Chapter 22.1

Wen Chi thought that Shi Ye was going to say something to him, but when he approached, he saw that Shi Ye extended his hand to him.

“Your Royal Highness…” Wen Chi didn’t understand what Shi Ye meant, he squatted down subconsciously and leaned over suspiciously.

After a while, he felt a cold touch on his cheek and that touch quickly wrapped half of his face – Shi Ye’s hand actually touched his face.

Wen Chi raised his head and the surprise in his eyes was clearly visible.

“For the sake of your willingness to admit your mistake, Bengong will forgive you this time.” Shi Ye lowered his eyes, his mouth was slightly closed and the thick long eyelashes cast a shadow, blocking those pairs of dark eyes.
His tone sounded calm, “Now, how are you planning to atone?”

After he finished speaking, a cold touch suddenly traveled up Wen Chi’s cheeks.

Wen Chi tried his best to suppress the fear that was about to creep into his heart and tried not to let himself tremble with fear as before.
He bit his lips and looked at Shi Ye and said with a very pious expression: “How does Your Highness the Crown Prince wish me to atone for my sins?”

“Have you learned to throw questions back to Bengong?” Shi Ye sneered.
He slowly pinched Wen Chi’s chin and lifted it up, forcing Wen Chi to raise his head even more, ” Can you do what Bengong will ask you to do?”

Wen Chi’s eyes were firm: “I can do it.”

Shi Ye raised an eyebrow: “Oh?”

Wen Chi shivered: “I… I may be able to do it.”

Shi Ye continued to stare at him expressionlessly.

Wen Chi was a total coward.
If he was a cat, his ears might have been attached to his head.
He murmured, “I will try my best to…”

Shi Ye seemed to think Wen Chi’s reaction was funny.
He actually laughed out loud and his whole body looked relaxed.
Although half of his face covered with burn marks still looked terrifying, the other half-intact face was so good looking that Wen Chi couldn’t help falling into a trance.

Soon, Shi Ye restrained his smile and said, “Relax, if you can’t do it, Bengong will not make it difficult for you.”

Wen Chi immediately returned to his senses and became nervous.

After that, Shi Ye’s grip on his chin gradually increased, Shi Ye leaned forward and those beautiful eyes that were so deep and bottomless looked as if it wanted to look into the depths of Wen Chi’s soul.

Wen Chi stared at Shi Ye blankly.

“Bengong doesn’t care who you were in the past, now that you enter the East Palace, you belong to Bengong.” Shi Ye’s voice sounded a little hoarse in Wen Chi’s ear but it has an indescribable sense of charm.
In an instant, the voice became cold, “Since this is the case, from now on, if Bengong lets you live you will live, if Bengong wants you to die you will die, even if one day if Bengong died before you, you still have to follow Bengong.”

Wen Chi “…”

“You say.” Shi Ye pulled away the smile from the corner of his mouth and stared at Wen Chi expressionlessly, “Can you do it?”

“I…” Wen Chi opened his mouth but found that he couldn’t spit out a word.
Cold sweat gradually covered his forehead and he could hardly breathe under Shi Ye’s gloomy eyes.
He never thought that Shi Ye would say something like that.

“Can’t do it? It’s fine if you can’t do it.” Shi Ye’s face sank, something seemed to settle in his eyes and he suddenly leaned back and said, “Zuo Zhi1, go.”

“Yes.” The palace maid who pushed the wheelchair replied softly and then pushed the wheelchair to leave.

Wen Chi was still in a daze as he watched the palace maid push the wheelchair out some distance.
For a moment, it felt as if an invisible hand pushed him behind his back.
He got up and chased after him.
Throwing himself on Shi Ye’s leg and said: “Your Royal Highness, I can do it!”

Zuo Zhi immediately stopped and stools silently as a backdrop along with Eunuch Zhu.

Shi Ye leaned forward, his right hand propped up his chin, without the slightest expression looking at Wen Chi who was panting.

Wen Chi’s entire face was pale and the hair around the ear was wet with cold sweat.  For a split second only those shining eyes looked at Shi Ye, as if he had limited vision and could only accommodate Shi Ye alone.

Although Wen Chi held Shi Ye’s thighs and his hands were shaking slightly, he still mustered up the courage to say, “Wherever the crown prince is I will be there and if you leave I will go with you”

Shi Ye looked at him silently.

Wen Chi looked at Shi Ye stubbornly.

After a long while, Shi Ye stretched out his hand, Zuo Zhi at the back took out a green pill the size of a fingernail from nowhere and placed it carefully in Shi Ye’s palm.

Shi Ye said, “Open your mouth.”

Wen Chi only hesitated for a moment before he opened his mouth obediently – there’s no way to escape, if Shi Ye wants his life, it’s as easy as crushing an ant and anyway he and Shi Ye were grasshoppers in the same boat2.
If Shi Ye, the villain, died under the aura of the protagonist, then him, the cannon fodder might not live for long.

Wen Chi’s obedience seemed to satisfy Shi Ye and his cold face finally eased a little.
He put the pill into Wen Chi’s mouth and said, “Swallow it.”

Wen Chi quickly swallowed the pill.

The pill slipped through the throat leaving an icy cold feeling.
Even if he swallowed it without water, it wasn’t uncomfortable to swallow.

Shi Ye looked at him and suddenly raised his lips and smiled: “If Bengong is gone, you can’t continue to live.
Remember, this is what you said.”

After realizing it, Wen Chi slowly released his hands that were holding Shi Ye’s thighs, and then slowly knelt down again: “Thank you, Your Royal Highness.”

Shi Ye said, “Let’s go.”

Finally, Wen Chi was sent back to Bamboo Flute Residence by Eunuch Zhu.
Before they approached, they saw a slender figure standing outside Bamboo Flute Residence.

Seeing this, Eunuch Zhu cupped his hands wisely and said, “This slave will leave Young Master Wen here.
Young Master Wen, take a good rest after you return.”

Wen Chi thanked Eunuch Zhu and after watching Eunuch Zhu walk away.
Then he turned around and continued to walk forward.

As soon as he approached, the woman standing outside the door also greeted him happily: “Young Master Wen, you are back.”

Wen Chi said, “Who are you?”

“Oh, this little girl’s name is Cai Hui.” The woman realized her rudeness just now, and her snow-white cheeks were flushed with redness and she smiled shyly, “I am the daughter of the Imperial preceptor, Lord Zhang.
I have long heard that Young Master Wen is very learned and has excellent calligraphy and painting.
I have always wanted to see you but unfortunately never found the opportunity.”

Zhang Cai Hua…

This name is very familiar to Wen Chi.
These days, the person who has come to visit Bamboo Flute Residence the most is Zhang Cai Hui.

I am afraid that even Liu Bei, who has visited the cottage three times3, does not have the perseverance she has.

At the same time, an ominous premonition rose in Wen Chi’s heart.



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I’ll put the story of Liu Bei here to read for fun…

The Story of Liu Bei (Raw/ MTLed) [NOT RELATED TO THIS NOVEL]

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the world was torn apart.
After Liu Guan and Zhang Taoyuan became sworn brothers, Liu Bei recruited many talented and talented people.
Then there was the story that Liu Bei paid three visits to Longzhong Zhuge.


Zhuge Liang, with a clear character, devoted himself to Longzhong in his youth, studied the scriptures hard, became familiar with the history of the rise and fall of the dynasties, and devoted himself to studying the art of war.
He often compares himself with Guan Zhong and Leyi in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period.
He is a rare general and adviser, who calls himself “Wolong”.
Liu Bei, who is good at attracting talents, said happily, “I need such talents!” He also said that even if the mountain was high and the road was far and it was inconvenient to walk, he had to go to invite him personally.


One day in deep winter, Liu Bei took Guan Yu and Zhang Fei to Longzhong to invite Zhuge Liang.
However, Zhuge Liang happened not to be at home, so Liu Bei had no choice but to go home.


Liu Bei returned to Xinye and sent people to Longzhong to inquire when Zhuge Liang was at home.
When he learned that Zhuge Liang had returned home after going out, Liu Bei immediately decided to invite Zhuge again.
At this time, Zhang Fei said with disapproval, “A common people, just send a warrior to call him here.
Why don’t you invite him again and again?” Liu Bei said, “Zhuge Liang is a great contemporary sage.
How can you send someone to call him? You’d better follow me happily.” Liu Bei persuaded Zhang Fei, called Guan Yu, and the three rode straight to Longzhong.


On this day, the north wind was howling and the snow was flying.
It was really unbearable cold.
Zhang Fei shouted to Liu Bei, “Why do we have to suffer from this? It’s better to wait for the weather to clear up.” But Liu Bei said, “Dear brother, don’t you think it’s a sign of our sincerity to go and invite Zhuge, who is not afraid of the high mountains and long roads, in the face of the heavy snow?” The three continued on their way.
Unexpectedly, this time Liu Bei did not see Zhuge Liang again, so he had to write a letter of trust to Zhuge Liang’s younger brother, explaining his purpose and saying that he would visit again some day.


In the spring of the next year, Liu Bei changed his clothes and horses and decided to visit Zhuge Liang for the third time.
Zhang Fei and Guan Yu tried to dissuade them.
Guan Yu said, “We have invited him twice, but we have not seen him.
He must have a false reputation and dare not come to meet him.” Zhang Fei said in a dismissive tone: “We have done our utmost.
This time, I only need to go alone.
If he doesn’t come, I will tie him up to see you.” Liu Bei hurriedly said, “Don’t be rude.
How can you invite a sage without sincerity?”


Liu Bei’s three men flew straight to Longzhong and came to Zhuge Liang’s cottage.
Zhuge Liang was taking a nap.
Liu Bei was afraid to disturb Zhuge Liang.
Ignoring the tiredness of the journey, he stood outside the door and waited in silence until Zhuge Liang woke up.
Liu Bei met Zhuge Liang and said, “I have admired your name for a long time.
I have visited you three times and today I have achieved my wish.
It is really a great luck in my life!” Zhuge Liang said, “I’m sorry that General Meng didn’t give up and paid three visits to the cottage.
I’m afraid that General Liang will be disappointed if he is too young to be talented.” Liu Bei said sincerely, “I don’t measure my strength and virtue.
I want to uphold justice for the world and revitalize the Han Dynasty.
Due to my limited wisdom, I haven’t achieved my goal yet.
I hope you can give me more advice.” Liu Bei’s modest attitude and sincere affection moved Zhuge Liang.
So Zhuge Liang finally agreed to Liu Bei’s request.
With the political ambition of unifying the whole country, he left Longzhong Maolu and became Liu Bei’s military adviser.
He faithfully assisted Liu Bei and made great contributions to the establishment of the “Three Kingdoms” situation.

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