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As the time approached, Wen Chi became more and more restless.

That afternoon, he was brought to the crown prince’s study by Eunuch Zhu as usual.
The crown prince had nothing to do after dealing with a bunch of affairs, so he asked Eunuch Zhu to prepare a brush, ink, paper and ink stone.

Wen Chi sat on the couch, staring blankly at the crown prince holding a brush to wrote on paper and could not help but wander off.

Then he felt a little strange, a cold touch came from the tip of his nose.

Wen Chi suddenly came back to his senses and saw a hand appear in front of him.
And that hand was holding a brush, the tip of which just landed on the tip of his nose.

Wen Chi stared blankly at the hand that was so close at hand, unable to realize what was going on for a while.

Until Shi Ye’s deep and cold voice sounded: “What are you thinking about? Thinking so seriously, even daring to ignore Bengong.”

After saying that, that hand deviated to the side.

The next moment, the tip of the pen landed on Wen Chi’s left cheek—another cold touch.

It was only then that Wen Chi realized that this dog prince was scribbling on his face with a brush?!


He took a closer look and sure enough, he saw the tip of the brush dipped in black ink.

“…” Wen Chi was so angry that his mouth became dishonest and a curse word blurted out, “F*ck!”

Shi Ye stopped scribbling on his face and squinted at him: “What did you say?”

Wen Chi was taken aback by the sudden change in the dog prince’s face and the desire to survive suddenly sprang up.
He hurriedly bowed his head in shame: “Your Royal Highness,  I am a little unwell today, so I accidentally wandered off.
I hope Your Highness forgives me.”

Who knew that just after the words fell, Shi Ye’s other hand reached out and directly pinched Wen Chi’s chin.

Wen Chi had become accustomed to Shi Ye’s domineering CEO style and without waiting for Shi Ye to exert force, he raised his head obediently and looked at Shi Ye with a pair of sincere Carslan1 eyes.

Unfortunately, Shi Ye didn’t buy his bullshit this time.
He lowered his eyes and looked down at him coldly: “What does “F*ck” mean?”2

Wen Chi: “…”

When Shi Ye saw that he was silent, his eyes became colder and colder.

Wen Chi felt the low air pressure emanating from Shi Ye’s body.
He opened his mouth and said, “I once read in a wild book, the word f*ck has a beautiful meaning.”

Shi Ye’s face was expressionless and the brush in his hand touched Wen Chi’s cheek intentionally or unintentionally: “What does it mean?”

Wen Chi swallowed quietly: “It means yearning, worship and a form of deepest respect.”

Shi Ye narrowed his long and narrow eyes again and swept Wen Chi’s face with a slightly suspicious look, as if to confirm the authenticity of Wen Chi’s words.

“That is to say…” Wen Chi suddenly lost his mind and said, “The reason why I said the word “f*ck” to Your Royal Highness is because I admire Your Royal Highness so much.
If His Highness could let me f*ck you once, then I will have no regrets in this life.”

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