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Chapter 5.2

“Young Master Wen!” Yue Shan fell on the ground with a plop and knelt down in front of Wen Shi.
She reached out and grabbed the hem of Wen Chi’s clothes.
“Young Master Wen, please help me, I’m desperate, I don’t know who to look for…”

Wen Chi was startled by Yue Shan’s sudden action and subconsciously tried to step back but Yue Shan tugged on the hem of his robes.

He grabbed the wooden box in his hand and panicked: “Yue Shan, don’t be like this, get up first.”

“Young Master Wen, can you help me tell His Highness the Crown Prince? I can only seek you for help.” Yue Shan’s face was full of tears, looking pitiful.

Wen Chi was confused: “What?”

“In the entire Eastern Palace, you are the only one who is different.
There are so many people in the Eastern Palace in the past few days but His Royal Highness has only stayed in the Bamboo Flute Residence.
For those of us who want to meet His Royal Highness, it’s harder than ascending heaven.” Yue Shan cried and said, “I don’t want to live my whole life in ignorance, without even being able to see the face of His Royal Highness.”

Wen Chi listened silently and seemed to have realized something, he quietly raised his eyes to look behind Yue Shan.

However, Yue Shan seems to be oblivious while still talking to him: “Since I knew that I will marry His Royal Highness one day, I regarded him as my husband.
Although I was so far away from him, every news about him touched my heartstrings.”

Wen Chi: “…”

Sister, your rainbow fart  has gone too far.

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“When I entered the palace this time, I thought that the distance between me and His Royal Highness would be shortened.
I was so happy that I couldn’t fall asleep for several nights, but slowly, those joys turned into disappointments.
I didn’t think there were so many people in the East Palace.
I never thought that it would be so difficult to meet His Royal Highness.
I am so heartbroken.”

Wen Chi: “…”

He didn’t say anything, he just watched her perform in silence.

Although he could keep listening to it, it was obvious that someone could not.

Before Yue Shan could speak, she heard a coughing sound behind her.

Yue Shan was stunned for a moment.
The next moment as if she realized something, her whole face lost all its color and she turned around on her knees.

She raised her head with trepidation and what met her eyes was the tall figure of the man in the wheelchair.

In broad daylight, the sun shone brightly on everything and it also unabashedly shined on the terrifying burns on Shi Ye’s face into Yue Shan’s eyes.

Yue Shan’s thin shoulders shook slightly but she was not frightened by the burns.
Her eyes widened in surprise and joy: “Crown… His Highness the Crown Prince! Greeting to His Highness the Crown Prince!”

Wen Chi stepped back silently, trying to minimize his presence.

At this point, no matter how stupid he was, he could see that all this was intentional by Yue Shan.

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Yue Shan had intentionally met him at the pavilion, intentionally brought him back, and intentionally sent him here – perhaps Yue Shan had already heard that Shi Ye would pass by this place at this hour.

And he was just a tool.

Shi Ye is slightly inclined and lazily sitting in a wheelchair.
He seems not to care about the burns on his face.
He holds his cheek in one hand, as if he is watching Yue Shan’s reaction with interest.

There is also the silent maid pushing the wheelchair behind and an older eunuch standing next to him – the cough just now was made by this eunuch.

Shi Ye beckoned to her, as if calling for a puppy: “Come here.”

Yue Shan was stunned, her pale face was instantly filled with joy and she hastily lifted her skirt to get up.

Before she could stand up, she heard the eunuch beside Shi Ye shouting in a sharp voice: “How dare you!”

 Yue Shan’s heart panicked, before her brain could react, her body had reflexively knelt down again.

The eunuch said: “Who allowed you to get up?”

Yue Shan buried her head in fear: “This Concubine is guilty.”

After saying that, she crawled towards Shi Ye’s wheelchair, then carefully lifted her face and looked at Shi Ye lovingly and greedily

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After a while, she whispered, “Your Royal Highness.”

“You want to see Ben Gong1The self-proclaimed title of the Crown Prince/ Lord of the House in ancient times?” Shi Ye’s voice was low, so pleasant as if it had some kind of bewitching power.

Yue Shan nodded her head like a chicken pecking rice: “I entered the palace to serve Your Highness.
If I could see Your Highness, I would die without regret.”

“Oh?” Shi Ye lowered his head and used his index finger to lift Yue Shan’s chin, “It turns out that Ben Gong has such a charm that you are willing to die.”

As he spoke, his hand wandered to Yue Shan’s face.
It stayed for a moment before coming down to Yue Shan’s neck.

Just like that night, he treated Wen Chi.

His hands were extremely beautiful, with long fingers and they easily grasped Yue Shan’s fragile neck.

Yue Shan’s body trembled slightly, like a butterfly in the wind.
She looked at Shi Ye fascinatedly: “After I married into the East Palace, I am His Highness’s person.
This life naturally belongs to Your Highness as well.”

Shi Ye narrowed his phoenix eyes: “What if Ben Gong let you die?”

Yue Shan’s tone was firm as she said: “Then I will die without regrets…”

Who knew that before her words fell, the infatuation on her face instantly disappeared, replaced by endless surprise, she fiercely looked at Shi Ye: “You ……”

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Shi Ye bared his white teeth and he laughed loudly: “Since you want to die so much, Ben Gong will help you.”

After he finished speaking, his five fingers tightened suddenly.

Only Yue Shan’s face showed an incomparably painful expression and she didn’t even have time to struggle before her neck tilted and she died.

“Trash.” Shi Ye’s tone was cold and he threw Yue Shan’s body to the ground.

Scarlet blood overflowed from the corner of Yue Shan’s mouth and her wide eyes were completely missing the joy and infatuation before, only fear and hatred remained.

Even if she lost her breath, her eyes stared straight at Shi Ye without blinking.

Standing on the other side, Wen Chi watched this scene unfold and his shirt was already soaked with cold sweat.


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1The self-proclaimed title of the Crown Prince/ Lord of the House in ancient times

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