i couldn’t hold back and said,  “What do you want from me?”

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Shi Ye silently let go of the hand holding his hair, seemed to think for a moment and then pulled the corner of his mouth: “Do you know what happened to the last person who threw a tantrum at Bengong?”

Wen Chi pursed his lips and remained silent.

“That person’s heart was dug out by Bengong.” Shi Ye seemed to recall something bad, the arc of his mouth was slowly suppressed and a layer of frost covered his eyes, “Bengong wanted her to watch with her own eyes as Bengong crushed her heart.
Benogng wanted her to die but not die too easily.”

Wen Chi snorted.

He thought to himself that some people didn’t need to throw a tantrum at Shi Ye to die in a very ugly way.

Shi Ye withdrew his thoughts and returned to his previous indifferent expression.
He said to Wen Chi, “So do you know what to do?”

Wen Chi said, “I don’t know.”

Shi Ye said: “I will give you a chance to make up for your mistakes.”

Wen Chi thought for a while, then suddenly tilted his head and asked solemnly: “I don’t want to make up for my mistakes, can I apologize with death?”

Shi Ye didn’t seem to expect him to say these words, and there was a hint of consternation in his expression.

Before Shi Ye could react, Wen Chi immersed himself in the hot water again.

But just as he was immersed, Shi Ye grabbed his hair again and lifted him up from the water like a chicken.

Wen Chi only felt water rushing past his ears and when he opened his eyes again, he saw Shi Ye’s sullen face.

“Bengong waited for you at the lake and then came to the Bamboo flute residence to look for you.
Bengong waited for you for so long and you did not even say a word of apology at all instead you actually dared to seek death in front of Bengong.
Do you think Bengong won’t let you die?”

Even though Shi Ye was still wearing a half-face mask, his appearance at this time was still terrifying.
The anger in his eyes almost overflowed along his gaze, even with a faint killing intent.

Wen Chi was grabbed by Shi Ye’s hair, just like a little chicken in Shi Ye’s hand, not daring to move.

Shi Ye approached him with a livid face and all the hot air he exhaled sprayed on Wen Chi’s face: “Do you think death can solve everything? Do you think I will let you die so easily? I’m telling you, death is not painful, what is painful is the process of dying.
If you really want to seek death, Bengong can fulfill it for you.
Bengong will let you suffer for seven days and seven nights before killing you.”

Wen Chi was stunned and he even began to regret that he hadn’t died sooner.

At this moment, he could only look helplessly at Shi Ye who was burning with anger.
He believed that Shi Ye would do what he said and also believed that Shi Ye really had the ability to make him suffer for seven days and seven nights before killing him.

Shi Ye’s hand holding his hair slid down to his cheek and finally pinched his chin.

“Tell me.” Shi Ye’s voice was hoarse, apparently he was also very angry just now, “Do you still want to die?”

Wen Chi was drenched in water, his wet black hair stuck to both sides of his cheeks, and the soft candlelight shone on him, coating his fair skin with a layer of warm yellow light.

He looked extremely pitiful, his beautiful almond eyes were widened by fright.
The corners of his eyes were flushed and his thin lips were trembling slightly, not knowing whether it was from the cold or from being frightened.

He gasped: “For the sake of serving you for so many days, please give me a good ending.”


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