rd of some.”

“How are Yue Gui and the others?”

“This servant heard that Young Master Yue Gui is still hanging by one breath and he can’t even get out of bed.
I’m afraid he will die soon.” Ping An replied, “Several other young masters were also seriously injured, but they are no worse than Young Master Yue Gui.
After lying down for about ten days or so, they were able to walk.”

Wen Chi snorted and said nothing.

Ping An quiet as a chicken kneeling on the ground for a while.
When he didn’t hear any reply from Wen Chi.
he looked up and saw Wen Chi had his eyes closed lying extraordinarily peacefully. 

Ping An: “……”

So, Ping An got up and prepared to retreat.

As soon as he turned around, he was stopped by Wen Chi: “Ping An, since you were assigned to the Bamboo Flute House, you have your share of work to do here, you did a good job before, but now whenever I come back from outside, I can’t see you and all the work is left to Ruo Fang and Ruo Tao.”

Ping An was stunned for a moment, then turned back quickly and then knelt down with a heavy thud:  “Young Master Wen, this servant knows his mistake and this servant will never do it again!”

After speaking, Ping An layed on the ground and kowtowed a few times.

The sound was so loud that Wen Chi frowned when he heard it.

Wen Chi has always been meek, he couldn’t even say a word to reprimand someone.
When he suddenly faced such an overreaction from Ping An, his stomach full of questions also all stuck in his throat.
He sighed and said, “Don’t kowtow, I haven’t said anything yet.”

As if Ping An was granted an amnesty, he knelt down and said, “Thank you Young Master Wen for your forgiveness.”

“Hey, wait, I didn’t say I wanted to forgive you.” Seeing that Ping An was going to hit the floor with his forehead again, Wen Chi hurriedly added, “I don’t care about you running around while you’re on duty but you throw all your work to Ruo Fang and Ruo Tao, for that you still have to compensate them……”

Wen Chi held his chin and thought for a while before making a decision, “Why don’t you do it like this, I’ll leave the chores of weeding, cleaning the yard and cleaning the toilet to you for the next two years.”




枪打出头鸟 [qiāng dǎ chū tóu The outstanding usually bear the brunt of attack

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