d, playing the role of a megaphone very dedicatedly, “There are people in the East palace again!”

Wen Chi, who had been awakened by the sound of his footsteps, “……”

He thought to himself, this phrase is familiar – oh yes, Ping An said the same thing yesterday morning.

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Before Wen Chi could respond, Ping An said to himself, “I heard that the ones who came in today are the Du Wei family’s second young lady and the young lady from the Xizhou prefectural governor’s family.”

Wen Chi sighed inwardly.

Even if Shi Ye married all the men and women of the whole country into the East Palace, it was none of his business…

Who knew that just after he finished thinking about it, he heard Ping An change his tone and said in a sinister tone: “There are more and more enemies.
Why don’t we strike first, in case those people later get ahead and play all the tricks to get the Crown Prince’s heart.”

What the hell!

Wen Chi suddenly opened his eyes.

Why did it switch to the Gong Dou script1It is an ancient court drama  about palace fighting LOL all of a sudden?

And Ping An – what’s up with him looking so skilled?

Wen Chi was startled, his drowsiness dissipated instantly and he sat up from the bed.

“Don’t think about it.” Wen Chi hurriedly said, “Let them do whatever they want, I have no opinion about that.” 

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Ping An was confused: “But Young Master Wen, the palace is not as good as outside the palace.
As long as you step inside these walls, many things will become out of your control, even if we do not offend others, it is difficult to ensure that others do not offend us.”

Don’t know if it was Wen Chi’s illusion but he actually heard a hint of hatred in Ping An’s tone.

Wen Chi knew his words were reasonable, but he couldn’t do the same intrigue as the concubines in the harem.

Besides, he is really not good at fighting with others.
With his IQ, he can’t survive three episodes in a palace fighting drama at all and he can only give it away for others even before he starts. 

Wen Chi deliberated for a while before looking at the slightly reluctant Ping An.
He in turn reassured Ping An: “But I have nothing now, how can I make the first move?  Why don’t we first halt the troops and wait2按兵不动 [àn bīng bú dòng] halt the troops and wait;   keep quiet;   be on the alert, but make no move;   bide one’s time, and respond to any changes.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ping An’s face was filled with joy: “Young Master Wen is humble , you still have His Highness the Crown prince, this mountain to rely on.”

The corners of Wen Ji’s mouth twitched: “…… When did the Crown Prince say he would be my backer?”


Translator – Next chapter will be updated on Monday

1It is an ancient court drama  about palace fighting LOL2按兵不动 [àn bīng bú dòng] halt the troops and wait;   keep quiet;   be on the alert, but make no move;   bide one’s time

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