Wen Chi was completely desperate.
He saw that all the escape routes were blocked by those people and for a movement he gave up the idea of struggling.

Run but can’t escape, fight but can’t fight…

What else can he do?

Quietly waiting to die?

Wen Chi was mentally prepared and he was no longer as frightened as before, also there is a dog prince to accompany him to die, so he will not be too lonely on the road to the yellow springs3.

But as soon as he finished thinking this, he heard Shi Ye’s cold voice: “You run away, their target is me.”

Wen Chi said faintly: “Your Royal Highness, only dead people can keep secrets.
I have come this far with you, do you think they will let me go?”

“Run away just like you did before.
With me here, they can’t catch up with you.” Shi Ye said.
Even though it was an imminent death, he still had that attitude of not caring about anything, as if he was just greeting a few friends who had come a long way, not being hunted down by a group of people

From the beginning to the end, the only person who was chased extremely badly was Wen Chi.

When Wen Chi realized this, he had tears that were as wide as noodles but when he remembered what Shi Ye said, he doubted again: “Can I really run away?”

Shi Ye said, “Just run away.”

Wen Chi hesitated: “What about you?”

Shi Ye said: “Don’t worry about me, find Zhu Xian.
He will know what to do.”

Wen Chi was silent, he calculated the distance between here and the restaurant.
If he could successfully escape, then it was not impossible to find Eunuch Zhu to rescue Shi Ye.

It’s just that……

He looked at the side of Shi Ye’s face that was not covered by the mask, only to see the corners of Shi Te’s mouth lightly pursed, long eyelashes casting shadows on the cold white skin.
His expression was so cold, clear and bland, as if he saw through everything, not afraid of anything and not even afraid of Wen Chi leaving him to run away.

Somehow, at this moment Wen Chi hesitated.

Before Wen Chi could make a move, Shi Ye suddenly said, “Who are you?”

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Hearing this, the black-clothed man at the head sneered and said in a hoarse voice: “Your Royal Highness, our master wants to see you.
I’m afraid you have to come with us.”

The corner of Shi Ye’s mouth held a smile as he said carelessly, “Bengong can go with you but bengong is an invalid.
How do you plan to take me away?”

The man in black said, “We have our own way.”

After that, he strode forward, as if to grab Shi Ye’s shoulders and drag him off the wheelchair.




Qinggong is a real practice in traditional Chinese martial arts .
Practicing light exercises does not make the weight lighter, but it can greatly improve the ability to run, jump, dodge and maneuver, and can stand or move on objects that cannot bear weight, and even lift the air by using light and small objects to lift the air.
It belongs to martial arts.
class of techniques.
Qinggong practice method is cumbersome and laborious, and it is not easy to practice


open players are players who use a cheating program  using computer technology by making some modifications to computer games, so as to fully benefit their own game


the way to the nether world

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