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Chapter 39.2

In the end, Ruo Fang was the first to react and she suddenly notice Wen Chi had sat on the chair in front of her at some point.
Wen Chi’s clothes were messy and his black hair was wet looking quite disheveled.

“Young Master, this servant will wipe your hair.” Ruo Fang said and went to bring a towel.

Ruo Fang’s movements were very light and she didn’t say much, as if she had something on her mind.

Wen Chi was also thinking about what to say.

In the end, Ruo Fang hesitated and said, “Young Master, has His Highness left?”

Wen Chi said, “He’s still taking a bath.”

Ruo Fang: “…”

It was only then that Wen Chi realized that his answer was a little insensitive, so he quickly added: “He probably hasn’t left yet.
About what happened tonight, just pretend you don’t know anything and you haven’t seen anything.”

Ruo Fang replied obediently: “This servant understand.”

After drying his hair, Wen Chi went back to the bedroom and put on his clothes.
When he came out again, he saw Ruo Fang and Ruo Tao were arranging dinner.

“Ruo Tao.” Wen Chi called out, “Go to the bathroom and take a look.”

Ruo Tao turned her head and asked suspiciously: “What does Young Master Wen want this servant to see?”

Wen Chi originally wanted to ask if Shi Ye was still in the bathroom but then he thought that Ruo Fang had accidentally stumbled onto Shi Ye’s secret not long ago and wondered if Shi Ye would kill her over it…

Forget it, no need to check.

Wen Chi was scared and went to bed quickly after eating.

Fortunately, nothing happened that night.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

After this incident, Wen Chi stopped thinking about delivering cakes to Shi Ye, but in order to prevent Shi Ye from coming to him for cakes on a whim, he still let Ruo Fang and Ruo Tao continue to prepare cakes and put them there every day.

The shelf life of the cake is only two or three day, and it won’t last long.
So in the end all of them entered the stomachs of Wen Chi, Ruo Fang and Ruo Tao.

That afternoon, while Wen Chi was lying on a chair in the courtyard basking in the sun, Ruo Fang suddenly ran over and said that Young Master Li had come.

Wen Chi thought for a while before he remembered that Young Master Li was Li Yu, the one who pointed at the phoenix painted by Shi Ye at the tea banquet and said it was a chicken.

Wen Chi had a bad impression of Li Yu, so he waved his hand and asked Ruo Fang to send Li Yu away.

However, Ruo Fang looked diffedent: “But Young Master Li knelt outside the door of our Bamboo Flute Residence as soon as he arrived, saying that he must apologize to Young Master Wen face to face, otherwise he would not leave.”

Wen Chi: “…”

This familiar routine…

He suspected that Li Yu asked Zhang Cai Hui for advice before coming to visit him.

But with so many court ladies and eunuchs coming and going outside, even if Wen Chi didn’t want to, it was impossible to let Li Yu to keep kneeling outside.
After Li Yu knelt for half an hour and refused to leave did Wen Chi let Ruo Fang bring him in.

Li Yu still looked the same but he had lost a lot of weight and looked sluggish and depressed, especially the blue fingerprints on his neck were particularly shocking.

Wen Chi stared at Li Yu’s neck for a long time before turning his eyes away with a complicated expression.

He always thought that the way Shi Ye pinched his chin was painful but compared with Li Yu, he realized that the force Shi Ye used on him could only be called as “gentle”.

Li Yu brought a lot of goodies and placed them next to each other on the table.

“Young Master Wen, I was the one who made a mistake at the tea banquet.
I have also made a deep introspection these days and I hope Young Master Wen will forgive me for my rudeness that day.” Li Yu lowered his head and solemnly apologized to Wen Chi.

Wen Chi said: “You should apologize to His Royal Highness.
After all, that painting was painted by His Royal Highness.”

Hearing this, Li Yu seemed to recall something, his body trembled unconsciously and he lowered his head: “I have already asked His Highness for forgiveness.
His Highness said that he will forgive me only if you forgive me.”

Wen Chi: “…”

Why does this dog prince push everything on him?

“Forget it.” Wen Chi sighed helplessly, “This is the end of the matter and it’s impossible for me to do anything to you.”

Li Yu’s face brightened and he hurriedly said: “Thank you for your generosity, Young Master Wen.
Young Master Wen,  I will always remember your great kindness!”

After saying that, he walked to the table, rummaged out a wooden box from the pile of goodies, opened it and asked Ruo Fang next to him to hand it to Wen Chi.

“This is ginseng sent by my mother.
It is a rare treasure that comes once in a hundred years and it is also a good medicinal material to take during pregnancy.” Li Yu said as if offering a treasure, “Please accept it, Young Master Wen.”

Just as Wen Chi stretched out his hand to take the ginseng out of the wooden box he suddenly turned red when he heard Li Yu’s words and quickly withdrew his hand.

Wen Chi said very depressedly: “Thank you for your kindness but I don’t need this.”

Li Yu said: “No, no, no you need it.”

Wen Chi said, “I don’t need it.”

Li Yu said: “You really need it.
My mother gave it for me to take during pregnancy.
Unfortunately, I can’t use it for the time being.”

As he said that, he smiled wryly and looked at Wen Chi with envy in his eyes.

Wen Chi seemed to understand something: “To be honest, I also won’t be needing it for the time being…”

Hearing this, Li Yu’s eyes gradually became confused and he looked Wen Chi up and down: “Isn’t Young Master Wen pregnant? Why can’t you use it?”

“…” Wen Chi was speechless for a moment, “Who told you I was pregnant?”

Li Yu was even more confused and scratched his head: “I see that you seem to have gained a little weight, isn’t that because you are pregnant?”

Wen Chi: “…”

Sorry, it’s all my fault for eating too much lately.


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