s legs are disabled, he was treated better than those princes who were not favored.
They wouldn’t have been at a loss even if Wen Liang got married, if Wen Liang had caught the eyes of the crown prince like Wen Chi, their Wen family would have been like roosters and the dogs ascending to heaven1.

It’s all Madam Xu’s fault…

An illiterate woman’s family dared to give him ideas, causing him to lose his mind.
Not only did he miss the opportunity to get close to the crown prince but also led to such a disaster ……

Wen Changqing became angrier the more he thought about it and then he flicked his hand and slapped Madam Xu in the face. 

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The slap was extraordinarily crispy.

Madam Xu’s head tilted from the blow.
She covered her face, looking at Wen Changqing in disbelief, as bright red blood oozed from the corner of her mouth.

Wen Changqing was enveloped in anger, raised his hand and pointed to the door: “Get out of here, don’t show up in front of me from now on.”

Madam Xu’s tears streamed down in an instant: “Master…”

Wen Changqing roared, “Get out!”

With tears streaming down her face, Madam Xu turned around and hurried out of the study.

Although Wen Changqing vented at Madam Xu and his servants, he still had to go to the palace the next day and be ridiculed by his colleagues.
Wen Changqing was so patient on the surface but inside he was so angry that he almost fainted.

In this way, the entire Wen House was enveloped by a suffocating low pressure, and everyone was afraid of getting into trouble.

Even Madam Xu, the matron of the family was washing her face in tears every day, both resenting Wen Changqing for putting the blame on her and resenting Wen Chi for not giving the Wen family a way to survive.
Now that the damn white-eyed wolf has climbed up the crippled crown prince, the sparrow flew up the branch and became a phoenix2, he didn’t even spare the Wen family who raised him.

But no matter what happened at home, Madam Xu was not willing to tell Wen Liang about these bad things.

Wen Liang was her only son and he was also the darling of her eyes.
In the future, he will marry the most promising young talent in the capital.
She doesn’t want Wen Liang to focus on these unnecessary things.

With Madam Xu’s orders, the servants of Wen’s residence also tacitly did not mention these things before Wen Liang.

Although Wen Liang accidentally heard some rumors, he never took the news to heart and continued to live in his ivory tower, the only doubt was that his former playmate suddenly stopped coming to see him.

Wen Liang waited for a long time and finally waited until the Dragon Boat Festival.

He heard that some of his former playmates were going to go shopping at the market outside, so he quietly slipped out of the house and found those playmates.

But Wen Liang never imagined that after seeing him, the playmates who used to be good friends changed their faces and forced him to the corner of the market, bullying him and insulting him…

“Your father is so despicable, he schemed and calculated even his own son.”

“My father said not to go with your Wen family, if I did I will get calculated in his schemes.”

“Wen Liang, you must have known that your father wanted to give your younger brother instead of you but you still ate and drank with us like nothing happened in those days, your heart is really malicious.”

His playmate’s malicious words were like a needle in Wen Liang’s heart.




” When one person attains the Tao, the rooster and the dog ascend to heaven ” is a Chinese idiom, which means that when one person attains the Tao, the whole family, including chickens and dogs, ascend to heaven.
It is a metaphor for a person who becomes an official, and those who are related to him also gain power.


It means someone’s value has increased

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