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Chapter 38.2

The strength in Shi Ye’s hand was suddenly withdrawn and Wen Chi hissed in pain.

Shi Ye laughed but there was no smile in his eyes: “Why must Bengong kill you?”

Wen Chi shivered and said, “Anyway, I’ve made a mistake, it’s hard to escape death.”

Hearing this, Shi Ye was stunned.

But Wen Chi could no longer suppress the fear from his heart and tears fell from his eyes and slid down his cheeks.

He cried silently and there was no expression on his face but his red eyes and nose betrayed his inner emotions.

When Shi Ye came back to his senses, he saw Wen Chi biting his lip, desperately suppressing the trembling of his shoulders.

“I won’t kill you.” After Shi Ye finished speaking, even he didn’t know what he was thinking, so he let go of Wen Chi’s chin and turned it into a gesture of stroking his cheek, “If Bengong wanted to kill you, you’ve died a hundred times by now.”

Shi Ye stroked Wen Chi’s eyes with his thumb and his fingertips were immediately wet with warm tears.

He stared at his fingers for a moment and by some whimsical coincidence, he withdrew his hand and licked the tears from his fingertips.

It was salty.

There is no other taste but salty.

Every time Wen Chi cried hard, he could see Wen Chi’s tears trickling into the corner of his mouth.
He had never cried before and he had never tasted tears, he thought tears were colorless and tasteless but he did not expect them to be so salty.

Shi Ye suppressed the salty taste on the tip of his tongue and sighed helplessly: “Why do you cry so much?”

Wen Chi choked up and was about to speak but was interrupted by a sudden knock on the door.

“Young Master Wen!” Ruo Fang’s worried voice came from outside the door, “Young Master Wen, are you okay? The Crown Prince is here and is waiting for you in the outer hall.”

Wen Chi was startled and subconsciously buried himself in the water, revealing only a pair of round red eyes.

He quietly looked at Shi Ye and saw that Shi Ye’s face, which had finally calmed down, turned dark as the black robe he was wearing.

Seeing this, Wen Chi hurriedly shouted in a hoarse voice: “I’m not ready yet, tell him to wait a little longer!”

He thought that Shi Ye stepped into the bathroom openly and aboveboard with the permission of Ruo Tao and Ruo Fang but Ruo Fang didn’t even know about him coming in at all.

Dare to say that this dog prince still sneaked in to watch him bathe!

Wen Chi was ashamed and angry but he was even more timid.
After Shi Ye said something like making him suffer for seven days and nights before killing him, he didn’t even dare to die…

Since Ruo Fang who was outside the door didn’t hear anything for a long time, hesitated for a moment before knocking on the door again.

“Young Master Wen? Are you asleep? If it’s not convenient for young master to move, this servant will serve you.”

Ever since Ruo Fang started serving Wen Chi, she has never done anything like dressing and bathing Wen Chi.
It’s not that she and Ruo Tao are unwilling to do it, but that Wen Chi was not comfortable with it.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

However, this time the situation was special, after Young Master Wen came back from the tea banquet, he became weird, even his clothes were torn to pieces and they didn’t know if he was injured or not.
And now His Royal Highness was still waiting in the outer hall, so they dare not delay.

Ruo Fang yelled several times but got no response.
So she gritted her teeth and was about to push the door open.

But before her hand reached the door, the bathroom door opened from the inside.

A tall figure appeared in front of her.

Ruo Fang raised her head in bewilderment and saw the expressionless His Highness the Crown Prince standing in front of the bathroom door, with long eyelashes drooping, the corners of his mouth slightly curled down, looking down at her displeased.

“Your… Your Royal Highness?” Ruo Fang was so frightened that she couldn’t even speak properly and she didn’t have the guts to think why His Royal Highness would suddenly stand up from the wheelchair, “Why is Your Royal Highness here? Young Master Wen…”

Shi Ye said, “He’s fine.”

“But…” Ruo Fang was almost shrunk into a ball due to Shi Ye’s aura, her legs were weak but she still tried to look inside the bath room, “Young Master Wen didn’t come out after such a long time, so this….this servant wanted to go in to serve the young master……”

Shi Ye snorted coldly: “Do you need to serve?”

Ruo Fang’s trembling voice stopped abruptly.

Shi Ye said: “Go outside and keep watch, don’t let anyone in.”

Ruo Fang quickly answered yes and ran away like the wind.

Shi Ye closed the door, turned around and walked in.
Behind the screen, Wen Chi was still quietly soaking in the water while hugging his legs with his arms. 

Hearing Shi Ye’s approaching footsteps, Wen Chi raised his eyes and his eyes fixed on Shi Ye’s cheek.

Shi Ye noticed Wen Chi’s gaze and touched his face.

Wen Chi thought that it would be better to confess before Shi Ye found out about it by himself.
So he raised his finger and pointed at Shi Ye’s face: “Your Highness, I accidentally brushed ink on ur left cheek.”

Shi Ye walked up to the bucket without changing his expression, squatted down and looked into the water and sure enough, he saw his own face reflected in the water, with the black ink on his left cheek being especially obvious.

Wen Chi didn’t know if Shi Ye would lose his temper on the spot.
He pressed his back closer to the edge of the bucket, slowed his breathing and waited for Shi Ye’s next reaction, as if waiting for the trial of death.

However, Shi Ye stared at the water in a daze and didn’t react for a long while.

After what seemed like a long time, Shi Ye suddenly dipped his hand into the hot water in the bucket and wiped off the black ink on his cheeks with his thumb.

Wen Chi: “…”

Shi Ye wiped carefully again and again.

Just when Shi Ye was about to finish, the shocked Wen Chi couldn’t help reminding: “Your Highness, this is my bath water ……”


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