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Chapter 104.1

Wen Chi’s brain went blank for a moment and then began to spin very slowly.

He quickly collected himself and then put his ears on the window paper, trying to hear clearly the conversation between Concubine Rong and Hua Zi Zang in the room.

It’s a pity that Concubine Rong led Hua Zi Zang to the couch far away from the window so the voice that was already not very clear became even more indistinct, and even though Wen Chi had his ears pricked up to listen carefully, he could only hear a few words.

Wen Chi felt a little anxious, moved his eyes away, and moved his eyes to the small hole to take a look and soon he saw the window behind Concubine Rong.
If he went there, he might be able to hear their voices.

Thinking of this, Wen Chi planned to jump directly onto the roof and fly over.

Before he could do so, he heard an angry rebuke from far away: “Who’s there?

Wen Chi, who was caught off guard, was terrified.
He turned his head to follow the sound and saw a few people carrying lanterns running towards him.

Damn it!

Wen Chi cursed secretly.

Just now, he had been watching so intensely that he had forgotten to pay attention to the situation around him.


He couldn’t care less, so he turned and ran.

The roar of those people sounded from behind: “Stop! Stop right there! Somebody grab that man!”

As the men shouted, a dozen or so skilled guards appeared from nowhere in the otherwise silent courtyard, coming like a tidal wave from all directions and quickly enveloping Wen Chi.

Seeing that the roads around him were blocked by those people, Wen Chi had to stop.
He gritted his teeth, stretched out his hand and pulled the brim of his hat even lower, and with a tap of his foot, flew straight up to the eaves.

At this moment, a black shadow flew out from the room where Concubine Rong was staying.
The black shadow landed on the other end of the eaves and while quickly approaching Wen Chi, he raised his hand and threw something at him.

Wen Chi’s body reacted faster than his brain and hurriedly turned around to avoid the thing.
The moment the thing passed him by, Wen Chi saw clearly that it was a small flying knife with a sharp blade shining under the moonlight.

If he hadn’t avoided it in time, the flying knife would have pierced into his chest.

At this moment, Wen Chi’s v


He turned to look at the person.

Sure enough, it was Hua Zi Zang.

Wen Chi didn’t expect Hua Zi Zang to be a long-range shooter!

Wen Chi suddenly realized that he was really deceived by Hua Zi Zang’s gentle appearance before.
He always thought that Hua Zi Zang was just a helpless wandering doctor, but the other party hid it so deeply!

But in the blink of an eye, Hua Zi Zang threw another four or five knives, all of which were avoided by Wen Chi.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

Wen Chi did not know the level of Hua Zi Zang’s martial arts skills, plus this was Concubine Rong’s territory, and there were Concubine Rong’s guards surrounding him below, even if he split into ten men, he might not be able to take advantage here.

After thinking for a moment, Wen Chi no longer wanted to fight,so he turned around and ran away.

Seeing this, Hua Zi Zang chased after him.

Wen Chi ran for a while using Qinggong and then slowly realized that Hua Zi Zang’s Qinggong was not as good as him.
Instead he had a lot of crooked tricks and kept throwing things at Wen Chi from behind.

Sadly, Wen Chi didn’t have eyes on the back of his head, so he had to run forward while turning his head to avoid the things Hua Zi Zang threw and at the same time, he had to protect his face to avoid being discovered by him.


As a result, Wen Chi, who was distracted and ran slower and slower and was about to be overtaken by Hua Zi Zang.

Hua Zi Zang seemed to have figured out Wen Chi’s situation, so he didn’t rush to catch up, but stopped abruptly and quickly took out a row of knives and threw them at Wen Chi.

The flying knife formed a diamond shape in mid-air, breaking through the wind and snow and flew straight towards Wen Chi.

At this moment, Wen Chi was exhausted by Hua Zi Zang’s fierce pursuit.
He instinctively wanted to avoid it, but he was a step too late.
He could only watch those throwing knives getting closer and closer to him…

However, the moment before the flying knives touched him, a black shadow flashed in front of his eyes and it seemed that some force grabbed his waist.
When he reacted, he was actually hugged horizontally by a person.

The speed of that person was faster than the throwing knife thrown by Hua Zi Zang, and he left Hua Zi Zang far behind in no time.

Wen Chi hugged the man’s neck tightly, he couldn’t see the man’s face in the dark night clearly but he could smell a familiar fragrance from the man.

“Shi Ye!” The wind whistled in Wen Chi’s ears but it couldn’t stop the surprise that almost overflowed in his voice, “You finally woke up!”

“En.” Shi Ye hummed lightly.
He jumped over the wall with Wen Chi in his arms, ran a few steps on the snow and flew directly to the dense bamboo forest.

“No, you went the wrong way.” Wen Chi said hurriedly, “The place we live is over there, this is the opposite direction.”

“That’s right,” Shi Ye said while speeding up, “It’s easy to be spotted by them when we go back now, we need to find a place to hide for now.”

Hearing this, Wen Chi thought that what Shi Ye said made sense, so he fell silent, and focused on putting his arms around Shi Ye’s neck.

When they passed through the bamboo forest, Shi Ye’s speed gradually slowed down.
Finally, they came to a cave and Shi Ye walked in and put Wen Chi down.

The cave was so large that it blocked out the wind and snow outside and made the wind sound less deafening.

Wen Chi patted his chest with lingering fear and walked two steps into the cave.
He suddenly remembered something, turned around and walked towards Shi Ye: “By the way, are you okay? How do you know I was there…”


Before Wen Chi finished speaking, he saw the figure with his back to the moonlight swaying slightly and then falling straight back.

“Shi Ye!” Wen Chi’s heart skipped a beat and he rushed forward to hug Shi Ye but he was too heavy, so he couldn’t hold him firmly for a while and the two of them fell to the ground together.

Wen Chi was wearing thick clothes and he didn’t feel much pain when he fell on the rough stones .But when he got up from the ground in a state of embarrassment, he realized that Shi Ye was wearing extremely thin clothes and he was still wearing the clothes he changed for Shi Ye yesterday. 

“Shi Ye! Are you okay?” Wen Chi touched Shi Ye’s face and hands, which were terribly cold, as if he was touching ice and suddenly cried out of fright, “Shi Ye, say something!”


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