Before Ruo Tao’s words fell, Wen Chi was frightened by the bewildering amount of information in her words and coughed violently.

“Young Master Wen!” Ping An hurriedly squeezed in, gently stroked Wen Chi’s back, and glanced at Ruo Tao, “Stop Talking.”

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Ruo Tao wanted to say something, but shut her mouth and watched with Ruo Fang as Ping An helped Wen Chi into the house.

Ruo Fang scratched her head: “Speaking of which, Ruo Tao.
Do you think Ping An is a little strange? He doesn’t seem to like getting along with the two of us.”

“Really?” Ruo Tao took a deep look at the room before withdrawing her gaze and smilingly took Ruo Fang’s hand, “Then we can play by ourselves, not with him.”

Ruo Fang said: “Yes, let’s not play with him.”

Wen Chi was exhausted by Shi Ye both physically and mentally and after hurriedly washing his face and feet, he spent the whole day in bed.

However, he did not know that the news of his overnight stay at the crown prince’s place had spread like wildfire, and in just one day’s time, it spread through the entire East Palace as if it has wings – of course, the words that were being said about him behind his back were not good.

It was not until two days later, when someone suddenly came to visit, that Wen Chi learned of this from Ping An.

Originally, Ping An didn’t intend to mention these bad things to Wen Chi.
But Ping An did not expect those people in the East Palace to come to the bamboo flute residence so soon.

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“The legitimate daughter of the Hanlin2翰林 [hàn lín] member of the Imperial Academy scholar, Lord Zhang is outside.
Her surname is Zhang and her name is Caihua.
She entered the east palace a few days ago.” Ping An said, “I heard that Lord Zhang is upright and honest, and is very popular among the people and his daughter is also gentle and generous.
How about meeting her, Young master Wen?”

Wen Chi had ten thousand reluctances in his heart, although he likes socializing very much, he doesn’t like this kind of intrigue and life-threatening social interactions.
He can’t afford to provoke them nor hide from them.
He asked Ping An, “Can I not see her?”

“Whatever Mr.
Wen says is what you want, I will ask Ruo Tao to send them away.” After Ping An finished, he asked, “Young Master Wen really doesn’t want to meet her?”

Wen Chi asked him back, “Must I have to see her?”

“That’s not what this servant meant.” Ping An immediately knelt down on the ground in fear and explained carefully, “Young Master Wen, the palace is not like the outside, many things are beyond your control.
Even if we don’t commit crimes, we can’t guarantee that others won’t commit crimes against us.
So we might as well make a few close friends earlier and if something happens, we can look out for each other.”

Wen Chi immediately understood.

To put it bluntly, Ping An is persuading him to hurry up to pull a partner for the palace fight and the legitimate daughter of the hanlin scholar probably came with this kind of thought too.

Therefore, Wen Chi didn’t want to see her anymore.
He closed his eyes and waved his hand and said: “Leave.”

Seeing that he couldn’t be persuaded, Ping An didn’t say anything more and quietly went out.

1辰时 [chén shí] the period of the day from 7 a.m.
to 9 a.m2翰林 [hàn lín] member of the Imperial Academy

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