placed on his shoulder.

“It’s not that this brother doesn’t want to help you.
It’s mainly because of what happened to your Wen family.
Now, which family doesn’t treat your Wen family as a plague? This brother was willing to see you because of my affection for you back then.” Li Hao drunkenly leaned into Wen Liang’s ear.
When he opened his mouth a strong smell of alcohol gushed out “The Peach Blossom Banquet is not a small family banquet, the grand princess and the imperial sons will come, tell me how dare I bring some random cats and dogs in?”

Wen Liang was terrified but he tried his best to suppress the trembling of his body, and leaned slightly to the side: “Brother Li Hao, just help me this once and I will never forget your great kindness.”

Li Hao smiled and blew into Wen Liang’s ear: “And then?”

Wen Liang shivered and continued to lean to the side but he still couldn’t avoid Li Hao’s hand on his shoulder.
He was anxious and his eyes turned red: “What then?”

Li Hao had a sharp face and he smiled naughtily.
He raised his hand to pinch Wen Liang’s chin: “You don’t really think that your ‘never forget’ is worth much, do you?”

Li Hao’s force was so strong that Wen Liang’s mouth was distorted and several red fingerprints immediately appeared on his fair cheeks.

It was so painful that tears came out of Wen Liang’s eyes and he looked at the drunken and red-faced Li Hao helplessly and alarmingly.

Unfortunately, the harder Wen Liang cried, the happier Li Hao laughed.

“You have to have a begging attitude when you ask for help.
It’s not that this brother can’t take you to the peach blossom banquet but I will have to take you there at the risk of being scolded.
I won’t be getting any benefits, right?” Li Hao wiped Wen Liang’s face with his thumb.
Just as he was about to get closer to kiss him, he caught a sudden glimpse of a strange color from the corner of his eye.
He was taken aback and immediately stretched out his hand to pull off the stone that Wen Liang hung around his neck, “What is this?”

Wen Liang only felt that his neck was empty only to realize that the multicolored stone was already in Li Hao’s hands.

His stone!

Wen Liang turned pale with fright and wanted to snatch the stone back but he was too weak, not only did he fail to snatch the stone back but he was also pushed out impatiently by Li Hao.

Caught off guard, Wen Liang bumped against the wooden wall and there was a dull pain from his back and the tears he hadn’t held back burst out again.
He cried and begged: “That’s mine, can you give it back to me? It’s very important to me!”

Li Hao looked at the stone and pouted, “It’s just a broken stone.”

Wen Liang cried: “Wuuuuuu, give it back to me…”

Li Hao was born into a wealthy family and his younger brother, who was born from the same father and the same mother, married into the East Palace.
He lived a smooth life and saw many rare treasures.
How could such a stone be so rare?

Just seeing Wen Liang crying so sadly, he rolled his eyes and put the stone into his pocket.

Li Hao strode up to Wen Liang and looked down at Wen Liang who was full of tears: “I promise to take you to the peach blossom banquet, as for this broken stone, I will keep it as a collateral first and you can exchange it with other things in the future.”


1古琴 [gǔ qín] guqin, a seven-stringed plucked instrument in some ways similar to the zither

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