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Chapter 105.1

Wen Chi was startled as he stared at Shi Ye’s enlarged pale face.
He remained motionless like a sculpture, his helpless hands were still raised in mid-air but his whole face was burning at an extremely fast pace.

At this moment, even if he couldn’t see his face, he knew that his face must be so red that it was dripping blood.

This cave was particularly quiet, only the crackling sound of burning firewood can be heard from time to time.

Wen Chi can still hear his heart beating like a drum.

Thump, boom!

As if the rabbit in his chest could pop out at any time.

Thinking of Shi Ye’s injury, Wen Chi rationally told him that he should push Shi Ye away so that Shi Ye could rest.
However, when his body actually moved, he opened his mouth obediently and let Shi Ye poke his tongue in.

After an unknown amount of time, Wen Chi’s hands slowly landed on Shi Ye’s shoulders and he subconsciously pressed against Shi Ye until it became increasingly labored, when he felt Shi Ye suddenly pull away from them.

Wen Chi immediately gasped for air.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that Shi Ye had sat up at some point.
The cloak on his body had already slipped off, only wearing Wen Chi’s robe, he reached out and wiped Wen Chi’s lips, “Thank you.”


Wen Chi was surprised and then realized that Shi Ye was wiping away the saliva left on his lips.

All of a sudden, the burning sensation on his face spread to all parts of his body in an instant.

“You, you, you, what are you up to!” Wen Chi stammered to change the subject, picked up the cloak and was about to put it on Shi Ye, “Wear it, don’t catch a cold.”

Who knew that as soon as he approached Shi Ye, Shi Ye hugged him easily.

Shi Ye covered the two of them with his cloak without saying a word.

Fortunately, the cloak was very big, even if it is more than enough to accommodate two people, it seems a bit crowded.
Wen Chi had to stick to Shi Ye as close as possible, so that the cloak could completely cover the two of them.

Shi Ye leaned against the cave wall, with his arms around Wen Chi’s waist.
His face was flickering under the firelight but he was still terribly pale and he whispered: “Let’s stay here for the night, we’ll go back after dawn.”

Wen Chi tilted his head to look at Shi Ye: “Are you better?”


Shi Ye nodded: “It’s much better.”

Wen Chi quickly took the opportunity to ask: “Didn’t you not come to the villa? Why did you appear outside the bamboo forest and what’s with the injuries on your body? You said you could heal yourself, why did you remain unconscious for so long?”

Wen Chi threw down several questions in succession.

He was really worried.
In the past, he just didn’t bother to ask, he was afraid of knowing more than he is supposed to know and he was also worried that Shi Ye would think he was meddling in his affairs.
But now he couldn’t care less, even if Shi Ye did not like and did not want to say, he must ask anyway.

Even if Shi Ye won’t give him any answer…

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

Although Wen Chi knew in his heart that Shi Ye probably wouldn’t answer his question, he still had a glimmer of hope and looked at Shi Ye eagerly.

Shi Ye lowered his eyes and met Wen Chi’s bright eyes.
He couldn’t help but laugh, but he didn’t have much strength.
Even when he smiled, he looked extremely weak.
He raised his hand and put his index and middle fingers on Wen Chi’s eyelids.

But Wen Chi didn’t close his eyes, still staring at him without blinking.

Shi Ye sighed: “You have so many questions, which one should I1(Shi Ye switched back to “I”(我) instead of Bengong) answer?”

Wen Chi, who was already prepared to be rejected, was taken aback for a moment, and then, a ray of surprise crept into his heart silently and he boldly said: “You can just answer them one by one in the order I asked them.”


After boldly saying these words, he felt guilty again and stared at Shi Ye cautiously.

Shi Ye slowly leaned his head against the cave wall, closed his eyes and thought for a while before saying, “It’s true that I didn’t come to the villa, I went to a different place, as for the injury on my body ……”

He paused for a moment, then continued, “It was caused by being ambushed while fetching something.”

“Ambush?” Wen Chi asked in confusion, “Were you alone?”


“Why didn’t you bring more people with you? Or you could have asked Zuo Zhi Liu De and the others to go.”

Shi Ye didn’t open his eyes but he still touched Wen Chi’s head accurately and rubbed his soft hair.
This action seemed to give him some strength to speak, “That is something extremely important to me, and it is not appropriate for too many people to know.”

Wen Chi hesitated for a moment but still asked, “What is it?”

“A spirit stone handed down by the Hua family a hundred years ago which was snatched away by thieves and disappeared.
I didn’t find out the whereabouts of that spirit stone until a while ago.”

Hearing this, Wen Chi was stunned for a long time and some conjectures vaguely emerged in his mind: “The spirit stone you mentioned is colorful? Is it only this small?”

With that said, Wen Chi gestured with his index finger and thumb to see the size of the stone that Wen Liang picked up.

Shi Ye opened his eyes and looked at Wen Chi’s hand, his eyes became sharp in an instant: “Have you seen the spirit stone?”


1(Shi Ye switched back to “I”(我) instead of Bengong)

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