However, the man in black only took a few steps, only to hear Shi Ye sneer and suddenly move his slender fingertips, a small clay ball popped out from between his fingers.

The man in black didn’t even realize what had happened, when he felt his right eye go black and a warm and moist liquid spurted out of his eye, followed by the overwhelming pain, which instantly drowned him.

Wen Chi was stunned, his face ashen as he watched the mud ball being flicked into the black man’s eye by Shi Ye, scarlet blood instantly covering the man’s entire face and a strong smell of blood soon filled the air.

At this moment, a hand on his waist pushed him forward.

Wen Chi looked back subconsciously, just in time to meet the deep gaze of Shi Ye looking at him, the deep black eyes almost blended with the thick night color overhead.

Soon, those people reacted and the man in black at the head couldn’t hide his murderous intent.
With blood on his face, he raised his hand to hit Shi Ye.

Shi Ye controlled the wheelchair flexibly to avoid the attack of the black-clothed man and popped another clay ball out of his hand again, hitting the black-clothed man’s lower abdomen accurately.

The man in black grunted but it didn’t stop his attack and his moves became more and more fierce.
Although they weren’t fatal, every move carried a strong wind, almost killing Shi Ye.

Meanwhile, others joined in.

Wen Chi looked anxious, but at this juncture he couldn’t help him.
Even if he rushed up, he would only die.
The only thing he could do was to hurry back to the restaurant to find Eunuch Zhu.

Wen Chi desperately ran towards the restaurant while praying in his heart—that mysterious force would stop meddling around and controlling him.

Don’t come, don’t come, don’t come!

He didn’t want to run back again, then it would not be a matter of being chased, maybe he would die on the spot in the hands of those people.

He didn’t know if God heard his prayer.
Anyway, the familiar feeling didn’t come but unfortunately Wen Chi didn’t have time to rejoice when he heard the same familiar rustling in his ears.

The next moment, two people silently landed in front of him.

Wen Chi stopped abruptly and turned around reflexively to run into the alley next to him.

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Those two people didn’t give him a chance to escape and they landed in front of him again with qinggong.
The two people took out a sharp dagger from nowhere and looked at him with indifferent eyes as if they were looking at a dead person – it seems that they have no intention of leaving Wen Chi alive.

“Big brother, spare your life!” Wen Chi was frightened and his survival instincts surged up in an instant, “I promise not to say anything, big brother, let me go!”

The two of them didn’t seem to hear Wen Chi’s voice and there was no change in their expressions.

Wen Chi was held down by them, unable to move and he closed his eyes in despair.

But the imagined pain didn’t come, instead, the force that bound Wen Chi quickly disappeared.
One hand wrapped around Wen Chi’s waist and the familiar sandalwood fragrance scrambled into Wen Chi’s nose.

Wen Chi opened his eyes in confusion and found that he was actually being held in the arms of Shi Ye.

Shi Ye held him with one hand and waved the other hand in midair.
The two people who had just climbed up from the ground suddenly spurted out a mouthful of blood and blood flowed out of their eyes and ears.
Before they could even exert the strength to struggle, they fell to the ground without lifelessly becoming two corpses.

Wen Chi has no idea what happened.
He instinctively grabs Shi Ye’s clothes and leans against him with a strong desire for survival.

There was the sound of rustling from the people who were following them.

“Hold on tight.”Shi Ye’s deep voice sounded beside Wen Chi’s ears, accompanied by a slight wind sound, which was like the sound of heaven for Wen Chi at this moment.

Wen Chi felt an unprecedented gratitude in his heart, like a drowning man grabbing the last piece of driftwood to save his life.
He didn’t say anything but responded to Shi Ye’s words by grasping Shi Ye’s clothes.

Shi Ye tapped his toes on the ground and he moved back quickly with Wen Chi.

Wen Chi felt a little pain from the cold wind blowing on his face, he put his face on Shi Ye’s chest and watched with his eyes wide open in horror as the shadows emerged from the night and rushed towards them with lightning speed. 

Shi Ye waved his sleeves again,and the man who had caught up fell to the ground with a thud, becoming a corpse.

Seeing this, those people didn’t flinch at all.
They were like moths to a flame, rushing in wave after wave and each wave after wave became corpses.
It didn’t take long for them to lie on the ground along the alley, the strong smell of blood covered almost the whole air.

Wen Chi stared in a daze at this scene and didn’t even notice when Shi Ye stopped.

After a while, he turned his head and found that Shi Ye had been looking at him.

Shi Ye is tall and when he stood up, he was more than half a head taller than Wen Chi.
The lanterns hanging on both sides of the alley emitted a slightly dim light, which slanted down from behind and sprinkled on Shi Ye from behind, casting a shadow that enveloped Wen Chi’s entire body.

Wen Chi said: “Your Royal Highness, are you all right?”

Shi Ye let out a chuckle, half contempt and half disapproval: “They can’t hurt me.”

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Wen Chi froze for a moment and wanted to say something but saw Eunuch Zhu panting and running from not far away.
Ten or so dark guards dressed in black fell beside them like raindrops and started to clean up the corpses in the alley.

In a trance, Wen Chi figured out some things.
He looked up at Shi Ye, swallowed and said, “Your Royal Highness, did I ruin your plan?”

Shi Ye smiled: “What do you think?”

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