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Chapter 46.2

In the silence, Eunuch Zhu glanced cautiously at Shi Ye’s direction and then whispered, “Young Master Wen, it’s cold on the ground, you’d better get up quickly.”

Wen Chi wiped his face and got up from the ground.

He thought to himself that it was over and that he had offended the cheapskate again, so he stood with his head buried and cowering in fear.

The height in the carriage was limited and it was still wobbly.
He had to bow his waist and sway back and forth with the shaking of the carriage and he was barely able to keep steady with the help of his heels.

Wen Chi quietly raised his eyes and looked——

He saw that Shi Ye was still sitting in the wheelchair in the same posture as before, as if he had just experienced something extremely shocking and his expression had not yet escaped from his dazed state.

In Wen Chi’s impression, it was rare to see Shi Ye looking like this.

He remembered that the last time he saw Shi Ye showing such an expression was at the market that night, when Shi Ye asked him to run first but after running for a while he had to run back because he was controlled by that force.

At that time, Shi Ye watched him run closer and closer and at that time he also showed this expression, as if he had seen a ghost.

However, Wen Chi’s wandering thoughts did not last long.

Eunuch Zhu at the side brought a clean handkerchief from somewhere and wiped Shi Ye’s face carefully.

The handkerchief was white and after wiping his face, he could see light red blood spots on it – these were the saliva that Wen Chi sprayed on Shi Ye’s face just now, mixed with the blood when Shi Ye bit him.

That means ……

When he laughed, he sprayed saliva all over Shi Ye’s face.

Wen Chi remembered that Shi Ye was obsessed with cleanliness and there was a passage in the novel that after Shi Ye ascended the throne, a concubine accidentally spilled soup on Shi Ye’s cuff and Shi Ye strangled her to death on the spot.

Although according to what Wen Chi has seen from some of Shi Ye’s behaviors, he did not look like he had a particularly serious cleanliness problem, but it did not affect Shi Ye’s ability to get him killed.

Wen Chi was timid, if he had a tail, it must have been stuck between his legs, so he mustered up the courage to take a new handkerchief from Eunuch Zhu and walked over to wipe Shi Ye’s face.

“Your Highness, let me wipe it for you.” Wen Chi said and wiped it seriously, only his hands shook with fear, during which he almost poked the handkerchief into Shi Ye’s eyes.

Shi Ye: “…”

Wen Chi’s face was ashen and after thinking about it, he thought it was better not to increase his chances of death, so he decided to take his hand back.

As a result, just as he was about to withdraw his hands, Shi Ye grabbed his wrist violently.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

There was obvious disgust in Shi Ye’s eyes, as if he hadn’t recovered from the touch of saliva on his face just now, just thinking of the pile of saliva rushing towards his face, he could hardly breathe.
His indifferent tone for the first time had a hint of gnashing his teeth: “Wen Chi, are you courting death?”

Wen Chi was so frightened that he didn’t even know that the handkerchief in his hand had fallen off.
He opened his mouth slightly and looked at Shi Ye with eyes full of horror.

Shi Ye’s phoenix eyes were full of frost, he pulled Wen Chi closer: “Do you think it will be fine if you wipe it off?”

“No, I didn’t wipe them off…” Wen Chi was startled and frightened and he even had the feeling that he was in danger, he spoke out of turn, “I was just spreading it evenly…..”

Shi Ye: “…”

Probably because he was too close, Wen Chi saw the corners of Shi Ye’s mouth twitching.

Only then did he realize what he had just said.


What the hell is he talking about!

At this moment, Wen Chi wished he could sew his mouth shut with a needle but despite his thoughts, his mouth continued to babble nonsense driven by the desire to survive: “Your Highness, I thought that if I spilled saliva on my face, I only needed to wipe it off with a handkerchief.
But once saliva entered the mouth, wouldn’t it be eaten by Your Highness? If this can stop His Highness from eating my saliva, it would be a good thing.”1Wen Chi!! Shut up! SHUT UP! What the HELL r u saying!! Idk this fellow anymore.
this dude is looking for an early grave.*translator nim is frustrated*

Shi Ye: “…”

Well, Shi Ye’s face is completely dark now.

Wen Chi froze from the cold aura emanating from Shi Ye’s body and he had  goosebumps.
He closed his eyes as if he saw his imminent death.

At this moment, Shi Ye suddenly said, “Then who do you want to eat your saliva?”

Wen Chi opened his eyes and blinked blankly, he didn’t understand why the topic jumped to this.

Shi Ye said again: “Hua Zi Zang?”

Wen Chi was silent as he pondered what this matter had to do with Hua Zi Zang.

He had to say that Hua Zi Zang was really pitiful, it’s okay to be targeted by Shi Ye for no reason and even after they left, he was being continuously targeted by Shi Ye.

“No, no, no…” Wen Chi shook his head crazily, “I don’t know him well at all.”

“Oh?” Shi Ye’s voice became colder and colder, “So you want someone you know to eat your saliva?”

Wen Chi: “…”

Where is this coming from?

This dog prince’s thinking is too strange, what a logic genius.

Wen Chi was about to collapse under Shi Ye’s cold gaze and said with a grieving face, “Why do I have to let others eat my saliva? I don’t want to eat other people’s saliva, and I don’t want others to eat my saliva either.”

Shi Ye remained silent, staring at Wen Chi with burning eyes.

Wen Chi tried his best to avoid Shi Ye’s gaze, his head was almost buried in his collar.

The two remained in a stalemate for a long time.

Wen Chi thought he was really done for now but he didn’t expect Shi Ye to suddenly let go of his wrist.

He looked at Shi Ye in surprise, only to see Shi Ye let out a cold snort from his nostrils, turned his head and faced the back of his head at him.

Wen Chi no longer had the energy to think about why Shi Ye was making a scene again, he felt exhausted from his lucky escape and hurriedly sat down on the seat furthest away from Shi Ye.

The carriage bumped all the way and entered the palace.

Wen Chi closed his eyes after having a cup of tea and finally felt a little more refreshed.

When the carriage stopped outside the gates of the Bamboo Flute Residence, he couldn’t wait to escape and get out of the carriage.

“Young Master Wen!” Eunuch Zhu got out of the carriage after him and shouted softly, “Young Master Wen, wait a minute!”

Wen Chi reluctantly stopped: “Is there anything else, Eunuch Zhu?”

Eunuch Zhu turned his head and glanced at the direction of the carriage window, carefully pulled Wen Chi to the side and said in embarrassment: “Young Master Wen, you also know the temper of His Royal Highness and His Highness is still angry at the moment, if you just leave like this, then when His Highness the Crown Prince returns, he may continue to be angry again.
So, you’d better coax him before leaving.”


1Wen Chi!! Shut up! SHUT UP! What the HELL r u saying!! Idk this fellow anymore.
this dude is looking for an early grave.*translator nim is frustrated*

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