Chapter 23.2

There were fresh pastries and tea on the table, Wen Chi took a wine glass and poured wine.

Without saying a word, Shi Ye drank from the glass.

Wen Chi continued to pour.

Shi Ye continued to drink.

In this way, the small jar of wine was completely drunk and Wen Chi brought a few more jars of wine.

Originally, Wen Chi thought that he would bring the wine and it was over but in the end he had to accompany Shi Ye to drink one cup after another. 

While pouring wine, Wen Chi was lost in his thoughts, until Shi Ye’s voice pulled him wandering thoughts back.

“Do you remember A’Gu?”

“Huh?” Wen Chi didn’t even know who A’Gu was, how could he possibly remember.
He replied, “I don’t know.”

Shi Ye didn’t seem to care how he answered, playing with the empty wine glass with one hand and resting his chin with the other.
He half closed his eyes, his expression was cold and his gaze wandered on Wen Chi’s face but vaguely with some warmth, he spoke slowly: “A’Gu is dead.
He was pressed into the water and drowned by Hua Yan Rong.”


Wen Chi whispered: “I’m Sorry.”

Shi Ye stared at him with burning eyes: “Why aren’t you sad?”

“…” Wen Chi took a deep breath and tried to squeeze out a sad expression, “I am sad.”

However, Wen Chi’s desperate performance was only exchanged for a sneer from Shi Ye: “Liar.”

Wen Chi: “…”

Shi Ye suddenly approached, pinched Wen Chi’s chin again, his long eyelashes hung down and looked down at the terrified Wen Chi with an aloof attitude: “Since you are sad, why haven’t you come back for so many years?”

Shi Ye exerted more force and pinched Wen Chi

Wen Chi was in so much pain that his tears were about to flow and he said: “Your Royal Highness, you have mistaken me for someone else.”


It’s a pity that his words fell on Shi Ye’s ears as it was a gust of wind and Shi Ye stared at his face, as if he had fallen into some kind of demonic state: “Heh, when you said you would accompany Bengong, but ended up running away faster than a rabbit, this is what you call accompanying? Bengong vowed that, if you fall into my hands one day, bengong will cut off your arms and break your legs and see how you can still run away from me.”

“Your Royal Highness, you recognized the wrong person.” Wen Chi was so frightened that he burst into tears.
Before, he didn’t like to see Wen Liang cry, but he was crying even more than Wen Liang at this moment.”I am not Your Highness’s enemy, I have never seen Your Highness before, much less had the opportunity to make enemies with Your Highness.”

Tears quickly wet Wen Chi’s face and the warm liquid flowed into Shi Ye’s fingers that were holding Wen Chi’s chin.

Shi Ye was stunned for a moment.

He noticed that Wen Chi’s thick eyelashes were soaked with tears.
Perhaps because of fear, his eyelashes trembled violently, like a butterfly about to take off.

Shi Ye wanted to grab the butterfly and subconsciously tightened his grip.

But Wen Chi cried out in pain and tears came out of his eyes even more wantonly.
He sped up his words and said, “As the saying goes, every debt has its debtor,.
If the Crown Prince wants revenge, you must keep your eyes open, and you must not hurt the innocent wu wu wu wu…”

In the end, Wen Chi couldn’t bear the grievance any longer and cried out sadly with his mouth wide open.

It’s all right if the stupid crown prince wants to kill his em=enemy.
What’s wrong with treating him as a substitute for the enemy?

His heart ached.


He felt too wronged!

Wen Chi didn’t care how he cried, and even forgot that he was still pinched by Shi Ye.
He raised his head and opened his mouth and cried like a baby while tears kept falling like beads with a broken thread.


“Wuuuuuuuuuuuuu…(LOL Yes Wen Chi cried like this)” Halfway through the cry, something was stuffed into his mouth, “Uh…”

A sweet and greasy taste spread in his mouth instantly.

Wen Chi’s eyes widened in surprise and through a hazy mist, he saw that Shi Ye had opened the lid of the food container he had brought and scooped a spoonful of cake mixed with cream into his mouth.

Wen Chi: “…”

He reluctantly chewed twice, only to feel that the sweetness became stronger and stronger and finally filled his entire mouth.

Too sweet…

He was about to die from the greasiness.

But Shi Ye didn’t seem to feel his struggle and kept stuffing the cake into his mouth one spoon after another.
He didn’t even give him time to swallow the cake and the snow-white cream smeared the corners of his mouth and cheeks.

Wen Chi felt that he was about to suffocate and even found breathing was a little difficult.

Just then, he suddenly found that Shi Ye’s face was getting closer and closer to his own, closer and closer …… but in the blink of an eye, it was close at hand, they were almost face to face, breathing intertwined.

Wen Chi was not used to such a close distance and wanted to lean back.

Shi Ye seemed to be aware of Wen Chi’s resistance and without waiting for Wen Chi to act, he suddenly moved his hand from his chin to the back of Wen Chi’s head.

Wen Chi was so frightened that his face turned pale again and just as he was about to continue struggling, he felt a warm touch coming from the corner of his mouth – Shi Ye had licked the cream from the corner of his mouth.

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