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Chapter 16.2

Thinking of this, Wen Liang couldn’t help but feel a little envy in his heart but then he thought that the legendary prince was both disfigured and crippled and that envy disappeared instantly.

Speaking of His Royal Highness, Wen Liang suddenly remembered something and his delicate brows knit together in embarrassment: “By the way, everyone said that the crown prince lived deep in the East Palace and hadn’t stepped out of it for a long time.
He didn’t even attend the peach blossom banquet in previous years.
Will he attend this year?”

Wen Chi really thought about it seriously and then said: “I guess not.”

“That’s a pity.” Wen Liang said dejectedly, “Brother also hopes to meet you at the peach blossom banquet.”

Wen Chi said: “Even without His Royal Highness, I can go to the peach blossom banquet by myself.”

“How?” Wen Liang blinked his big eyes curiously, “Did you also receive an invitation from the Eldest Princess?”

Wen Chi deepened the smile on his face and said very kindly: “Because the person invited by the eldest princess is Wen Liang and not Wen Chi, and now everyone thinks that I am the real Wen Liang, and you are father’s second son Wen Chi, so the person who went to the invitation to the peach blossom banquet should also be me and not you.”

Wen Liang: “…”

After a moment of silence, Wen Liang’s eyes turned red again.

 Wen Chi was unmoved, enjoying Wen Liang’s performance in a calm manner.

Who knew that Wen Liang seemed to be seriously hurt and he didn’t even have the heart to perform.
After whispering that he was uncomfortable, he hurriedly left Beiyuan.

Wen Chi watched as Wen Liang’s figure disappeared from sight, slowly withdrew the smile on his face and he began to think.

It is written in the novel that the role of the system is to predict the future and help to ward off the necessary disasters for Wen Liang.
After reading the whole novel, Wen Chi is sure that the system does not have any ability to control others in the novel – in this case, that time in Wen Changqing’s study, where did the power to control him come from?

Wen Chi thought that if he took the initiative to change the plot and told Wen Liang that the person who went to the peach blossom banquet was not Wen Liang but him, it might trigger that mysterious power.

However it didn’t.

So why was he controlled by that inexplicable force? Is that power really the work of the system? If the system is not responsible, what is the meaning of the existence of that power?

Wen Chi thought that he had to figure out the principle of how that power was triggered as soon as possible or else if the power is triggered on some key occasions in the future, I’m afraid then he won’t even know how to die.

Wen Chi was worried for a while and then slowly let go.

If god wants him to die, he has to die, might as well make himself comfortable first.

So Wen Chi called Chen momo and ordered a bunch of dishes.
Chen momo wrote them down one by one and hurriedly went out and ordered the kitchen to cook them.

Around you shi1酉时 [yǒu shí] 名 the period of the day from 5 p.m.
to 7 p.m., Wen Chi was resting on the toffee chair in the courtyard.
Chen momo came over and saw that there was no one around, so she whispered in Wen Chi’s ear: “Master, Lord Yin wants to see you.”

 Sure enough, he was here.

Wen Chi had expected it for a long time and he knew that Lord Yin was a smart man.

After all, Wen Chi had already married into the East Palace and it was not appropriate to meet Lord Yin in the Wen Mansion.
In order to avoid suspicion, Lord Yin set the meeting place in a restaurant not far from the Wen Mansion.

Wen Chi changed into low-key clothes and without the knowledge of Xiao Shuanzi and the others, he left the Wen residence alone.

With the help of the original owner’s memory, he easily found the restaurant where Lord Yin was and followed the waiter up to the private room on the second floor and saw that Lord Yin had been waiting for a long time with two cups of tea and several plates of delicate desserts on the table.

Wen Chi saluted: “Lord Yin.”

“No need to be polite.” Lord Yin waved with a smile, “Come and sit.”

Wen Chi graciously took a seat opposite Lord Yin.

Lord Yin is a straightforward person, since he has already asked Wen Ji to come here, he does not intend to beat around the bush.
He stroked the teacup with his thumb and said kindly, “Young Master Wen must have spent a lot of time making that cake.
If I didn’t meet with Young Master Wen, I would have truly failed Young Master Wen’s painstaking efforts.”

Wen Chi smiled: “Lord Yin is really as discerning as the common people say.”

“Don’t dare.” Lord Yin waved his hand modestly, “What do you want me to do? Just tell me.”

Wen Chi straightened his face and said, “I heard that Lord Yin has been troubled by the locust plague in Jinzhou recently.”

Speaking of the locust plague, Lord Yin showed an expression of having a headache.

Wen Chi went on to say: “Nowadays, the locusts in Jinzhou are flooding, ruining the food and the people are living in poverty.
Jinzhou and Liuzhou are only separated by a mountain.
Maybe in a few days, the locusts will cross the top of the mountain and go to Liuzhou, this is a major problem and everyone’s responsibility.
I have some ideas here, but I don’t know if they can be used, so I hope to discuss them with Lord Yin.”



The author has something to say:  A change was made earlier – Yue Shan does not know the true identity of Wen Chi.

When I was sorting out the outline during the day, I found that this point was a bit conflicting with the plot behind it, so I just skipped this line, and it didn’t affect the viewing, alright.


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1酉时 [yǒu shí] 名 the period of the day from 5 p.m.
to 7 p.m.

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