Translator – Xiao He Lian

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Chapter 3 

The sedan chair bounced back and forth and Wen Chi, who was inside the sedan chair was drowsy.

When he arrived at the East Palace, he had already slept on and off several times.

Xi Po led him out of the sedan chair.
Although he had a red veil on his head, he could feel that the sky was getting dark at the moment and the lanterns and candles carried by the people on both sides barely illuminated the way forward.

The surroundings were very quiet.

Even Xipo, who was walking in front also was breathing very lightly as if she was cautiously guarding against something.

After walking a short distance and bypassing many obstacles, Wen Chi was finally helped by Xipo to sit on the bed.

Wen Chi breathed a sigh of relief.
He wanted to rub his sore legs and remembered that Xipo hadn’t left yet, so he had to endure it silently.

He remembered that in the ancient costume dramas he watched before, when the heroine was married with a phoenix coronet and robes of rank, the Xipo would lead the woman into her new house as she talked happily but when he came to him, why was the Xipo so quiet?

And — 

Where is the prince?

Is this marriage a one-man show

Thinking of this, Wen Chi couldn’t help but feel a little fortunate.

It’s best if the Crown prince doesn’t come.

Don’t ever come.

Xipo stood in front of the bed without saying a word, while Wen Chi could only sit on the bed as quietly as a chicken.

After a while…

Xipo seemed to understand something and said, “It’s late, the crown prince must be too busy to come here.
Young master Wen, please don’t wait and rest early.”

Happiness came too quickly, just like a tornado.

Wen Chi quickly suppressed the corners of his upturned mouth and replied obediently, “Thank you.”

After Xipo led a few maids away, Wen Chi was the only one left in the bedroom.
He sat and waited for a while and when he saw that no one came in, he slowly rubbed off the shoes on his feet and gingerly laid down on the bed.



Wen Chi closed his eyes and lay down for a while.
His thoughts drifted around to the dowry that the Wen family had packed and sent, the two wooden boxes were placed outside and he didn’t know what was inside.

He only hoped that Chen momo would not put the five erotic palace pictures in it.
When he left, he hid the erotic picture books under the mattress and Chen momo should not be able to find it.

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Thinking about it, he felt sleepy.

It didn’t take long for darkness to cover all his consciousness.

Wen Chi’s sleep state has always been good.
When he came home from work, he would fall asleep in seconds as soon as his head touched the pillow.
As long as there were no natural or man-made disasters or robbery, he could sleep until dawn without even having a single dream.

But for some reason, he didn’t sleep well this time.

In a trance, as if there were cold fingers wandering in his cheeks and the cold touch felt through the skin and penetrated into his sensory nerves like flowing water.

He shuddered and wanted to turn over but in the next moment he suddenly realized something.

He paused and suddenly opened his eyes —

Two red candles were burning in the bedroom and the warm yellow light filled the room to the fullest.

In just an instant, Wen Chi saw the person in front of the bed clearly.

The man was tall but he was sitting on a wooden wheelchair.
His long black hair was like ink, which was casually draped over his shoulders.
The most striking feature was his face—the right part was full of burn marks, like earthworms winding around his face and you can see the grooves from the candlelight.

At first glance, it was terrifying.

Crown Prince?

I thought he wasn’t coming!

Wen Chi is no longer in the mood to see how the left side of the Crown Prince’s face looks, his body stiffened, he was so frightened that he sucked in a breath of cold air and almost fainted.

Fortunately, he held on.

However, the next second, he realized with despair – the cold touch in his dream was not an illusion but a real hand roaming over his face.

It’s the Crown prince’s hand.

At this moment, Shi Ye’s hand pinched his chin with such force that tears instantly soared out of his eyes from the pain.

Shi Ye narrowed his long and narrow phoenix eyes and swept a cold gaze over his face.
Suddenly, he raised the corner of his mouth and laughed: “Here comes another ugly thing that wants to step on me to climb up.”

Wen Chi: “…”

Wait, taunting is taunting, why did you make a personal attack?

Because the red mole between his eyebrows is not big, you call him ugly?  Bro1兄弟 [xiōng dì] brothers, don’t use a mole to judge people ah.

But that’s not the point.

“I am not, I did not, I was wronged!”  Wen Chi, who was desperate to survive, burst into tears, “Your Royal Highness, I swear I don’t have such big ambitions.
I just want to eat and sit around waiting to die!”

Hearing this, Shi Ye suddenly fell silent.
After being silent, the originally grim expression was visibly changed a few times.

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After a long while, Shi Ye curled the corners of his mouth: “Ugly useless thing.”

Wen Chi cried even more.

Why are you still attacking me personally?

 But soon, Wen Chi couldn’t cry anymore.

Because the crown prince let go of his chin and his hand continued to wonder down and finally he slowly grabbed his neck.

“…” Wen Chi’s face changed suddenly  and he hurriedly made a plea for mercy, “Crown Prince, spare my life…”

As soon as he finished speaking, Shi Ye increased his strength.

Wen Chi, who was strangled suddenly lost his voice.

Shi Ye’s fingers were long and cold and they just wrapped around Wen Chi’s slender neck, as if he could easily remove Wen Chi’s head with just a little force.

Wen Chi didn’t dare to resist.
He didn’t even dare to take a breath and looked at Shi Ye with red apricot eyes.

The smell of death came down from the sky and caged him tightly.

However, Shi Ye was interested and slowly approached Wen Chi with his face full of burn marks.
There was a cold smile on the corner of his mouth but the smile didn’t reach his eyes.
He couldn’t see anything in his dark eyes, it was barren.

“Who taught you to use this trick?” Shi Ye said in a laughing voice.
His face was disfigured but his voice was surprisingly pleasant.

Wen Chi shrank his shoulders, shivering, pitiful, weak and helpless.

He naturally knew what Shi Ye was talking about, maybe others didn’t but he, who had read the novel three times,  knew exactly what he was talking about.

Not considering Shi Ye’s eccentric temperament, he has a strange fetish – that is not like to kill the timid and weak, especially a cry baby. 

Like a cat, he regarded those people as mice and slowly played and tortured until the mouse lost his life.

 Although this process is a bit cruel, at least he can save his life at the early stages.

Wen Chi used some clever tricks on this.

Unexpectedly, Shi Ye saw through it at a glance.

“Smart.” With a cold snort, Shi Ye suddenly strangled Wen Chi’s neck.
He looked at Wen Chi’s pale face calmly, like a God.
“Do you think I dare not kill you?”

A strong feeling of suffocation crawled up to Wen Chi’s head in an instant and large drops of cold sweat seeped from his forehead.

Although he knew for a long time that this tyrant was not easy to deal with, he still underestimated the bloody nature of the tyrant.

I’m afraid he’ll have to give up here tonight.

Wen Chi quickly prepared himself mentally, so he continued to lie down without any intention of resisting.

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He even closed his eyes peacefully.

However, he waited for a long time but the pain he imagined didn’t come.

Wen Chi quietly opened his eyes a little and didn’t expect to see Shi Ye’s cold and gloomy face.
The smile on his face just now disappeared and his phoenix eyes were like an iceberg, staring at Wen Chi straight and coldly.

The hairs on Wen Chi’s body stood up.

Who knew that Shi Ye suddenly laughed again and the corners of his mouth pulled the burn marks on his right cheek, instantly turning from a god above to a devil that climbed up from hell.

Then, Shi Ye actually let go.

“You’re not even afraid of death?” Shi Ye said, “Then I won’t let you get what you wish.”

Wen Chi: “…” 

You don’t have to be so childish.

Although he was very depressed in his heart, Wen Chi was lucky to have his life.
He still had to be respectful on the surface.
He opened his mouth and a rainbow fart came out, “Thank you Crown Prince for sparing my life.
In the future I will work like a cow and a horse to serve the Crown Prince.
In order to repay the Crown Prince’s great kindness, from today onwards, I, Wen Liang’s life will belong to the Crown Prince and when I die my ghost will belong to your highness.
I will belong to the crown prince for the rest of my life.”

Shi Ye said, “Wen Liang.”

Wen Chi got up from the bed and said: “What is the Crown Prince’s order?”

Shi Ye was silent and his eyes looked at Wen Chi unfathomably.

Wen Chi lowered his head.
He felt that the top of his head was almost bald by the crown prince’s stare.
He didn’t think of himself as a programmer in modern times, because he felt like the programmer’s hairstyle is like a tribute to ancient times hairstyle.2I think the WC is trying to say here is that, most programmers are bold (from the stress?) and it is similar to the bald hairstyles in ancient china.

Fortunately, after a while, Shi Ye let him go.

“Good, Wen Liang, you’d better remember your words tonight.”

After that, Shi Ye raised his hand and casually gave a wave. 

Only then did Wen Chi realize that there was a beautiful maid standing in the shadow of the corner of the bedroom.
The maid walked over expressionlessly and he could not hear the sound of her footsteps, she then pushed Shi Ye’s wheelchair out.

Wen Chi watched Shi Ye and the maid leave and after they disappeared outside the door, he got out of bed quickly and ran over to close the door.

Sitting in front of the bronze mirror, he saw a few clear fingerprints on his white neck.

He touched his neck in a daze, it hurt a little and he also felt that he had been scared to the point of having cold sweat.

The next day.

The palace steward, Li momo brought two palace maids and a small eunuch for Wen Ji to use.

Wen Chi lives in the Bamboo Flute Residence in the East Palace but unfortunately there are no other praiseworthy advantages other than its pleasant name.
The Bamboo Flute Residence is small in size, with two rooms, one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom, plus a small courtyard, visually estimated at 100 square feet.
The decoration is old and there is a large bamboo forest behind, which gives off a very queer feeling. 

But it’s not bad.

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At least there is a small kitchen and there are palace maids and eunuchs to serve.

Wen Chi, who was ridiculed this morning, was immediately satisfied.

The two palace maids were named Ruo Fang and Ruo Tao respectively.
Seeing that they were only fourteen or fifteen years old, they clenched their fingers and buried their heads timidly, not daring to look directly into Wen Chi’s eyes.

The little eunuch next to him was called Ping An, who looked a little older and a little bolder.
He circled around Wen Chi like a little bee and babbled all his flattering words.

Wen Chi had a headache when he thought about Ping An.
So he sent him and Ruo Fang Ruo Tao to other places and then went back to bed.

Not long after lying down, Ping An flew over in a hurry.

“Young Master Wen, Young Master Wen.” Ping An shouted, “There are people in the East Palace again.”

Wen Chi didn’t move, not even opening his eyes he said: “Isn’t it normal to have a large turnover of people in the palace?”

Ping An couldn’t understand what Wen Chi was saying.
He scratched his head, knelt carefully in front of the bed and poured out the news he had just inquired: “I heard that the second son of the imperial preceptor’s family and the fifth lady of Piao Qi3骠骑 [piào qí] a title of generals in ancient times General’s family came in today.”

Wen Chi opened his eyes curiously: “What are they doing in the East Palace?”

“Of course they are the same as Young Master Wen.” Ping An whispered, “Married to His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.”

Wen Chi: ” …”

He had only heard of repayment in installments and it was the first time he had seen marriage in installments.




The author has something to say: 

The names of different eras are also different.
I have checked the information for a long time, but I am still a little confused.

So you can say “Young Master” or “Furen (wife).”


Translator – Shi Ye is the name of the crown prince.

Next Chapter will be updated this Friday

1兄弟 [xiōng dì] brothers2I think the WC is trying to say here is that, most programmers are bold (from the stress?) and it is similar to the bald hairstyles in ancient china.
3骠骑 [piào qí] a title of generals in ancient times

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