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Chapter 106.1

Wen Chi thought he would get well soon, but not only did he have to take several medicines every day, but he also had to lay in bed for three or four days.

Before he was completely recovered, Consort Rong was planning to leave for the palace.

Ruo Fang and Ruo Tao wanted to talk to Concubine Rong, begging her to let Wen Chi stay in the villa for a few more days and leave after recovering from his illness, but Wen Chi stopped them.

There are so many people here, if he is the only one doing something special, it would be too eye-catching.

Most importantly, he was worried about revealing his secret.

Concubine Rong and Hua Zi Zang must have been searching all over the mountain for the person who eavesdropped on their conversation on that snowy night.
If he came to the door so sickly, wouldn’t he be falling into a trap?

Thinking about it this way, no matter how uncomfortable Wen Chi was, he had to get up and pack, trying to keep up with the pace of the large procession.

The only one he couldn’t bear to leave behind was A’Gu, who had been bouncing on his bed and disturbing his recovery for the past few days.
But whenever A’Gu stared at him with those dark eyes, he felt like his whole body was turning into a puddle of water.

When it was time to say goodbye, it was as if he had sensed something and kept biting his trouser leg, refusing to let go.

The little eunuch who took care of A’Gu was already used to this and stood beside him with his waist bowed, without saying a word.


Wen Chi had no choice but to bend down and hold A’Gu in his arms.
He rubbed A Gu’s furry head: “Good boy, I will come to see you again when I have a chance.”

A’Gu rubbed his head against Wen Chi’s palm, whimpering pitifully.

Wen Chi sighed while touching A’Gu, but unfortunately he couldn’t even guarantee whether he would have the opportunity to see A’Gu in the future, let alone take A’Gu out of the villa.

However, since it was ordered by Shi Ye, the little eunuch who was looking after him would not be harsh on him and it was better for him to live freely here than to suffer elsewhere.

Wen Chi held A’Gu in his arms for a long time, until when someone outside came to urge him to leave, did he put A’Gu down.

On the way back, Wen Chi and Yue Gui still rode in the same carriage, maybe it was because the team was too large but he still couldn’t see Concubine Rong and of course, he didn’t see Hua Zi Zang either.

The procession traveled all day.

In the evening, as the deep blue tinted the sky and the light slowly dimmed, they finally arrived at the East Palace.


When Wen Chi returned to Bamboo Flute Residence, his mind was full of thoughts about the relationship between Concubine Rong and Hua Zi Zang, but that night he was so frightened by Shi Ye’s situation that he even forgot to tell Shi Ye what he spied on that day.

After much deliberation, he decided to pick a time to find Shi Ye.

Although he planned this in his heart, the actual situation did not allow it.
His illness flared up again and he had to lie in bed for several days.

Ruo Fang and Ruo Tao were very anxious, they invited several doctors to see him one after another and boiled a lot of decoctions for Wen Chi, only then did Wen Chi, who had been in a delirium, could barely wake up.

When Wen Chi woke up, it seemed to be the middle of the night, and the bedroom was only barely lit by a dim candle flame.

Wen Chi’s throat was extremely dry, he opened his mouth slightly and struggled to squeeze out two words: “Ruo Tao.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a snow-white face came up to him, instantly occupying his entire line of sight.

Before Wen Chi could see the appearance of that face clearly, he heard a familiar whimpering sound, and then, there was a warm wet feeling on his face—the little thing licked his face skillfully.

Wen Chi hurriedly shut his mouth and was about to raise his hand to push away the small thing pressed against him when he heard someone call, “A’Gu!”

That voice was particularly sharp and not only did it startle Wen Chi, it also frightened the little thing bouncing on top of him.
The little thing shivered violently, and suddenly it became so timid that it lay still on top of him, with two paws resting on him and a pair of white ears twitching back into airplane ears.


After a while, a hand reached out and took away the little thing lying on Wen Chi’s body.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
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The weight on Wen Chi’s chest suddenly disappeared and Wen Chi was able to take a breath.
Wen Chi turned his head to look and saw Shi Ye walking to his bedside at some point, holding a white fox with its head drooping in his arms.

The white fox raised its head and looked up at Wen Chi’s gaze.
A moment ago, it had been called out harshly but now it regained its energy, swaying its fluffy tail and staring at Wen Chi with a pair of black bean-like bright eyes, making a whimpering sound from its mouth.

Wen Chi’s heart softened in an instant and he threw away the pressure he had felt on his chest before from his mind and softly said, “Why is A’Gu here?”

When A’Gu heard his name, he thought Wen Chi was calling it and quickly struggled in Shi Ye’s arms, as if he was going to jump on Wen Chi.

Shi Ye was indifferent, hugging A’Gu who was struggling constantly, then raised his other hand and gently knocked it on A’Gu’s head: “Be quiet.”

A’Gu seemed to be a little afraid of Shi Ye.
After being knocked on the head by Shi Ye, he suddenly became quieter than before and even his wagging tail  hung down in a limp manner.

Seeing this, Wen Chi wanted to laugh.

When Shi Ye saw that A’Gu had really calmed down, he put A’Gu beside Wen Chi’s bed and said: “I heard that A’Gu is very reluctant to part with you, so I asked someone to pick him up from the villa.
If you want , you can keep A’Gu by your side.”

Wen Chi was both surprised and delighted: “Really?!”

Shi Ye chuckled: “Have I ever told a lie?”

T/N – Now my heart is also melting into a puddle because of A’Gu.️

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