Chapter 34.2

The only good thing is that Shi Ye only let him write and didn’t kill him on the spot.

Thinking of this, Wen Chi felt that he was very lucky.
Compared to losing his life, what is writing a hundred “f*ck” words?

So Wen Chi picked up a writing brush, dipped the tip of the brush in the inkstone, covered the long sleeve of his right hand with his left hand, bent his waist, lowered his head and began to write attentively.

He wrote it willingly and very seriously.

On a piece of paper, he could only write thirty “f*ck” characters but for Wen Chi, who had hardly ever written calligraphy, was undoubtedly a physical task and his right hand felt a faint soreness.

Wen Chi put down the brush and gently rubbed the wrist of his right hand before picking up the paper full of “F*ck”.

After blowing the ink cry off the paper, he held it up to check.

However, after a glance, Wen Chi’s expression suddenly changed from a sense of accomplishment to embarrassment and shame.

His handwriting is so ugly!

It was like a dog crawling, so ugly that he couldn’t bear to look at it directly.

Wen Chi looked at Shi Ye’s words and then looked at his own words and instantly felt deeply that he was not worthy of this dog prince.
For the first time ever, he had an inferiority complex, just because of these ugly words.

Wen Chi hurriedly put the paper down and asked Eunuch Zhu to give him another piece of paper in extreme embarrassment.

But before Eunuch Zhu brought the paper, Shi Ye suddenly said, “This is the one.”

Wen Chi looked at Shi Ye blankly, obviously he didn’t understand what Shi Ye meant.

At this moment, Shi Ye was quite patient.
He raised one eyebrow and explained without smiling: “Bengong heard from Zhu Xian that you are going to a tea banquet tomorrow and will have to show your calligraphy and painting. Bengong thinks it looks good and it is better to take this to appreciate at the banquet.”

After a long silence, Wen Chi said with shame: “Your Royal Highness, I’m afraid this is not appropriate……”

“What’s not appropriate?” Shi Ye said justifiably, “Didn’t you say that the word ‘fuck’ contains your admiration and longing for Bengong and Bengong is giving you the opportunity to show your admiration and longing for Bengong.
Why don’t you want to cherish this opportunity?”

When the dog prince said such sophomoric reasoning, it actually made Wen Chi speechless.

But how could he possibly show those people this paper?

He’d be crazy to do this!


The dog prince is really sick! It’s not enough to punish but he even asked him to take this paper to the tea banquet to make a fool of himself but he couldn’t refuse the dog prince’s request directly.

Wen Chi felt so wronged but he didn’t dare to say it.

“Your Highness forgive me, it’s really because my handwriting is ugly, far less than the one or two strokes drawn by Your Highness.
I really do not want to lose face.” Wen Chi simply kneeled to the ground and said stiffly, “If I could write such beautiful characters as your highness, I would not have to be so worried.”

There was a hint of a smile in Shi Ye’s voice: “Do you think my Bengong’s calligraphy is good?”

This time, Wen Chi praised sincerely: “It’s quite good, I’m afraid that if I practiced for another eight lifetimes, I wouldn’t be able to match Your Highness’s.”

This sentence seemed to please Shi Ye, only to hear Shi Ye laugh out loud.
His laughter was not as low as when he was speaking, it sounded hearty and clean and even showed an arrogant youthful air.

After laughing, Shi Ye squinted his eyes and said, “Since you like it, then Bengong will send you a painting so that you can show it at the tea banquet tomorrow.
What do you think?”

Wen Chi raised his head from the ground.
flattered: “Really?”

“How can the words of Bengong be false?”  Shi Ye asked Eunuch Zhu to prepare the brush and paper again and immediately picked up the brush.
The brush danced on the clean paper, the action was neat and beautiful.

Wen Chi next to him was stunned and stared in awe.

But after half a stick of incense1, Shi Ye put away the brush and handed it to Eunuch Zhu, who was waiting beside him.

Eunuch Zhu didn’t dare to glance at the paper, he hunched over and stretched out his hands to receive the brush, then quietly retreated to his original position.

Only Wen Chi tilted his head with interest and glanced at the paper.

Who knew with just one glance, his whole body froze. 

Just, just this?

Wen Chi couldn’t believe his eyes, he even suspected that the painting was drawn by Shi Ye as a joke.

This is too ugly!

It’s so ugly that it’s comparable to those dog crawling words he just wrote!

He saw a small animal painted on the large white paper, the small animal has a long pointed mouth, and four legs, dragging a ball of rag-like things behind the butt ……

Wenchi’s expression changed again and again and he stubbornly suppressed the impulse to tease.

However, Shi Ye was admiring his own paintings and he didn’t see Wen Chi’s expression as if he had eaten a fly.
After he finished admiring it, he asked Wen Chi, “How is it?”

Wen Chi looked at the painting with indescribable eyes and tried very hard to distinguish the animals in the painting: “Your Highness’s painting skills are really excellent, to draw this chicken vividly.”

The smile on Shi Ye’s face paused: “Bengong painted a phoenix.”

Wen Chi: “…”

Shi Ye stared coldly at Wen Chi’s gradually stiffened face and said, “This painting is called Phoenix Seeking a Mate..”

Wen Chi: “…”

Shi Ye frowned: “Do you think the painting of Bengong is not beautiful?”

“No no no…” Wen Chi hurriedly shook his head like a rattle, “Your Royal Highness painted it too well, in ancient times the phoenix composed by the predecessors have been passed down through the ages and the phoenix drawn by Your Royal Highness can move your soul.
No matter who takes a look at it, he will have to sigh in admiration at the talent of Your Royal Highness.”

Eunuch Zhu silently listened to Wen Chi’s words and couldn’t help but raise his eyes to glance at Wen Chi and there was a lot of emotion mixed in that look.

Wen Chi didn’t notice Eunuch Zhu’s gaze and just stared at Shi Ye eagerly.

Shi Ye’s clenched brows slowly loosened.
He waved to Eunuch Zhu to wrap the picture and said naturally, “This painting is rewarded to you, tomorrow you will take it to the tea banquet.”

Wen Chi: “…”

He felt like he couldn’t speak anymore.


T/N – Imagine an otaku behind a laptop, munching on a snickers, giggling all by herself while translating this.
Yes that otaku is me.
This is one of my favorite episodes in the novel.
I call it the chicken episode.









The chicken is gonna make a cameo again in the second half of the novel.

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