A moment later, the woman looked away.

“I thought the crown prince wouldn’t come.” The woman said with a smile as she picked a seat not too far away, her voice was soft and crisp, like a clear spring in the mountains, “I was thinking when I came here, if the crown prince hadn’t come, then wouldn’t I be making another trip in vain?”

There was an obvious complaint in the woman’s words and Wen Chi noticed it, but Shi Ye stared back like nothing had happened.
“The Grand Princess1 has personally invited me, how can this nephew not come?”

Grand Princess?

She is actually the Grand Princess!

Wen Chi almost couldn’t hold back his surprise.
He quickly straightened his expression and then quietly raised his eyes to look at the Grand princess while reaching for the pastry on the table.

This time, he looked a lot more carefully, only to realize that the Grand princess was really beautiful.
If he hadn’t known that the Grand princess was in her thirties, Wen Chi would even think she was in her early twenties.

He saw that the Grand princess was wearing a simple white dress, only the piping and cuffs were embroidered with gorgeous plum blossoms.
She had black and beautiful hair, scattered like a waterfall behind her and an oval face, willow eyebrows and slender eyes.
The eyes are full of elegance – a typical image of ancient beauty.

In spite of the fact that Wen Chi had seen a lot of female stars in the entertainment industry before, he had to admit that the Grand princess in front of him was not inferior to them.

Although Wen Chi took a brief glimpse, the Grand princess noticed his gaze and suddenly turned to look at him.

Wen Chi who suddenly met the eyes of the Grand princess trembled slightly in fright.

He was so nervous that he finished a small piece of pastry in two bites and he hurriedly reached for another piece, using the act of eating to hide his guilty conscience.

Fortunately, the Grand princess didn’t care about this little episode.
After she gave Wen Chi a meaningful look, she turned to Shi Ye with a smile and said, “Now only does the Crown Prince remember your identity as my nephew? Poor me, as your aunt, it is so difficult to see my nephew.”

Shi Ye seemed to have lost the patience to deal with the Grand princess, gradually put away the hypocritical smile on his lips and asked in a cold voice, “Auntie should know that I have never been a patient person.”

The Grand princess was stunned for a moment, then smiled helplessly: “You’ve been like this since you were a child and you haven’t changed at all since you grew up.”

Shi Ye said, “Tell me, what is the reason why aunt repeatedly asked me to come out.”

“Naturally it is important.” The Grand princess also put away the smile on her face.
She glanced seriously at Wen Chi beside Shi Ye who was concentrating on eating pastry and said meaningfully, “Crown prince, why don’t you let him go outside and  wait?”

At these words, Wen Chi stopped eating.
He understood what the Grand princess meant and immediately put the rest of the pastry in his mouth, stood up from the chair and said with bulging cheeks,”Your Highness, I will go out and take a look.”

Because he had something in his mouth, his speech was a little slurred and when he spoke he even splashed some bits of pastry.

Wen Chi watched helplessly as the pieces drew an arc in mid-air and fell radially beside Shi Ye’s hand holding the teacup.

Wen Chi: “…”

What made him most desperate was that Shi Ye noticed this, tilted his head and his indifferent eyes fell on the pieces.
After a pause, Shi Ye suddenly raised his head to look at him.

Wen Chi was so frightened that his whole body stiffened, he quickly swallowed what was in his mouth and looked down at his toes nervously.  He was afraid that Shi Ye’s next sentence was to cut off his tongue.

As soon as he finished thinking this way, he heard Shi Ye order: “Sit down.”

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This time, not only Wen Chi but even the Grand princess cast a puzzled look.
Only the accustomed Eunuch Zhu managed to keep his face expressionless.

Wen Chi was stunned for a moment.
Although he couldn’t figure out what Shi Ye was thinking, he still didn’t dare to disobey Shi Ye’s order.
His body had honestly sat back down before his brain could react.

“Zhu Xian, you go out and keep watch.” After Shi Ye finished speaking, he picked up a few plates of pastry that were placed in the middle of the table and put them in front of Wen Chi.
His voice was as lukewarm and undulating as it was concise, “Eat.”

Wen Chi still had a dumbfounded expression and he did not think much about why Shi Ye did this.
He picked up the pastry and continued to eat quietly.

The Grand princess looked surprised, seeing all the interactions between Shi Ye and Wen Chi, she couldn’t help but look at Wen Chi a few more times – this young man seems to be nothing special, only his skin was a little bit brighter, but he can make make her heartless nephew make exceptions again and again.

It’s truly unbelievable…

However, the Grand princess was not a nosy person.
After she was surprised, she began to talk about her business: “In the past few years, I have asked many well-known scattered doctors among the people and they all said that your symptoms still have a chance to be cured but it’s just that it only takes time and some exotic flowers and plants.
As for those exotic flowers and plants, I will ask the emperor to think of ways to collect them among the people.
There is nothing difficult in the world.
As long as we have the heart, we won’t have to worry about curing your symptoms.”

Shi Ye’s face was expressionless, only for a few taps with his fingertips on the cup surface.
He smiled and said, “Aunt is planning to reveal the secret of the Hua family to the world?”

“That’s not what I meant.” The Grand princess was tongue-tied by Shi Ye before she said, “Although this is the last resort, this is the only way we have come up with so far.
It’s better than sitting still.”

The Grand princess spoke more and more urgently but Shi Ye seemed to be an outsider who had nothing to do with it.
His expression was so cold that he didn’t even bother to lift his eyes. 

After the Grand princess stopped talking, he said, “If aunt is here to persuade me as a lobbyist for the people of the Hua Family, you’d better go back and persuade them to stop thinking.
My answer before is the same as my answer now.”




Sister of the emperor

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