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Chapter 18.2

As the saying goes, the more you know, the more dangerous it is.
Even Xiao Shuanzi was beaten with twenty strokes by the crown prince, then he, who knew the inside story…..

Although Wen Chi didn’t know the concept of twenty strokes, just from the fact that Yue Gui and the others who received thirty strokes are only one step away from death after receiving thirty strokes, it is most likely he will lose half his life.

Ping An carefully looked at Wen Chi’s face, saw that Wen Chi’s face look like the sky is falling down and deliberately asked, “Young Master Wen, what did Xiao Shuanzi say to you, to make His Highness lose his temper so much.”

Wen Chi opened his mouth, but couldn’t say a word.

Ping An didn’t speak, just hunched over and looked at him eagerly.

Wen Chi turned around and met Ping An’s gaze but what he said was a completely different topic: “Have you received the gift I brought you?”

Ping An was stunned: “What gift is Young Master Wen talking about? 

When Wen Chi saw Ping An’s confused look, he guessed that Ping An had not returned to bed last night.
He waved his hand, no longer in the mood to ask where Ping An had gone last night and only said, “Leave, I want to be alone.”

Ping An bowed and quietly retreated.

Facts proved that what should come will still come.

Two days later in the afternoon, Eunuch Zhu led two little eunuchs to the courtyard of Bamboo Flute Residence.

Eunuch Zhu was still the same, with folded arms and a whisk in his hands, squinting his eyes and standing there calmly.
Seeing Wen Chi come out, he said in a shrill voice: “Young Master Wen has been gone for many days, His Highness misses Young Master Wen and it just so happens that His Royal Highness is free this afternoon, Young Master Wen hastily tidy up and go there.”

Young Master Wen wanted to ask if he was going to receive the twenty strokes but he swallowed the words back in the face of Eunuch Zhu’s cold expression.

In the study, the crown prince was the same as always, propping his cheeks and closing his eyes for a nap and the two little eunuchs carefully massaging his shoulders for him.

After not seeing him for many days, the crown prince is still so terrifying and the aura emanating from him overwhelms everyone in the study.

Wen Chi stood with his head buried behind Eunuch Zhu, wondering if he would take the initiative to confess, anyway, he would die anyway, maybe the crown prince will let him off the hook for being so proactive.

Since he thought so, he acted likewise and flung himself to the ground.

Fortunately, the floor of the study was covered with a soft cashmere carpet, so no matter how many times you kneel, you won’t feel any pain.

Eunuch Zhu seemed to be startled by his behavior and glanced at him several times.

Wen Chi, with a pounding heart, said bravely:  “I am guilty, I hope Your Highness will punish me.”

Not long after, the crown prince’s lazy tone sounded in front of him: “What’s the crime?”

Wen Chi said.
: “I was too eager to get to know His Royal Highness, so I inquired from Eunuch Shuan a few times.
I also know that if I wanted to understand His Royal Highness, I should get to know His Royal Highness little by little by getting along with Your highness, so I can only blame myself for being too eager and accidentally breaking His Highness’ taboo.”

After saying that, Wen Chi buried his head deeply and the string in his heart was almost tense to the extreme.

It seemed that after a long time, he heard the sound of the wheelchair sliding.
When the crown prince’s languid voice sounded again, it was close at hand.

“Then tell me.” The crown prince asked curiously, “What did you ask about bengong?”

The cold sweat on Wen Chi’s back was seeping out, he didn’t dare to be careless and blew rainbow farts with trepidation: “I thought there was a world of difference between Your Highness and me.
Your Highness was like a god in the sky, while I was just a grass in the earth, I really couldn’t understand how I got the favor of Your Highness.
Every time I see His Highness, I feel so unreal.”

After saying these words in one breath, Wen Chi had to admit that his rainbow fart skills were really growing at a rocket speed.

It’s a pity that these rainbow farts are of no use to the crown prince.
Maybe because he has heard too much rainbow farts from others, after hearing Wen Chi’s words, he calmly asked, “Did Xiao Shuanzi give you a satisfactory answer?”

Wen Chi thought for a moment, then tentatively replied: “Perhaps it seems like… no.”

As a result, after he answered the question with such a strong desire for survival, he heard the crown prince laugh.
Then, a cold hand pinched his chin and forced him to raise his head.

The surrounding light was so bright that Wen Chi had to squint his eyes and the crown prince’s face came into his sight.

The crown prince raised his hand and dismissed the eunuchs and palace maids, even Eunuch Zhu also quietly withdrew from the study and gently closed the door of the study.

“Since you didn’t get a satisfactory answer, how about Bengong tell you?” The crown prince pulled up the corners of his mouth, his face was full of open smiles, half of his face covered with burn marks was filled with a ghostly sense of seduction dancing between light and shadows.

Wen Chi froze and looked up, frightened into a quail on the spot.

More importantly—

he found out in the corner of his eye that the crown prince actually stood up from the wheelchair…




The author has something to say: 

Wen Chi: The crown prince stood up!

Shi Ye: Can’t imagine, right?

T/N – Hii!! guys let me reclarify the word Bengong –> Bengong can refer to many people.
There were many palaces in the ancient palace.
As long as the owner of a palace can call himself “Bengong”, the prince is called “East Palace” and can call himself “Bengong”.
The queen can call herself the bengong, and the princess with the official title can also call herself “bengong”.
Strictly speaking, only the lord of a palace can call himself like this.


I’m reclarifying this because initially I use to think that bengong can only be used by females, but looks like males can use it too.
Most ancient novels use the word “Zhen” or “Gu” as a self proclamation title by an emperor and even sometimes crown prince.

I guess it defers from dynasty to dynasty.

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