essly, “Little Shuanzi.”

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A little eunuch hurriedly came and knelt down: “Yes.”

“Take them down first.”


As the little eunuchs walked away, the begging voices of the dragged Yue Gui and the others also faded away.

Wen Chi glanced over there quietly, and in his heart he had to admire how those ancient TV dramas really learned the essence of this – obviously they could let Yue Gui and the others go by themselves, but the little eunuchs dragged them like sacks.
Because of the little eunuch’s effort, Yue Gui’s and the other’s skin also suffered.

After watching such a play, Wen Chi followed Eunuch Zhu to the crown prince’s study again, he was already half an hour late.

The crown prince is still the prince who farts at leisure1Free to fart/ fart/ free fart – it’s a chinese slang term for people who live a very leisurely life, or has nothing to do, leaning back on the couch with his eyes closed, two small eunuchs standing left and right on either side, carefully squeezing his shoulders.

Wen Chi saw that the two little eunuchs were so scared that they were about to suffocate.
He saw himself in the same situation in the near future and there were two lines of clear tears in his heart again.

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After collecting his thoughts, he gingerly came to sit down in front of his fixed position.

Eunuch Zhu went to the crown prince and told him everything that happened on the road just now.

Obviously, the crown prince was not asleep and he listened to Eunuch Zhu’s words.
He slowly opened his eyes, as if he had been paying attention to Wen Chi’s movements and his gaze fell on Wen Chi accurately without having to search.

“Tell me.” Perhaps because he hasn’t talked in a long time, Shi Ye’s voice was a little low and hoarse, but still pleasant to hear, “How should Bengong deal with them?”

Wen Chi: “…”

Why does the dog prince always like to force him to make a statement?

Wen Chi thought this was to give a proposition, but on second thought, he made so many mistakes in front of the crown prince, except for that time when the two eunuchs dragged him out, he didn’t seem to have received any substantive punishment.

After thinking about it, he really couldn’t figure out what the crown prince was thinking and he really didn’t think he would be the most special existence in the crown prince’s heart.

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In desperation, he chose neither light nor heavy punishment: “I think… flogging them with a rod is enough.”

 Although he was very afraid of Yue Gui, it was not as far as to take Yue Gui’s life..

“Then according to what you say.” When he said that Shi Ye is very much like the tyrant who dotes on his wife in the novel, “Zhu Xian.”

Eunuch Zhu bowed and said: “The servant is here.”

“Those people, all of them are to be caned to death.”


Wen Chi: “……………”

1Free to fart/ fart/ free fart – it’s a chinese slang term for people who live a very leisurely life, or has nothing to do

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