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Chapter 35.1

In the end, Wen Chi took away the painting that was rewarded by Shi Ye.

When returning to Bamboo Flute Residence, Wen Chi happened to meet Ruo Tao who was passing by after finishing his work.
Seeing Wen Chi walking in in a state of embarrassment, Ruo Tao was surprised for a moment and then, not knowing what she saw, she actually let out a giggle.

“Young Master Wen, you…”

Wen Chi looked confused: “What’s wrong with me?”

“Aiya, your face is full of ink.” Ruo Tao hurriedly stifled laughter but the corners of her mouth twitched a few times, before saying,”Young Master Wen, let’s go in quickly, this servant will fetch some water to wipe your face .”

Wen Chi: “…”

Oh, he remembered—

Don’t know what got into the dog prince’s head today that he took a brush and smeared it on his face several times.

What’s even more exasperating is that Prince Dog watched him walk out of the study just now and didn’t even mean to remind him at all, including Eunuch Zhu who sent him back…

Forget it, they are both a nest of snakes and rats1It means to describe bad guys colluding with each other, or to describe two Connected people do exactly the same bad things (with pejorative connotations)..
Who made Eunuch Zhu be on the side of the dog prince?

After comforting himself like that, Wen Chi finally felt a lot better and he waved to Ruo Tao exhaustedly: “Bring it quickly.”

Ruo Tao responded and hurried away.

Wen Chi sighed and squeezed the golden storage tube in his hand.

This storage cylinder was brought by Eunuch Zhu.
It was engraved with exquisite patterns and every plant and tree felt so lifelike.
Even a person like Wen Chi who has never seen the world can see that it is very valuable.
It is a pity that Eunuch Zhu brought it to put the chicken picture that Shi Ye drew.

Wen Chi withdrew his thoughts and continued walking inside.

Not far away, he saw Ping An standing under a small tree pruning the branches diligently.
After a period of tempering, Ping An’s pruning skills have made great progress and he no longer pokes his own hands like before.

It’s just that so much work was weighing on Ping An’s body, bending his back, and making him silent all of a sudden.
The Ping An who used to huddle and chatter  around Wen Chi has disappeared and now he is a Ping – quiet as a chicken – An.

Ever since Wen Chi began to force Ping An to work, Ping An has lost his previous enthusiasm and sometimes he can even catch the vague resentment in his eyes.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

But Wen Chi never cared about these things and he just pretended not to see them.

While Ping An was buried in pruning branches, he accidentally caught a glimpse of Wen Chi from the corner of his eye.
He immediately put away the scissors, turned around, hunched over and greeted in a low voice, “Young Master Wen.”

When Wen Chi was called by this dying tone, he turned his head and saw Ping An’s head almost buried in his collar.
He nodded and couldn’t help but quicken his pace and walked in.


After sleeping, most of the sorrow that lingered in Wen Chi’s heart finally dissipated.

He also worked it out – anyway, he could not get a suitable painting or calligraphy, so instead of going empty-handed, it’s better to take the chicken picture drawn by Shi Ye.

In this way, even if he was ridiculed by those people, those people will only be laughing at the painting he brought and Shi Ye who painted it and had little to do with him.

Of course, the most important thing is… If Shi Ye asks on a whim, he will be easy to deal with, otherwise, he doesn’t know what method Shi Ye will come up with to trick him and maybe even make him ascend to heaven if he was unhappy .

To put it bluntly, he was a coward.

What is losing face at the tea banquet compared to saving your life around the dog prince?

Thinking of this, Wen Chi shed humble and helpless tears.

However, even though he had made a decision in his heart, when he was about to set off, he still subconsciously resisted going out.
He lingered in front of the door with his drawing storage tube in his arms for a long time but he couldn’t get the courage to step out.

When Ruo Tao saw this, she came over to comfort him and said, “Young Master Wen, the tea banquet held by Madam Zhang invited almost all the young masters and madams in the East Palace.
“A hundred flowers contending for beauty”, there must be a lot of people over there trying their best to present their best work, so maybe no one will notice your work, you do not have to worry so much.

Wen Chi: “…”

If he didn’t understand Ruo Tao’s temperament, he would suspect that Ruo Tao was belittling him by comforting him.

But thinking about it carefully, he found that what Ruo Tao said was not unreasonable.

There were so many capable people on the scene, almost everyone wanted to be the center of attention, so maybe if he arrived a little late, those people wouldn’t even know if he had taken out the paintings, so he would be able to muddle through.

After thinking twice, Wen Chi decided to wait until the tea banquet was halfway through.

Ruo Tao was still a little uneasy: “Young Master Wen, why don’t this servants and Ruo Fang accompany you? You always go out without a maid and there is no one to serve you.”

Wen Chi shook his head: “No.”

This is going to turn into an embarrassing episode.
Why the hell should I bring maid servants for? So that the three of them can make a fool of themselves together?

Since Wen Chi has said so, Ruo Tao wanted to say something but in the end she hesitated.

Wen Chi stayed for a long time, seeing that it was almost time, he went to the lake where the tea banquet was held.

Although Wen Chi often walks in the East Palace, he mostly walks between the two points between Bamboo Flute Residence and the Crown Prince’s study.
If he wants to go to the Crown Prince’s study, he can even walk there with his eyes closed.
Unfortunately, this time he is going to the lake.
Along the way, Wen Chi asked several court ladies and eunuchs before he could find the place.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Cai Hui deliberately set up a special venue with not only tables and chairs, tea and snacks but also arranged for a few maids to shuttle carefully among the crowd to serve them.

When Wen Chi approached, the tea banquet was already full of excitement.

The people who came were not only the concubines but also their maidservants and eunuchs, all of them following their masters closely.

In comparison, Wen Chi, who was outside the crowd, seemed extremely lonely and miserable.

But this was not the point, the point was that there were too many people coming to the tea banquet today!

Even if those maidservants and eunuchs were removed, there were more than thirty concubines, both handsome men and beautiful women, dressed in distinctive robes, gathering in twos and threes to chat.

Looking at the faces of those people, Wen Chi suddenly understood what Ruo Tao said about “a hundred flowers contending for beauty”.
Together, these men and women can hold an election contest in East Palace 101.

Wen Chi knew that Shi Ye’s harem was huge before, but only had an idea, now that he saw these people with his own eyes, he really wanted to sigh – the dog prince is very lucky!

It’s a pity that Shi Ye stayed in his study all day long, never leaving the room and seemed to have no interest in pampering the harem at all.

While thinking about it, Wen Chi chose the most remote place to sit down.
Who knew that before the chair under his buttocks hadn’t warmed up yet when Zhang Cai Hui, who was clustered among the crowd, spotted him with her sharp eyes.

1It means to describe bad guys colluding with each other, or to describe two Connected people do exactly the same bad things (with pejorative connotations).

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