Master, don’t persuade this slave.
Even if you punish me today, this slaves will still say this.” Ruo Fang said.
She choked up abruptly and her eyes and the tip of her nose became red in an instant while her eyes were filled with tears, her frowning eyebrows were filled with endless grievances, “Young Master, you were so unwell to such an extent but they still insisted on coming to see you and they even said that they won’t leave if they don’t see you.
But did they ever think about your health? If they had left earlier, you wouldn’t have to drag your seriously ill body to be slandered by a servant like that.”

After speaking, Ruo Fang seemed to be unable to bear the grievance any longer and sobbed softly while covering her face with her hands.

Wen Chi hesitated: “Ruo Fang…”

Ruo Fang cried: “Young master is kind-hearted and would have never thought about these things, how can you understand the grievances of this slave?”

Wen Chi: “…”

He just wanted to give Ruo Fang a thumbs up.

Ruo Fang cried sadly and Zhang Cai Hui and others fell silent.

Especially the maid supporting Zhang Cai Hui, who is also a woman, how could she not understand Ruo Fang’s intentions? But seeing Ruo Fang crying so selflessly, she couldn’t even get a word in and she could only gnash her teeth in anger.

Zhang Cai Hui and the other ladies’ faces were no better than that of the palace maid.
They looked at Ruo Fang, who was out of breath from crying and at Wen Chi, who was looking up at the sky in high spirits with an angry smile on his face.

Looking at that face with red lips and white teeth… Is this what a seriously ill person should look like?

That palace maid is talking nonsense with her eyes open!

Zhang Cai Hui who has had a smooth life from childhood to adulthood, apart from not being able to see His Royal Highness even after marrying into the East Palace, this is the first time that she had such a big loss.
The strong sense of shame climbed up from the soles of his feet and in the blink of an eye it spread all over her body.

She admit that she intentionally led the other ladies to visit Wen Chi and conveniently use it as a family gathering but Wen Chi not only did not appreciate it but also let an inferior palace maid humiliate them like this.

So hateful!

This Surname Wen was just lucky to be looked at by His Highness but did he really think that she is some spring onion2? He has not even straightened up his back yet 3 and he is putting up a show in front of them, even refusing to see her repeatedly.

The more Zhang Cai Hui thought about it, the more angry she became.
Why did she run up against a wall 4with the same person again and again? Only this Surname Wen dares to treat her like this ……




donkey liver and lung [lǘ ɡān fèi] idiom maliciousness ;   evil intent


means that some don’t really take themselves seriously, don’t think that you are very powerful.


means he hasn’t got a strong footing in the palace yet


碰壁 [pèng bì] run up against a stone wall;   run into a brick wall;   meet with a refusal;   run one’s head against a stone wall;   be rebuffed

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