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Chapter 45.2

The chair was very close to Wen Chi and when Hua Zi Zang sat down, his entire back was in front of him.

Wen Chi lowered his eyes and saw Hua Zi Zang’s smooth black hair.
Hua Zi Zang’s  back was very straight, his figure looked a bit thin but if you looked carefully, you could find the smooth lines underneath that seemed to contain vigorous explosive force.

Suddenly, Wen Chi remembered the strong arm that Hua Zi Zang had wrapped around his waist.

He didn’t know if he was thinking too much, but he felt that this person, like Shi Ye, might also be a person who knows martial arts.

Wen Chi was thinking wildly and those people also started talking.
The content was nothing more than the Hua family and the Hua family’s businesses and they also mention the locust plague in Jinzhou, saying that the Emperor intends to let the fourth prince personally take people to Jinzhou to check it out.

Then, Shi Ye, who had never said a word, said, “Wen Chi.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone who was speaking was stunned and turned their heads to look at Shi Ye in unison.

Wen Chi also came back to his senses immediately and hurriedly said “Yes.”

Shi Ye said, “Sit over here.”

Wen Chi was speechless, he didn’t know what Shi Ye was up to but then he realized that he was just a tool in this peach blossom banquet, so he relaxed and walked over and sat on the chair prepared for him by the maid.

The chair was next to Shi Ye’s wheelchair, which also shortened the distance between him and Hua Zi Zang.

After sitting down, Wen Chi noticed that Shi Ye’s tense jawline seemed to relax a little.

He touched the back of his hand, which was still a bit sore and his heart was really baffled to the extreme.

When the others were interrupted by Shi Ye, they didn’t dare to speak anymore.
Even the Grand Princess looked at Shi Ye eagerly and they were all waiting for Shi Ye to say something.

In the end, Shi Ye waved his hands indifferently: “Continue.”

The corner of the Grand Princess’s mouth twitched slightly, he wanted to say something but in the end she didn’t and continued talking to others about the interrupted topic just now.

Wen Chi had nothing to do, so he listened carefully to their conversation and found that the purpose of the Grand Princess this time was roughly the same as last time, mainly to persuade Shi Ye to receive treatment, not only that but also to call back Hua Zi Zang who was traveling outside.

This Hua Zizang is quite accomplished in medical skills and may be able to help Shi Ye.

Hua Zi Zang…..

Wen Chi silently recited the name several times, not only him but even the original owner had no impression of this person, as if he popped out of nowhere for no reason.

Wen Chi sighed in his heart and he didn’t know where the plot was heading.
If this Hua Zi Zang really cured Shi Ye, even the system would be scared to death.

But having said that, Shi Ye didn’t need these treatments at all, he was just putting on a show.

The Grand princess and the others were all persuasive, but Shi Ye was unmoved and started to drink leisurely.

Wen Chi held the wine jug quietly, pouring wine beside him, watching Shi Ye drink one cup after another.

Finally, when the wine was almost finished, Shi Ye raised his eyelids wearily and his cold eyes flicked around the Grand Princess and the others: “Have you finished?”

The faces of the Grand Princess and others were not very good, only Hua Zi Zang who barely made a sound, looked calm and composed.

“Bengong came all the way here to listen to your nonsense, it is already kind enough.
The affairs of your Hua family will be handled by your Hua family.
Don’t bother me with these trivial matters in the future.” Shi Ye’s voice was extremely cold.
The beautiful phoenix eyes seemed to overflow with wisps of cold air, his gaze paused for a moment on the blue and white face of the Grand Princess and before moving away, “Wen Chi, let’s go.”

Wen Chi hurriedly put down the wine jug and stood up to push Shi Ye’s wheelchair.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
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Eunuch Zhu, who was robbed of his job, followed behind him with the guards.

Shi Ye drank a lot of wine, his body smelled of rich wine, mixed with his faint sandalwood fragrance but it was not unpleasant to the nose.

Seeing that Shi Ye spoke clearly just now, rendering the Grand Princess and the others speechless in a few words, Wen Chi thought that Shi Ye was not actually  drunk.

Unexpectedly, when they got into the carriage, Shi Ye closed his eyes and he frowned, not hiding the slight pain in his expression.

Seeing this, Wen Chi couldn’t help but sit a little further away.

As a result, as soon as he sat down, a hand appeared in front of his eyes, holding a robe.

Wen Chi raised his head in surprise and saw Eunuch Zhu who was winking wildly at him.

Wen Chi: “…”

Seeing that Wen Chi was still not moving, Eunuch Zhu gritted his teeth with a bit of anger: “Young Master Wen….quickly.”

Wen Chi who was forced was helpless and he had to pick up the robe, walking carefully to Shi Ye’s side.
He put the robe on Shi Ye’s body very quickly, then turned around and was about to walk away.

Before he could turn around, a hand suddenly grabbed his wrist.

The strength of that hand was so great that it directly yanked him over.

Wen Chi only felt the image in front of him shake for a while and when he caught his breath, he realized that he was actually sitting on Shi Ye’s lap.

Shi Ye’s dark eyes were dark as if he almost saw through Wen Chi, his hot breath accompanied by the smell of wine sprayed on Wen Chi’s face: “Where did he touch just now? Is it here?”

Wen Chi’s eyes widened and for a moment he thought he had heard wrong.

The next moment, a fervid hand was on his waist.


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