iously followed behind them.

Walking in, it really was a restaurant.

He doesn’t know if it was because the restaurant was cleared.
Except for the boss and a few shop assistants who specially greeted them, Wen Chi didn’t see anyone else.

The owner of the restaurant was a chubby middle-aged man and his smiling appearance was somewhat similar to that of Lord Yin.
After he greeted Shi Ye, he led them to a private room on the first floor.

The private room has a large area.
In addition to being divided into two rooms, it also had a rockery and flowing water, with the sound of gurgling water rushing through the air, accompanied by a refreshing fragrance.

The restaurant owner pulled out the chair in front of the table and greeted Shi Ye very flatteringly.

Shi Ye still looked cold and sullen, as if he was not interested in anything.
Only when his eyes swept over Wen Chi, who was looking around strangely, will he linger a little.

The owner of the restaurant is a good person and naturally noticed this small detail, after being waved away by Shi Ye, he flatteringly pulled out a chair for Wen Ji: “This young gentleman, please have a seat.”

Wen Chi was still surveying the decoration of the private room when he was greeted by the owner of the restaurant in person.
He felt flattered and sat down.

It’s a pity that after he sat down, he realized that the place where the restaurant owner asked him to sit was actually next to Shi Ye.
And it was even so close to Shi Ye’s wheelchair that even if he didn’t turn his head, he could still see Shi Ye was staring at his face from the corner of his eyes and he could even smell the faint sandalwood on Shi Ye’s body.

Wen Chi: “…”

Fortunately, Shi Ye was just simply looking at him.

Wen Chi was scared for a moment but slowly he relaxed his guard and began to look at the decoration of the private room again.

In the past, Wen Chi always thought that ancient objects could not be made more refined than modern objects but after coming to ancient times, he realized that he was wrong – although the modern era has entered the era of machine production but a machine produced a thousand uniform objects but the ancient handmade objects are ingenious.

The decoration of this private room alone is enough to amaze Wen Chi.

Wen Chi was so fascinated with the decorations that he didn’t notice that Shi Ye’s gaze on him never left the entire time.

Shi Ye kept staring at Wen Chi and saw all the changes in Wen Chi’s expression.
From the initial tension to the relaxation, the whole process didn’t even take half a stick of incense2.

It’s not that he didn’t know that Wen Chi was afraid of him but he didn’t think that Wen Chi could easily relax his vigilance around him.

Wen Chi didn’t know that Shi Ye was thinking about so many crazy things.
When he came back to his senses and looked at Shi Ye quietly, Shi Ye had already withdrawn his eyes and took a sip of the tea that Eunuch Zhu had made.

Wen Chi hesitated for a while but suppressed the doubts in his heart and sat quietly.

After a while, the door of the private room was opened and the restaurant owner came in again.
He hunched over, saying something flatteringly, then followed in a beautiful woman in white.

Wen Chi thought that Shi Ye just wanted to go out to the palace for a meal.
Unexpectedly, he was here to meet someone.
He was surprised for a moment then hurriedly lowered his head, pretending to be a backdrop.

But even so, Wen Chi felt the woman’s gaze sweeping over him.  

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