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Chapter 17.1

Lord Yin gave a suspicious ‘oh’ and asked: “You have a method?”

Wen Chi nodded and without saying anything he took out a piece of paper folded into a square from his sleeve, pressed it on the table with his forefinger and middle finger, moved it to Lord Yin and made a gesture of invitation.

Lord Yin didn’t expect that Wen Chi had prepared these a long time ago.
He couldn’t help but glance at Wen Chi.
He quickly suppressed the surprise in his eyes, reached out and picked up the piece of paper and slowly opened it —–

The next second, his expression froze and looked at Wen Chi speechlessly.

Wen Chi guessed what Lord Yin was thinking and scratched his head embarrassedly: “Lord Yin, my handwriting is ugly, so I made you laugh.”

Lord Yin’s gaze fell back on the paper.

The white paper was covered with crooked black tadpoles, and it was clear that Wen Chi was not really good at calligraphy, each character was written extremely small and unevenly, so that Lord Yin struggled to read it all the way down.

 However, after looking at it for a while, Lord Yin’s expression gradually became serious and slowly developed into an astounding expression, in the middle of which he paused several times, wrinkling his brow as if he was thinking about something, and looking at Wen Chi with increasingly astonishing eyes.

Because Wen Chi really can not use a brush, in order to save energy, the content was reduced to around no more than five hundred characters.

But it took nearly half an hour for Lord Yin to read these five hundred characters while thinking.

During this half hour, the idle Wen Chi finished a few plates of desserts and drank four or five cups of tea.

Finally, Lord Yin finished reading but he was still not satisfied.
He even couldn’t bear to put down the paper.
He carefully re-folded the paper into the square and then looked up at Wen Chi: “Did you write this method?”

Wen Ji smiled mockingly: “Lord Yin can tell just by looking at the words on it that it all came from my hand alone.”

Lord Yin’s eyes were full of admiration, he nodded and said, “You are right, prevention is more important than cure to control locusts.
In recent years, our country has spent money like running water on locust control, but it has little effect.
Even when I personally went to Jinzhou a while ago, I only achieved short-term results.
If we can eliminate the insect eggs, it is naturally more effective than fighting them after they become adults.”

Wen Chi said: “Locust control is not a trivial matter that can be solved in a few days, but requires a long-term plan to lay a firm foundation and achieve the goal step by step.

Lord Yin stroked his beard and laughed, “You are right.”

After that, he paused and said, “But such an important matter is not for me alone.
I have to write down your method in the evening and present it to the emperor at the morning court tomorrow.”

“That’s good.” Wen Chi said, “Then I’ll trouble Lord Yin.”

Lord Yin waved his hand, “You didn’t find me just for this matter, right?”

“Hai, as expected, nothing can be hidden from Lord Yin’s eyes.” Wen Chi got up, bowed to Lord Yin and said a little awkwardly, “To be honest, the reason why I am doing this is because I hope Lord Yin can say a word or two before the emperor for me one day.”

“Oh?” Lord Yin raised his eyebrows in surprise and after a moment of silence, he said abruptly, “You are Lord Wen’s second son, Wen Chi, right?”

Wen Chi was shocked.

Lord Yin smiled and made a reassuring gesture, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.”

Wen Chi felt that his heart was about to pop out of his throat, he barely suppressed the shock in his heart and his voice was a little hollow: “How did Lord Yin find out?”

“I guessed.” Lord Yin said calmly, “I have worked with your father for many years, and I know a little bit about your Wen family and his temper.
If someone told him that he can steal the beams and change the pillars1to perpetrate a fraud, he won’t miss the opportunity.”

Wen Chi immediately grasped the point: “Lord Yin means… my father’s idea of ​​swapping my identities with Wen Liang was not his own idea, but was encouraged by someone on the side?”

“There was once such gossip that reached my ears and I took note of it.” Lord Yin shook his head gently, “So I only know a little bit about it.”

Wen Chi didn’t ask any more questions and quickly fell into deep thought.

The two chatted for a while and after drinking a pot of tea, they got up and said goodbye.

Before parting, Lord Yin assured Wen Chi that if the emperor liked this method, he would definitely say a few more good words for him in front of the emperor.

Wen Chi was grateful and sincerely thanked Lord Yin.
In order to avoid suspicion, he left the restaurant first – of course, Lord Yin did not forget to ask him for the cream recipe.

After staying in Beiyuan for three days, Wen Chi planned to leave for the East Palace – partly because Xiao Shuanzi was pressing hard and partly because Wen Chi was really tired of Wen Liang coming to nag him from time to time.

Early in the morning, the people of Wen mansion had prepared Wen Chi’s luggage.
In addition to some personal items, there were also several high-quality items specially prepared by Madam Xu Wen Liang’s biological mother.
From these items If you pick one out at random, it’s worth enough for two wooden boxes of Wen Chi’s dowry.

Wen Chi remembered that on the day he got married, only a dozen people in the entire Wen Mansion came to see him off.
Now, with Xiao Shuanzi and others supporting the scene, half of the Wen Mansion has been squeezed out and there were gourd eaters2Internet slang, referring to those who only watch and do not express their opinions when encountering events or gossip. outside the Wen Mansion which was very lively

Wen Changqing and Madam Xu are the most enthusiastic, they intend to earn performance points in front of Xiao Shuanzi and others.

Madam Xu’s appearance and Wen Liang have five or six points of resemblance, belonging to the charming and pitiful type.

She took Wen Chi’s hand reluctantly in front of several eunuchs and said in a trembling voice: “My son, come home to see more when you have time, I miss you at home, I look forward to seeing you again.”

Wen Chi met Madam Xu’s tearful eyes and got goosebumps.
He silently withdrew his hand and smiled, “If mother misses me, then come and see me in the palace.”

“Seriously?” Madam Xu’s eyes lit up and he nodded hastily in response,  “His Highness dotes on you, so I’m sure he wouldn’t want us to endure the pain of longing for each other.”

Wen Chi turned his head to look at Xiao Shuanzi who was standing by the side expressionlessly and asked innocently like Wen Liang, “Eunuch Shuan, can my mother enter the palace?”


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1to perpetrate a fraud2Internet slang, referring to those who only watch and do not express their opinions when encountering events or gossip.

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