Shi Ye said calmly: “I’ll be fine.”

Wen Chi said: “But there are so many of them, you won’t be able to escape.”

“They won’t touch me for now,” Shi Ye looked back at Wen Chi, the black half-face mask and the cold white complexion formed a strong contrast.
There seemed to be some inexplicable feeling in his eyes but unfortunately it was fleeting, “If you also get caught, who is going to find Zhu Xian?”

Wen Chi was stunned for a moment.
He thought about it carefully and found that Shi Ye’s words made sense.

“Then I’ll go first.” Wen Chi is an obedient person.
Since Shi Ye said so, he had to do it.
“Wait for me, I will definitely find someone to save you!”

Wen Chi had already run a long way before his words fell.

He found the alley he had just noticed and ran into it.

Fortunately, the original owner was quite familiar with this place.
With the help of the original owner’s memory, Wen Chi didn’t have to spend much effort to figure out the route back to the restaurant in his mind.

It should take less than a stick of incense1.
As long as he runs fast, he might be able to rescue Shi Ye from those people soon.

But Wen Chi never imagined that before he could run any further, his legs suddenly froze.

This familiar feeling…

A sense of despair arose, Wen Chi widened his eyes in shock and then his legs ran back uncontrollably.

Not far away, Shi Ye was already surrounded by those people.
Shi Ye looked at them blankly, without even a flicker in his eyes.
But when he turned his head and saw Wen Chi rushing back, a numb expression turned into an undisguised surprise and amazement.
He looks at Wen Chi as if he had seen a ghost.

Wen Chi ran very fast and made a clattering sound when stepping on the ground.

The people who surrounded Shi Ye heard footsteps and looked back one after another.

Taking this opportunity, Wen Chi squeezed over, grabbed the handle of the wheelchair and ran wildly again, as if his legs had an engine in it, he ran like hell.

Those behind them were frozen for a moment before they reacted and immediately chased after them.

The originally lively market became chaotic under their chasing battle.
The screams came one after another and passersby fled to both sides in panic.

Wen Chi originally wanted to find a shop or a restaurant to hide but after seeing the passers-by’s actions as if to avoid the plague, he changed his mind and went into an alley nearby.

While flipping through the memory of the original owner’s in his mind, he pushed the wheelchair around in the crisscross alleys.

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The wind blew in his ears, mixed with Shi Ye’s speechless voice: “What are you crying for?”

Wen Chi burst into tears: “WUuuuuuuu…”

Shi Ye: “Didn’t you leave? Why did you come back?”

Wen Chi cried and hiccupped: “I couldn’t leave! I couldn’t leave without you!”

Shi Ye: “…”




Half an hour

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