with no ups and downs:  “You can’t bear to part with him?”

Wen Chi still shook his head.

Shi Ye said stubbornly, “Give me a reason.”

It’s not because he is cowardly but he is afraid of being retaliated against by Wen Liang and the system and even more afraid of being backlashed by Wen Liang’s  protagonist halo.

However, it was absolutely impossible to say these words, so he could only tactfully change the words: “I don’t want to kill people.”

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When he got this answer, Shi Ye was stunned for a moment and suddenly laughed out loud.
The more he laughed the louder it became and his long and his eyes narrowed slightly, but there was a frightening cold light in them.

After a while, Shi Ye raised his hand: “Do you know how many lives have been killed by Bengong’s hand?”

As the saying goes, the more you know, the sooner you die.
Wen Chi doesn’t want to know how many people Shi Ye has killed.
He saw that the topic was about to run in an uncontrollable direction, and he suddenly caught Shi Ye’s hand suspended in midair with both hands. 

Shi Ye stared at him in surprise.

Wen Chi said solemnly: “I believe Your Royal Highness was only defending yourself.”

After he said that, Shi Ye suddenly grabbed Wen Chi’s wrist with his backhand.
Without waiting for Wen Chi to react, his hand exerted a slight force and easily pulled Wen Chi in front of him.

Wen Chi was taken aback and reflexively wanted to dodge to the side, which ended up in him staggering and directly to sit on Shi Ye’s lap.

Wen Chi: “…”


He had a premonition that his head would be smashed in the next moment.

Just when Wen Chi was about to stand up, he suddenly saw Eunuch Zhu lifting the veil and walking in from the corner of his eyes: “Your Highness, the banquet will start soon, please move ……”

Before he finished speaking, the voice abruptly stopped.

When Eunuch Zhu realized that something was wrong, the teacup on the table had already risen into the air and rushed straight to Eunuch Zhu’s forehead.


After resting for a long time, Shi Jin felt that the inexplicable palpitations eased a lot.
He suspected that he was sick or had eaten something he shouldn’t eat and planned to go back and let a doctor have a look.

After the banquet began, all the people in the tent had to move outside.

Shi Jin came to his seat weakly and sat down.
Facing the good wine and food and the enchanting and beautiful dancers, he couldn’t arouse the slightest interest.

Don’t know how long the banquet has been going on but the Grand Princess’s maid suddenly took out a small ball made of wicker.
She said that when the Grand Princess beat the drum with her back to the crowd, the crowd should pass the ball in order of their seating position.

Finally, when the drum stops, the person who gets the ball needs to perform a talent.

When everyone heard these words, they clapped their hands and applauded.

The Grand princess started to beat the drum enthusiastically and the ball was passed down by the crowd in turn.

The Grand Princess beat the drum for a long time and suddenly stopped.

“Who got the ball?” The eldest princess turned to look and said with a smile, “The one who got the ball should stand up by himself.”

Following the Grand princess’s words, the crowd very tacitly looked in one direction.

Wen Chi also curiously looked in that direction.

According to the plot in the novel, Wen Liang had the opportunity to play the guqin in public through this game but now that Wen Liang was taken away by Shi Ye’s people not long ago, this plot should also change…

Soon, Wen Chi saw a tall and thick man standing up shyly.
He blushed and struggled for a long time and finally said with great difficulty: “I am a rough person so I don’t have many talents, how about I play the guqin for everyone to listen.”

Wen Chi: “…”

At the same time, Shi Jin who was absent minded suddenly raised his head to look at the man.
He recognized the man, he was a well-known military general in the court.
He had made many military exploits in recent years and was extremely trusted by his father.

But why…

Why did his emotions, which had finally calmed down, start tumbling again? His heartbeat was even faster than before.

1A metaphor for an old, irrelevant word or thing

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