of a Fuhuahua doll1can be called a lucky doll of sort, with snow-white skin, a conspicuous plateau red on her cheeks, and a wisp of hair combed down on her forehead. 

Ruo Fang and Ruo Tao stayed in the deep palace and never had the chance to step out of the palace gate.
When they saw these gadgets in the market, they were both surprised and happy, holding their masks and laughing from ear to ear.

“Mine is a female doll.” Ruo Fang pointed to her own mask and then pointed to Ruo Tao’s mask, “Yours is a male doll.”

Ruo Tao couldn’t get enough of the mask and kept putting it on her face for a while, her voice came out through the mask: “Male dolls are good, I like male dolls.”

Ruo Fang tilted her head in confusion: “Why?”

Ruo Tao took off the mask and looked at her, her long eyelashes blocking her eyes, only to hear her tone calm: “It’s convenient for male dolls to do things.”

“It’s more convenient for us girl dolls to do things.” Ruo Fang hummed unconvincingly, turned to Wen Chi and said, “Young Master Wen, these days when you were not in the Bamboo Flute Residence, me and Ruo Tao are not idle.
We were making cakes every day and the cakes we make are getting better and better.”

“That’s awesome.” Wen Chi smiled, not mincing his words, “But from tomorrow onwards, you don’t need to make them, the cakes need to be kept refrigerated but there is no ice in the Bamboo Flute Residence, making more is easy to spoil.”

Ruo Fang wrinkled her nose and said: “That’s true.”

After saying that, Wen Chi realized that something seemed to be missing in the courtyard, he looked around and asked: “Where is Ping An?”

“I don’t know.” Speaking of Ping An, Ruo Fang’s tone was no longer so affectionate and there was a bit of complaint, “Ping An always likes to act alone, and he doesn’t tell me and Ruotao where he goes, so we don’t bother to care about him.”

Wen Chi smiled helplessly.
Laughing, he took the gift for Ping An and went to Ping An’s bedroom to look around, but he still didn’t see Ping An’s figure, so he put the gift on Ping’s table and left.

The next day,

Wen Chi was lying on a chair in the courtyard basking in the sun, when he saw Ping Ping running in a panic.

“Young Master Wen! Young Master Wen!” Ping An was panting as he ran.
He raised his hand to wipe the sweat on his forehead before panting slightly, “Xiao Shuanzi was beaten with twenty strokes by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince!”

“Xiao Shuanzi ?” Wen Chi immediately sat up, “Which Xiao Shuanzi?”

“Of course it was Xiao Shuanzi who sent Young Master Wen back to Wen Mansion.” Ping An said, “This is already yesterday afternoon, when this slave came back, I heard that the Xiao Shuanzi had done a good job in protecting Young Master Wen and His Highness had rewarded him with many good things, but then Xiao Shuanzi said something he shouldn’t have said, so he received the twenty strokes.”

What should not be said ……

Wen Chi instantly realized what that was and his face turned pale with fright.


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1can be called a lucky doll of sort

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