Wen Chi watched as the resentment in Zhang Cai Hui’s expression became more and more vivid and it reached the point where she could no longer hide it.
He hurriedly pulled Ruo Fang, who was still crying while struggling with how to drive these people away.

Before he could think of a way, he could hear the sound of the wheels rolling on the ground not far away.

Obviously Zhang Cai Hui and others also heard the sound as well and the group of people turned their heads in unison to look at the source of the sound.

Only to see a luxurious carriage decorated with golden veils slowly approaching, radiating golden brilliance in the sun.
If it wasn’t for the Eunuch Zhu next to the carriage, Wen Chi would have thought that some god had descended to earth.

But just one Eunuch Zhu was enough to scare Zhang Cai Hui and the others.
Their faces that were blue from anger a moment ago turned into smiling faces in a flash with hope overflowing in their gaze as they stared at Eunuch Zhu like watching a god descending from the earth.

Without waiting for Eunuch Zhu and the carriage to approach, Zhang Cai Hui hurriedly straightened her dress and took the lead to meet him: “Eunuch Zhu ……”

Before the rest of the words came out, Eunuch Zhu raised his hand expressionlessly without even bothering to look at her.

Zhang Cai Hui was stunned and stopped talking abruptly.

Eunuch Zhu withdrew his hand and walked straight to Wen Chi in front of everyone: “Young Master Wen.”

Wen Chi had an ominous premonition in his heart.

Sure enough, Eunuch Zhu’s next sentence was: “If Young Master Wen is ready, then get in, His Royal Highness is already waiting for you in the carriage.”

“…” Don’t know if it was Wen Chi’s delusion but those women’s eyes pierced over like knives.
He glanced at the carriage with the curtains tightly drawn and asked rather hesitatingly,  “Eunuch Zhu, is His Highness the Crown Prince going to leave the palace?”

Eunuch Zhu said: “Young Master Wen doesn’t need to ask much, you will know eventually.”

Wen Chi: “…” But he doesn’t want to go aaaaah! When he thought about what happened that day, he was too embarrassed to look at Shi Ye’s face!

Zhang Cai Hui seemed to see Wen Chi’s hesitation and her brain immediately started to tune but she was still a little worried and after struggling for a moment she gently pushed away the palace maid behind her.
She gritted her teeth and walked to the carriage and said: “Your Royal Highness, Young Master Wen has contracted the cold and is unwell.
If he leaves the palace with His Royal Highness, I’m afraid it will be passed on to Your Royal Highness.”

As soon as the words fell, Eunuch Zhu’s face sank.
He suddenly turned around and said: “How dare you!”

Zhang Cai Hui was startled, her legs went weak and she knelt on the ground.

Eunuch Zhu seemed to be very angry at Zhang Cai Hui’s self-initiated behavior.
He walked over with the whisk in his arms, widened his eyes and said angrily, “How dare you intervene in the decisions of Your Highness the Crown Prince? I’m afraid you don’t want to live anymore!”

Zhang Cai Hui was lying on the ground tremblingly and her thin body was shaking like a sieve: “His Royal Highness, please spare your life, this little girl, this little girl was only concerned and was afraid that Young Master Wen’s cold will be passed on to His Royal Highness…”

Eunuch Zhu pointed at her with trembling hands: “Shut your crow’s mouth, His Royal Highness is in good health, don’t you dare say such ominous words!”

Zhang Cai Hui, who was scolded by Eunuch Zhu, was stunned.

She has been in the East Palace for some time but she has never seen His Royal Highness.
Although she has heard a lot of legends about His Royal Highness, she does not believe that His Royal Highness is such a cruel person.
Even if they were true, she will still try her best to get close to His Royal Highness, she didn’t want to be a widow in this palace all her life.

Originally, she had fantasies about His Royal Highness, thinking that she could have a place in His Royal Highness’s heart, but at this moment, embarrassment covered her whole face.

How could His Royal Highness be like this…

The man surnamed Wen just finished humiliating her and now Eunuch Zhu is humiliating her again.

Seeing this, the other ladies also shrank together in fright, lest they accidentally cause trouble.

At this moment, a cold voice came from the carriage: “Zhu Xian.”

Eunuch Zhu immediately put on a cautious expression: “This servant is here.”

The curtains on the carriage were lifted and half of Shi Ye’s intact face was exposed through the carriage window.
His face was full of indifference and he didn’t even bother to look at Eunuch Zhu.
His deep voice contained obvious impatience: “Why do you talk so much nonsense?”

Eunuch Zhu was terrified: “This servant knows my mistake.”

After saying that, Eunuch Zhu turned his head and wanted to urge Wen Chi to get on the carriage but before he could open his mouth, Zhang Cai Hui had already knelt before the carriage.

Zhang Cai Hui’s pale face was full of joy, she raised her head and looked at Shi Ye’s face with bright eyes.
She suppressed her excitement a little and said, “Thank you, Your Royal Highness, for believing in this little girl.
This little girl didn’t mean to say that.
This little girl is also concerned about His Royal Highness because Young Master Wen is seriously ill…”

After listening to Zhang Cai Hui’s ramble, Wen Chi came to understand that Zhang Cai Hui thought that Shi Ye reprimanded Eunuch Zhu just now because he was speaking for her.

But thinking about it this way, it seems to give off a feeling like that.

It’s just that Wen Chi knew about Shi Ye’s character and knowing Shi Ye’s eccentric temperament, he probably didn’t get rid of Zhang Cai Hui at the first meeting, maybe because he was in a good mood let alone speak for her?


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