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Chapter 103.2

The snow fell very heavily tonight.
Not only did it accumulate a thick layer on the ground but even the hot spring behind the house was also covered.

Fortunately, the bamboo forest was not far behind the hot spring bath.
Wen Chi only needs to keep his head down and walk forward.

However, the night wind was blowing too hard and Wen Chi was only about half way out when the wind blew through the lantern he was carrying and blew out the candle flame in the lantern, instantly taking over his vision.

Fortunately, Wen Chi took the fire folder1(The fire fold is also called “fire fold”, which is called the ancient version of “lighter” (note not matches)) before going out.
He touched the torch on his sleeve and planned to continue on his way and light the lantern when the wind died down.

Under the silver moonlight, Wen Chi could barely see if there were obstacles ahead, but he knew some martial arts, so walking at night was not so difficult.

But he hadn’t gone far this time when he stopped dead in his tracks again – he thought he saw someone.

And that person was walking towards him against the wind and snow.

Wen Chi was so frightened that before his brain could react, his body had already slumped into the snow reflexively.
He tried his best to blend himself with the snow as best he could, gripping the lantern pole with his right hand and staring warily at the dark figure ahead.

Not long after, the black shadow approached.

It was really a person.


That man was dressed no thinner than Wen Chi and he was also wearing a black cloak.
The hoodie covered his head and the surrounding light was dim.
There was still a certain distance between Wen Chi and the man so Wen Chi couldn’t see the man’s face clearly at all.
And he didn’t even know if the man was tall, short or thin.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

But why did that person appear here in the middle of the night?

A big question mark was drawn on Wen Chi’s head.

He hadn’t figured out what happened to Shi Ye yet and now he bumped into another stranger.

For a moment, Wen Chi felt as if he had fallen into a fog.
There was a vast white fog around him, he couldn’t see anything clearly and he didn’t understand anything.
For the first time, he felt like a fool.

That man should know some martial arts, even in the face of wind and snow, he didn’t walk slowly.
He didn’t notice the presence of Wen Chi and walked straight ahead and soon passed in front of Wen Chi.

It was only after the man had walked a little further that Wen Chi suddenly realized – the man was not walking towards him, but along the courtyard in a line to the north.

Wen Chi lay prone in the snow, watching the man go further and further away.
He struggled for a moment, then dropped the lantern in his hand and followed.


After walking for a cup of tea2(15min), the man suddenly stopped in front of a wall.

Wen Chi continued to lie on his stomach in the snow, poking his head furtively to look in that person’s direction.

The man stopped and looked around and seeing nothing unusual around him, he said something softly to the wall.
After waiting for a while, the door on that wall was opened and the man quickly walked inside. 

Wen Chi didn’t rush to follow but waited on his stomach for a while and after confirming that the person went in, he hurriedly performed Qinggong  to fly to the wall, only to see that there was an old wooden door on the wall, which was not too obvious, and it was now closed.

After thinking about it, Wen Chi simply flew directly over the wall.

Unexpectedly, there was a young eunuch guarding the other side of the wooden door, which scared Wen Chi, who was about to land.
His soul almost flew out of his body.
He quickly turned around and gave his toe a sharp tap on the wall before finally landing on an eaves not far from the wall.

Wen Chi couldn’t catch his breath and hurriedly crouched down to hide his form.

At this moment, he was very grateful that Liu De whipped him to practice qingong before.
Even though it had been extremely hard, and at this critical moment it had saved his life, he could not imagine being caught by that little eunuch on the spot.

But then again—

Why is there a little eunuch guarding behind that wooden door? Could it be that the little eunuch opened the door for that man not long ago?


Wen Chi suppressed the doubts in his heart, performed Qinggong and turned half a circle around the eaves and after a while, he found the man who was following another eunuch.
There were a lot of snowflakes on the man’s black cloak but the man didn’t seem to care and concentrated on following the little eunuch who led the way.

After walking through a long corridor, the little eunuch stopped in front of the door of a house.

Afterwards, the little eunuch raised his hand and knocked on the door, deliberately lowering his voice: “He is here.”

After a short wait, a plainly dressed maid came to open the door.

The little eunuch immediately stepped aside and made a gesture of invitation to the man.

The man stepped in.

The maid standing in front of the door cautiously looked around twice before closing the door, also blocking Wen Chi’s view of the room.

Wen Chi maintained the same kneeling posture.
He almost pressed his face to the eaves just now but he still couldn’t see the features of the man clearly.
But at the moment the maid closed the door, he saw that the man had taken off his cloak and was wearing a light green coat …… that looked familiar.

Intuition told Wen Chi that the person might be an acquaintance.

Wen Chi originally wanted to wait for the man to come out of the house but when he thought about this possibility, he couldn’t hold back anymore.
He hesitated again and again, and finally decided to take the risk.

He jumped off the eaves and hid on his way to the window of the house.

The eaves sheltered him from the night breeze, but without the sound of the wind as a cover, Wen Chi had to move as gently and slowly as possible.
He flew outside the window after a long time before dipping his fingertips in some saliva and poking a small hole at the bottom of the window paper.

He leaned close to the window paper, squinted and looked inside.

The light in the room was bright and the sound of charcoal being burned in the stove can be heard from time to time.
Two maids and a momo stood side by side, bowing their heads and nodding.
The person next to them was someone Wen Chi knew very well – Hua Zi Zang.

Hua Zi Zang?


Hua Zi Zang!

Wen Chi was so shocked that he couldn’t close his mouth, staring at the situation in the room as if he were dumbfounded.
And when he came to his senses he hastily covered his mouth to prevent himself from making a sound due to the shock.

But he couldn’t figure it out.

He remembered that Hua Zi Zang was not in Concubine Rong’s invitation list at all, so how could he come to this villa? It is obvious that this villa is the private domain of the royal family, if outsiders enter without the permission of the royal family, they will only end up being beheaded.

So who did Hua Zi Zang go to the trouble of coming to the villa at this time to meet?

As soon as Wen Chi finished thinking this way, he heard a faintly gentle female voice coming from the room: “I am sorry that Young Master Hua has to come all this way.
It’s not easy for both of us to meet and I can only choose this location in the barren mountains.”

As the voice fell, a slender figure slowly walked into Wen Chi’s line of sight.
It was a woman in a beautiful dress and the red hairpin in her hair tinkling as she swayed.

The woman walked up to Hua Zi Zang and smiled politely.

Just now when he only heard the woman’s voice, Wen Chi guessed the woman’s identity and now that he finally saw the woman face clearly, his pupils constricted and his hand under the window fiercely clenched into a fist.

It’s Concubine Rong…

It turned out to be Concubine Rong…


1(The fire fold is also called “fire fold”, which is called the ancient version of “lighter” (note not matches)) 2(15min)

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