oked like a puffer fish about to burst into flames but Yue Shan glanced at him and said, “Yue Gui.” Yue Shan’s sweet voice suddenly cooled down, “Don’t be rude.”

The boy named Yue Gui froze and his head drooped like an eggplant hit by frost and the whole person’s aura was weakened.

After walking for some time, Wen Chi pondered the names of Yue Shan and Yue Gui.

Yue Shan seemed to see his doubts and waved his hand to make the two palace maids behind him move further away and then said, “Yue Gui is my younger brother.  I entered the palace with him two days ago.”

Wen Chi understood.

No wonder their names are so similar.

But having said that, that crown prince is too beastly.
It’s just a matter of asking for a sister and even his younger brother is not spared.

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The two walked for nearly a stick of incense2half an hour before arriving at Yue Shan’s Yu Sheng Residence.

The environmental conditions of Yu Sheng Residence are similar to those of Bamboo Flute Residence, both are quite simple.
But Yue Shan and the two maids are good at planting flowers in the courtyard and even the house has a faint fragrance of flowers.

Wen Chi sat and waited for a while and then saw Yue Shan bring a small wooden box from the bedroom.

“This is the tea my father’s old friend brought back from Xizhou.
I heard that it tastes very good but unfortunately I don’t understand these things.
Even the best tea leaves are wasted here.” Yue Shan handed the wooden box to Wen Chi , “If Young Master Wen likes tea, I can offer it as a pretext to exchange flowers to offer to Buddha.”

However, Wen Chi also doesn’t like drinking tea.

But Yue Shan brought the tea to him so enthusiastically that it would look unreasonable if Wen Chi didn’t take it.

Wen Chi hesitated for a moment and then took the wooden box: “Thank you.”

Yue Shan smiled shyly: “Young Master Wen is too polite.”

Wen Chi took the box and was about to leave when Yue Shan said that he wanted to send him out but instead she accompanied him for most of the journey.

Seeing that they were about to reach Bamboo Flute Residence, Wen Chi insisted on not letting Yue Shan continue to accompany him.
He always felt that Yue Shan was overly enthusiastic about him, which was really a bit weird.

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After all, in the deep palace, it is better to be careful.

Yue Shan saw that his attitude was firm and she was no longer reluctant.

Just when Wen Chi thought that this matter had finally come to an end, he suddenly noticed that Yue Shan’s eyes suddenly turned red and in an instant a layer of water mist climbed up her eyes.

Before he could realize what was going on, he saw large teardrops welling up in Yue Shan’s eyes.

“Yue…Yue Shan?”


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1众星捧月 [zhòng xīng pěng yuè] A myriad of stars surround the moon;   all the famous stars drawing a circle of admirers around him or her;   All the stars bend towards the moon;   Many people cluster around the one whom they respect2half an hour

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