Wen Chi panicked: “Your..
Your Royal Highness…”

Shi Ye froze for a moment, then reached out and grabbed the quilt covering his face, trying to pull it off.

Seeing this, Wen Chi immediately felt like he had seen a ghost.
Before his brain could react, his body had already crawled out of bed with his hands and feet as if it was a conditioned reflex.

Because he was in a hurry, he accidentally stepped on the air when he got out of bed and his body slammed backwards and rolled several times on the ground.

When he stopped, he found himself lying on the ground in an extremely embarrassing position and there was a dull pain in the place where he fell just now.

Wen Chi couldn’t help hissing and drew two breaths of cold air

Then, there was some sound of movement directly in front of him.

He looked up and saw that Shi Ye had sat up from the bed with an expressionless face.
He had changed into a white dress with a slightly open neckline, revealing a large chest and the muscle lines that were hidden between the lapels.

He has to admit that even though this crown prince’s face is ruined, his figure is still so good that it makes people blush.



Somehow, Wen Chi felt that his cheeks were a little hot and even the breath that he exhaled was also a certain degree higher.

He hurriedly lowered his head, forcing himself to forget the picture he just saw, only then did he feel that the heat around him had dropped a little.

Just as Wen Chi breathed a sigh of relief, out of the corner of the eye, he caught sight of Shi Ye raising his hand.

The next moment, the quilt on the bed flew over, then falling and envelop Wen Chi tightly.

Wen Chi’s vision was once again plunged into darkness.

Wen Chi: “…”

This dog prince is too childish!

They are not elementary school students, how come it’s still a universal thing for you to hit me and I’ll hit you back?

Although Wen Chi was very speechless, he naturally didn’t dare to say anything and he didn’t even dare to move.
All he could do was keep hypnotizing himself that he was a wooden stake, lying silently on the ground under the quilt. 

After a while, he heard Shi Ye’s cold and indifferent voice: “Zhu Xian.”

Eunuch Zhu, who was guarding outside, trotted in immediately: “Your Royal Highness.”

Shi Ye said: “Prepare clothes.”

Eunuch Zhu hurriedly said, “Yes.”

Next was the sound of Shi Ye getting out of bed.
Eunuch Zhu hurriedly waited on Shi Ye and after sending Shi Ye out, he gently came to Wen Chi’s side.

“Young Master Wen, we’re going back to the palace, so hurry and pack up.”

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Wen Chi’s voice came from underneath the quilt and it sounded a little dull: “Has His Royal Highness the Crown Prince gone?”

“His Royal Highness went downstairs for breakfast.”

After Eunuch Zhu left, Wen Chi lifted the quilt on his body and started to get dressed in a hurry.

He checked his ankles and knees and they looked the same as usual, there were no scratches, even the small bloody scrape on his knee was gone without even the slightest trace.

Wen Chi touched his knee.
For a moment, it was like a dream.
He wondered if he had transmigrated into a fantasy novel to encounter such an unimaginable thing.

But then he thought that Wen Liang even had a system and Shi Ye, as the biggest villain in the novel, it seems that it is not uncommon to have a golden finger……

In comparison, what makes him feel more embarrassed is that he actually slept with Shi Ye last night.

But he couldn’t remember when he fell asleep at all.
The only thing he remembered was that he drank Shi Ye’s blood while half asleep and then the wounds on his body healed very quickly.

As for the latter…

Wen Chi suspected that Shi Ye was coveting his body, so he deliberately made an excuse to stay in his room.


When Wen Chi went downstairs for breakfast, Shi Ye had disappeared.

Wen Chi sat alone at the table and finished eating.
He saw Eunuch Zhu push out Shi Ye’s wheelchair from the inside and wiped the wheelchair inside and out with a handkerchief.

Just when Eunuch Zhu was about to finish cleaning, he suddenly found something hanging behind the wheelchair.

“What is this?” Eunuch Zhu said in surprise, then reached out and picked up those things.

Unfortunately, after looking carefully for a while, Eunuch Zhu still couldn’t figure out  what it was.

On the other hand, Wen Chi, who was sitting, looked up and his expression suddenly became embarrassed.


The dumplings he bought, the clay balls he bought…

Why is it still hanging on Shi Ye’s wheelchair?

Wen Chi was embarrassed.

He wanted to go forward to claim it but then he remembered that he only made Shi Ye angry this morning, what if Eunuch Zhu told Shi Ye about this…

He was scared and quietly took a step back, pretending not to know anything.

Who knew that Eunuch Zhu didn’t intend to throw those things away immediately but went to the table and opened the dumplings and clay balls wrapped in lotus leaves to take a look.

Wen Chi was startled and said quickly, “Eunuch Zhu, I think you should throw these things away.
After all, the origin is unknown.
If it’s something bad it will be terrible.”

Eunuch Zhu said righteously, “If it’s something bad, then I have to open it and take a look.
It’s about His Highness, so I can’t take it lightly.”

Wen Chi scratched his head: “The market was so lively last night, maybe someone accidentally hung something he bought on it.”

Eunuch Zhu turned his head and saw Wen Chi’s worried face and thought he was afraid of what was in the lotus leaf, so he comforted: “Young Master Wen, it is this  servant’s duty to protect His Royal Highness.
Even if there is poison in it, for safety’s sake this servant must open it.
Young Master Wen should go outside and wait.”

Wen Chi: “…”

Eunuch Zhu’s movements were extremely quick and while he was speaking, he had already opened the lotus leaves.

Looking closely, it turned out to be a few dumplings and a lump of clay.

Seeing Eunuch Zhu’s confused look, Wen Chi was thinking about whether to tell Eunuch Zhu the truth.

Who knew that before he had the chance to say anything, he saw Eunuch Zhu’s expression suddenly change, frowning in anger and saying, “Who on earth has the audacity to hang these dirty things on His Highness’s seat?”

Wen Chi: “…”

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