sizing up his prey, made Wen Chi get goosebumps all over his body.

Wen Chi thought he was having a nightmare, he shivered subconsciously and was about to pull the quilt up.

He half-opened his eyes in a daze and then pulled the quilt halfway and suddenly saw a black shadow standing upright beside his bed.

Wen Chi: “…”

He was instantly awake.


Someone was standing by his bed!

Wen Chi swallowed his scream, his body stiffened, and his hand tugging at the bedding was frozen in mid-air.
He half-squinted his eyes and glanced at the side of his bed, but he couldn’t tell whether the black shadow was a person or a ghost.

At this moment, the black shadow suddenly took a step forward.

The black shadow seemed to know that Wen Chi had woken up, so he quickly tapped his fingertips on Wen Chi’s chest a few times.

Wen Chi suddenly felt that his whole body weighed a thousand catties, he couldn’t even move his fingers, his mouth was slightly opened and he couldn’t make a sound from his throat.

Wen Chi’s face was pale and he stared at the black shadow with despair.

Unfortunately, there was no moonlight in the room, so he could not see clearly who the dark figure was but could only dimly make out the outline of a tall man.

Just as Wen Chi was thinking this way, the dark figure reached out and picked him up and he flew lightly out of the window using qingong.

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