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Chapter 26.1

Ever since Wen Chi came to this world, it was hard to even tell the difference between weekdays and weekends, let alone remember these festivals.

Hearing Eunuch Zhu say this, a long-lost sense of joy surged through his heart.
As if by looking at the lively scene on the street, he could also smear a little bit of happiness on himself.
At least because of this Dragon Boat Festival, the picture he saw before his eyes was no longer the cold East Palace or the Bamboo Flute Residence with only a few people.

Wen Chi looked fascinatedly at the busy street outside the window.

At this time, Shi Ye’s voice suddenly sounded in his ear: “Want to go out and have a look?”

Wen Chi snapped back to his senses and when he turned his head, he saw Shi Ye holding his chin in one hand, staring at him calmly.
Wen Chi’s slightly confused expression reflected in his dark eyes.
Shi Ye didn’t seem to be interested in the hustle and bustle outside, on the contrary, Wen Chi’s fascinated look made him feel quite interested.

Hearing this, Wen Chi was alarmed.

According to his experience, if this dog prince is so active it means nothing good will happen.

So Wen Chi refused without thinking: “Your Royal Highness, it’s getting late.
Let’s leave early and go back to the palace.”

It’s a pity that Shi Ye was not only unmoved but patiently tempted: “You rarely go out of the palace and it’s so lively outside.
Do you really not want to go out and see?”

Wen Chi said firmly: “I just want to return to the palace as soon as possible.”

Shi Ye said, “No, you want to.”

Wen Chi said, “I really don’t want to …….”

Shi Ye didn’t speak any more but took away his hand supporting his chin and his eyes gradually became colder when he looked at Wen Chi.
He tugged the corners of his mouth into a soft smile but the corners of his eyebrows were tint with a bit of coldness: “Bengong will ask you once again.
Do you want to go out or not? Think clearly before telling Bengong.”

Wen Chi: “…”

How could he smell a strong threatening aura from Shi Ye’s words? He seriously suspected that it was Shi Ye who wanted to go out for a walk but didn’t want to lose his face, so he backhandedly put his hat on his head.

He really doesn’t want to go ah woo woo woo…

Even if he wanted to go, he didn’t want to go with Shi Ye ah!

Although Wen Chi didn’t want to agree, after struggling for a while, he still succumbed to this dog prince’s authority: “I… I want to go…”

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

Shi Ye chuckled softly and narrowed his long and narrow eyes.
He looked like he was smiling, but he didn’t know how much of that smile in his eyes was true or false.
He said in a pleasant tone: ” Let’s go.”

After listening to Shi Ye’s instructions, Eunuch Zhu, who was standing beside him, methodically took out a half-face mask from his cuff, knelt on the ground and carefully put the mask on Shi Ye’s face.

Wen Chi wondered if Eunuch Zhu put a very bag in his cuff.
How could everything come out of the cuffs?

After Eunuch Zhu finished, he stood up and prepared to push the wheelchair.

Seeing this, Wen Chi also hurriedly stood up and prepared to follow behind Shi Ye’s wheelchair.

Unexpectedly, before Eunuch Zhu’s hand touched the wheelchair, he was stopped by Shi Ye’s wave: “Zhu Xian, you stay here.”

Eunuch Zhu hesitated for a moment: “But Your Royal Highness…”

Shi Ye ignored Eunuch Zhu and directly turned his attention to Wen Chi, who was pretending to be deaf and dumb: “Come here.”

When Wen Chi was called, his heart trembled and he subconsciously wanted to refuse.
But when he lowered his eyes to meet Shi Ye’s calm gaze, the words of refusal were all blocked in his throat and he quietly swallowed them and reluctantly walked over to grab the handle of the wheelchair.

Shi Ye said, “Let’s go.”

Wen Chi glanced at Eunuch Zhu, who looked lost but didn’t dare to say anything.
He couldn’t help but feel a sense of pity for both of them.
He sighed secretly and pushed the wheelchair out of the private room.

The wheelchair under Shi Ye looks bulky but it was very cleverly designed.
Not only can it be controlled by Shi Ye himself but it was not hard for Wen Chi to push the wheelchair, no wonder that thin maid named Zuo Zhi has been pushing the wheelchair.

After leaving the restaurant, there was a lively marketplace.

Wen Chi looked around and was dazzled.
He didn’t know which way to go, so he had to ask Shi Ye, “Your Highness… Young Master Shi, where do you want to go?”

Shi Ye still lacked interest and said, “Just walk around.”

Since Shi Ye had said so, Wen Chi walked around aimlessly.
Since he was still pushing Shi Ye, he didn’t dare to join in the fun, so he could only walk in the middle of the street in an orderly manner.

Fortunately, the atmosphere in the market is very lively.
And even if you just walk around, you can still feel the festive atmosphere from the sound of laughter around you.

Wen Chi saw an aunt selling rice dumplings1 in front of a vendor.

The ancient rice dumplings were slightly different from the modern ones.
The ancient rice dumplings were smaller in size and it was not glutinous rice but millet rice wrapped in leaves.
Those rice dumplings were steamed by the aunt and placed in piles in bamboo baskets and they were steaming hot.

Wen Chi was a little moved when he saw it and he couldn’t help but stop.
He tilted his head and asked Shi Ye, “Young Master Shi, do you want to eat rice dumplings?”

Shi Ye glanced at that aunt who was shouting loudly and said in a low voice, “No.”

“Oh, okay.” Wen Chi’s excited tone despondent all of a sudden, but he quickly realized that he had failed to hide his emotions just now and hastily added with a smile, “Then let’s go ahead and take a look.”

Shi Ye suddenly said, “If you want to eat, you can go ahead and buy it.”

Wen Chi was stunned for a while, then got excited again: “Really?”

“When have I ever told a lie?” Shi Ye tilted his head and said casually, “Go, I’ll wait for you here.”

After saying that, he seemed to suddenly remember something, he raised his hand, spread out his palm, on which there was a silver ingot.

“Young Master Shi, no need.” Wen Chi hurriedly said, “I have money.”

Before he came, the original owner had saved a lot of private money and the palace would also give him silver every month.
He had almost nowhere to spend it except to take care of his servants and finally he could take them out and use them today. 

When Shi Ye heard what Wen Chi said, he didn’t force him and took his hand back.

From Wen Chi’s point of view, he could just see the half of Shi Ye’s face that was not covered by the mask.
The interlaced red and yellow light on the street plated a layer of light on his cold white skin, but still gives rise to a kind of cold emotion that is unapproachable.

For some reason, Wen Chi felt that Shi Ye was preoccupied tonight.



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