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Chapter 13.2

If the crown prince did not speak, the others in the study did not dare to speak out without permission.

Hearing Wen Chi’s words, Eunuch Zhu couldn’t help but let out a sigh in his heart.
This Young Master Wen is honest, does not fight or grab and it makes you to look up to him but unfortunately he is an elm head1stupid – who is His Royal Highness the Crown Prince? His Royal Highness the Prince is the future emperor and the crown prince.
If he has never tasted the delicacies of the mountains and seas[mfn]throughout the country[/mfn], how could he be attracted to those strange things?

Might as well let the maids make some delicious pastries, maybe His Royal Highness will be happy and will spare his life.

What a pity.

After Eunuch Zhu thought about it, he naturally planned to ask the little eunuch to remove the plate of cake and the food box together.
But before he could say anything, he saw His Highness reach out to pick up the small spoon and scoop a bite of the cake into his mouth.

For a time, Eunuch Zhu was so shocked that his eyes almost popped out.

He hurriedly rubbed his eyes, thinking that he had seen wrong.

But the truth was that he was not mistaken, His Highness the Crown Prince had really eaten the cake.

“Your Royal Highness!” Eunuch Zhu cried out in fear, helplessly holding the horsetail whisk, “Absolutely not, this cake has not yet been checked by the servant, it cannot be eaten yet!”

Shi Ye glanced at Eunuch Zhu, his gaze was cold: “When does bengong need to go through your consent to eat?”

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Hearing this, Eunuch Zhu turned pale, bit his lip and swallowed the rest of the words in his stomach.

Shi Ye didn’t pay any attention to Eunuch Zhu, but put the cake into his mouth spoonful after spoonful.

Wen Chi only dared to look at Shi Ye quietly from the corner of his eye.
This was the second time he saw Shi Ye eat.
He found that Shi Ye’s face when he was eating still looked so good.

Although Shi Ye ate quickly, his gestures exuded a sense of calmness.
Even if he had burn marks on half of his face, this scene was pleasing to the eye.

Soon, Shi Ye ate the whole cake.

Wen Chi buried his head deeper, subconsciously holding his breath.

Shi Ye took the golden handkerchief handed by Eunuch Zhu, wiped his mouth slowly and said, “No wonder the milk in the East Palace has been sent to your Bamboo Flute Residence like running water recently and I bet you took it to do this.”

Wen Chi’s face reddened.

Since he spent the night here at Shi Ye, everyone in the East Palace thought that he was favored by Shi Ye and even the palace maids and eunuchs treated the Bamboo Flute Residence with enthusiasm, so whenever he said he wanted something, they rushed to send it to him.

For this reason, he asked the palace maids and eunuchs for milk and fruits.

He thought Shi Ye didn’t ask about these trivial things, but he didn’t expect that he knew everything.

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Wen Chi endured the heat on his face, lowered his head and said, “I was confused, I hope Your Highness will forgive me.”

Shi Ye said, “Zhu Xian.”

Eunuch Zhu hurriedly stepped forward: “Yes.”

Shi Ye said very lightly .
: “Those people, don’t kill them, just hit them with a rod.”

Eunuch Zhu: “Yes.” After saying that, he retreated.

Shi Ye’s gaze fell on Wen Chi again.

Wen Chi instantly became tense and straightened up involuntarily.

“Look at Bengong.” Shi Ye’s tone was so light that he couldn’t tell what he meant.

Wen Chi clenched his sweaty hands and slowly raised his head to look at Shi Ye.

He has to say, Shi Ye’s face really looks like fire and ice.
The right side is covered with horrible burn marks, looks extremely frightening, the intact left half of the face with phoenix eyes and thin lips, high bridge nose, delicate and somewhat unrealistic features give rise to a sense of indifference that rejects people from a thousand miles away.

Even with the burn marks on Shi Ye’s face, his condescending aura made Wen Chi startled and quickly looked away.

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He remembered that Ping An said that Shi Ye was like the sun.
He didn’t think about it before but when he saw it just now, it really looked like the sun and the light was so strong and dazzling.

“How do you know that bengong likes sweet?”

After Wen Chi listened to Shi Ye’s words, the tense string in his mind completely relaxed.

It seems he made the right bet.

In the novel, it was written that Shi Ye was fond of sweets as a child, but it changed when he grew up and no longer showed his love for sweets.

Wen Chi naturally did not dare to say these words, he considered for a moment, then respectfully said: “I hope His Royal Highness will forgive me.
I didn’t know that His Royal Highness likes sweets, I am ashamed to say that I couldn’t find anything worthy of His Royal Highness in my hands.
Therefore, I can only take out the cake I made which was made with sincerity.
I just hoped that His Royal Highness could taste it.”

“Bengong have tasted it…..”

Wen Chi’s face was happy and he heard Shi Ye say, “It takes a lot of icing to make this cake, doesn’t it?”

Wen Chi: “…”

It turned out that Shi Ye could only taste the icing.

“Tell me, what do you want?” Shi Ye said, “Bengong will reward you.”

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Wen Chi’s face was filled with joy again, and he hurriedly knelt down but his words turned around in a circle and instinctively replaced it with a rainbow fart: “I don’t want anything else, I just wish the crown prince a healthy life and can get whatever he wants.”

Shi Ye smiled: “Since you have nothing to ask for, then that’s all.”

Wen Chi was waiting for Shi Ye to ask him a follow-up question, but he didn’t know that this stupid bastard was not polite at all, so he hurriedly said: “I do have a wish.
I have been in the palace for some time.
Sometimes when I think about my father at home, I miss him, I want to go back and visit him.”

Shi Ye said: “Just now didn’t you say that there was nothing to ask for? How come you have something to ask for so soon?”

Wen Chi: “…”

If Shi Ye is placed in modern times, he must be an internet troll2Gangjing is a buzzword on the Internet, referring to people who often get pleasure by raising the bar, people who always sing the opposite tone, and people who deliberately hold opposite opinions when arguing, give him a leverage and he will level up the whole earth.

Fortunately, Shi Ye seemed to be just teasing Wen Chi and before Wen Chi could speak, he waved his hand: “Bengong allows it, go back and prepare.”

T/N – Hi!! guys!! Let me rant for a while.
I’ve been holding back from saying this, but still I just want to tell it anyway.
I came across a negative review that was written after reading the MTL.
Well I myself read novels in MTL just to satisfy my curiosity.
But writing negative reviews based on it?? MTL is what the word itself means, Machine Translation, but there is a human behind a normal translation.
Meaning there are emotions.
So I dunno if it’s right to write a review based on reading an MTL of it….


1stupid2Gangjing is a buzzword on the Internet, referring to people who often get pleasure by raising the bar, people who always sing the opposite tone, and people who deliberately hold opposite opinions when arguing

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