best, it was very hard and it was not very sticky.
Under the guidance of the vendor, he molded out a slightly decent clay figurine.


This clay figurine was so ugly, the eyes did not look like eyes and the nose did not look like a nose…

Wen Chi and the clay figurines stared at each other for a long time and his expressions looked more and more embarrassed.

“Young Master Shi…” Wen Chi remembered his words just now and his guts turned green with regret, “I’m not good at molding so let’s let the boss do it.”

Shi Ye stared at the clay figurine in Wen Chi’s hand which he could barely make out the shape and smiled: “It seems you are no better than that.”

Wen Chi lowered his head in shame.

“It’s all right.” Shi Te said, “Let’s keep that.”

Wen Chi jerked his head up and his entire face turned red: “No, no, this is too ugly…”

Shi Ye ignored him and raised his chin at the vendor: “Color.”

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“Okay.” The vendor had already seen that the boy in the wheelchair was not an ordinary person, so he chose the latter without thinking between Wen Chi and Shi Ye.
He took the clay figurine in Wen Chi’s hand and started to color it quickly.

The vendor’s technique was much better than Wen Chi’s.
After the clay figurine was painted, although it was still ugly, it was not so conspicuous.

Wen Chi watched as Shi Ye took the clay figurine from the vendor and held it in his hand for a long time, feeling so ashamed that he wanted to disappear into thin air on the spot.

But Shi Ye finished looking at it and said to him meaningfully: “So I look like this in your heart.”

“…” Wen Chi shook his head like a rattle and said tremblingly, “No, no, Young Master Shi, you are handsome and dashing but unfortunately my clumsy hands can’t mold your majestic aura.
This may be the most regrettable thing in my life.”

After speaking, Wen Chi let out a long sigh and looked up at the night sky sadly at a forty-five degree angle.

“Since you said so, it would seem heartless for me not to help.”  Shi Ye put away the clay figurine with a smile, “I’ll ask Zhu Xian to prepare things for you after we go back, so that you can mold every day, lest you regret it for a lifetime.”

Wen Chi: “…” That’s not necessary.

Wen Chi realized once again what it meant to shoot himself in the foot but what was more hateful is that he can’t show his pain after being hit!

Tears flowed down his face and he was struggling with how to turn down Shi Ye’s “kindness” when he suddenly caught a glimpse of a familiar figure in the corner of his eye.

Wen Chi turned his head to look.

He saw a young man in green being pushed and shoved by a group of youngsters and the young man was hunching his shoulders pitifully, as if he didn’t dare to resist and couldn’t resist.

Soon, the boy in green was pushed and shoved until a tear-stained and extraordinarily white face was revealed.

Wen Chi was taken aback – isn’t that person Wen Liang?

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