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It seems that the changes in the Wen family did not stop the development of the plot.
In the end, Wen Liang still found the young master of the Li family.

Wen Chi withdrew his eyes calmly, pretending that he neither saw nor knew Wen Liang.

After these people had finished exchanging pleasantries, he pushed Shi Ye’s wheelchair into a tent surrounded by silk veils under the guidance of a maid.

The tent was furnished extremely delicately, not only were there green plants but there were also tables, chairs and benches, as well as tea and snacks that looked tempting.

Wen Chi pushed Shi Ye’s wheelchair to a table and then stood silently behind Shi Ye.

Shi Ye propped up his chin in boredom, and said without looking back, “Sit.”

Wen Chi naturally understood that Shi Ye was talking to him, so he didn’t refuse and obediently sat on the chair beside Shi Ye.

Shi Ye turned his head and glanced at Wen Chi, then at the snacks on the table: “Eat as much as you want.”

Wen Chi: “…”

How did Shi Ye know that he was looking at those snacks?

Wen Chi thought about it for a while and then refused: “Thank you, His Highness, for your kindness, but I’m not hungry yet.”

Seeing Wen Chi’s resolute attitude, Shi Ye seemed to have thought of something, chuckled lightly and there was a little imperceptible smile in his eyes.
He raised his eyebrows and said, “Afraid you’ll go from being full-term fat to awaiting delivery?”

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“…” Wen Chi, who was stabbed in his sensitive point, immediately looked like a cat whose tail was stepped on and said, “You are too much!”

After finishing speaking, Wen Chi immediately realized his tone and his face turned pale.
He bit his lips tightly in fright and carefully looked at Shi Ye’s expression.

Fortunately, Shi Ye didn’t pay attention to what he said and looked out of the tent thoughtfully.

Seeing this, Wen Chi slowly relaxed his grip on his lower lip.

At the same time, the overwrought strings in his mind relaxed and Shi Ye said again: “That person is also here.”

Wen Chi was confused for a moment: “What did His Highness the Crown Prince say?”

Shi Ye glanced at him with a half-smile, “The one you looked at seven or eight times when you came.”

Wen Chi: “…”

Oh, Wen Liang.

But didn’t Shi Ye have his back to him the whole time? Knowing that he had looked at Wen Liang seven or eight times, he seriously doubted whether Shi Ye had an extra eye on the back of his head.

When Shi Ye saw Wen Chi was silent, the expression on his face gradually became playful but there was no emotion in his tone:  “Since you care so much about that person, why don’t Bengong grant your wish and call that person to you and Bengong will let you look at him openly and honestly.”

Wen Chi blushed: “No need…..”

However, Shi Ye directly ignored his words and ordered Eunuch Zhu who came with him to summon Wen Liang and the person who brought Wen Liang to the peach blossom banquet.

Eunuch Zhu received the order and left.

Wen Chi sat on the chair with a strange expression.
Why did he feel that today Shi Ye was like a child who lost his temper but he didn’t have the guts or the life to bicker around with Shi Ye.

Eunuch Zhu moved very quickly and in less than half a stick of incense he brought Li Hao and Wen Liang outside the tent 

“Your Royal Highness.” Eunuch Zhu called out in a low voice, “They are here.”

Before Shi Ye, who was inside, could speak, a figure came out from the adjacent tent.
It was Shi Jin who had been idling around.

Shi Jin walked towards Eunuch Zhu: “Eunuch Zhu, is my royal brother inside ……”

Before he finished speaking, Shi Jin suddenly caught a glimpse of Li Hao who was carefully hiding behind Eunuch Zhu.

In an instant, his heart started pounding.


1 – Something like this, with a wide belt on the waist

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