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Eunuch Zhu, who was caught off guard, was scared to the point of shivering and only then did he recover from the fear that His Highness was missing and confusedly turned his head to look at Wen Chi on the bed.

He saw that Wen Chi had sat up at some point and was leaning on the head of the bed.
He then lifted the quilt off his body.

This time, Eunuch Zhu finally saw clearly that there was a person lying on the other side of the bed and took a closer look- was it not the Crown Prince he had been looking for for so long?

Eunuch Zhu was both surprised and delighted: “Your Royal Highness, this servant finally found you!”

However, Eunuch Zhu’s joy did not affect Shi Ye, not only that but Shi Ye’s face was so black that it seemed like he had been stuck on the bottom of the pot for two hours.
He looked at Eunuch Zhu with cold eyes and said, “Zhu Xian.”

The two words icy cold are like a basin of cold water falling from the sky which instantly chilled Eunuch Zhu.

Eunuch Zhu trembled.

Shi Ye said, “Who allowed you to come in?”

Eunuch Zhu bowed his waist and lowered his head and his whole person’s posture was humbled into the dust: “This servant couldn’t find His Royal Highness and was eager to find you, so this servant dared to come in and ask Young Master Wen…”

Shi Ye’s voice was extremely cold: “Roll out.”


After that, Eunuch Zhu, who almost pissed his pants, rolled out.

After Eunuch Zhu left, he closed the door behind him.

The bedroom fell quiet again.

Wen Chi didn’t expect that Shi Ye would suddenly attack Eunuch Zhu.
For fear of  stirring up fire, he hesitated for a while with a pale face, then quietly picked up the quilt that had been lifted and carefully covered it over Shi Ye.

Due to his carelessness, he also covered Shi Ye’s head along with it.

At first glance, it was like putting a white cloth on a dead person.

Wen Chi froze for a moment but was suddenly struck by this scene and laughed.

After laughing out loud, he suddenly realized what had happened and quickly covered his mouth with both hands.

But it was already too late ……

That “pu chi2” sounded like an echo and it lingered in Wen Chi’s ears for a long time.

There was a deadly silence in the air.




which means that bad people can’t say good things.


Sound of laughter

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