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Chapter 101.2

Wen Chi’s old father’s heart was about to melt.
If not for the fact A’Gu was Shi Ye’s pet, he would have boldly kept A’Gu.

It’s a pity……

Even though Wen Chi was reluctant in his heart, he had no choice but to ruthlessly stuff A’Gu into the arms of the little eunuch.
Before letting go, he stroked A’Gu’s white fur, which was also his act of self consolation.

The little eunuch was afraid that A’Gu would escape again, so he hugged A’Gu tightly in his arms with crossed hands, which made A’Gu extremely uncomfortable, and kept biting the little eunuch’s arm.

The little eunuch was bitten painfully, but he frowned patiently and apologized to Wen Chi repeatedly with a humble attitude: “A’Gu was not very close to people before, I don’t know why he likes Young Master Wen so much.”

“It’s okay,” Wen Chi waved his hand, “Go back quickly.”

“Thank you, Young Master Wen!” The little eunuch ran away holding A’Gu in his arms.

After Wen Chi finished tidying up, he returned to the house and saw Ruo Fang and Ruo Tao talking together.

“That little fox is really strange,” Ruo Fang touched her chin and said, “It seems to like young master very much, but this is the first time it has seen him, right? Is it possible that foxes also treat people differently based on their looks?”

“Whether it likes young master or not is another matter…” Ruo Tao glanced at Ruo Fang, “Anyway, it doesn’t like you.
When it saw you, it scurried away very fast.”


“You!” Ruo Fang was furious.

Wen Chi waited for the two little girls to finish their quarrel before walking over.
The two girls were still arguing at first but when they saw him, they fell silent at the same time in a very tacit understanding.

“Ruo Tao,” Wen Chi asked, “is that really the white fox raised by His Highness the Crown Prince?”

Ruo Tao froze for a moment before replying: “Yes.”

Wen Chi asked again: “How long has he been raising it?”

Ruo Tao thought that after Wen Chi found her identity he would be more or less suspicious of her, but she did not think that Wen Chi would not only treat her as usual but also openly ask her about His Highness’s personal affairs.

I’m afraid only Young Master Wen could do such things.

Ruo Tao smiled helplessly and then said honestly: “It has been about twenty years.
When His Royal Highness was found by the Hua family and sent to the palace, A’Gu accompanied His Royal Highness.
It was just that there was a fire in the East Palace and A’Gu almost lost his life, so His Royal Highness ordered me to send A’Gu to this villa.”


After a pause, she frowned and said,  “Originally, Concubine Rong never came to this Villa to relax, but somehow, this year she suddenly changed her temperament and came to this Villa instead, thus disturbing A’Gu’s peace.”

Wen Chi didn’t think too much about it.
At this moment, his little head was full of great doubts—is this the white fox the A’Gu that Shi Ye mentioned before? Isn’t A’G dead? Why did Shi Ye say that A’Gu is dead?


It is really inhumane to use the whole mountain villa to raise a fox!

Wen Chi shed tears of envy, jealousy and hatred in his heart.

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
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Three days passed in a flash.

Except for the white fox named A’Gu who came and dangled in front of Wen Chi from time to time, the rest of Wen Chi’s recollection was almost filled up by Lin Yu and Yue Gui’s never-ending bickering and fighting.

The point is that these two people who usually fight openly back and forth on normal days, were actually fighting in secret at Concubine Rong’s birthday banquet, and that black-hearted Lin Yu was trying to drag him, an innocent passer-by, into it.

“Not to mention me, even Young Master Wen thinks the same way.” Lin Yu patted Wen Chi’s shoulder, “Young Master Wen, I’m right, right?”

Wen Chi turned his head, with a blank expression on his face: “Huh?”


Lin Yu: “…”

Yue Gui, whose eyes were reddened from anger a moment ago, saw that Lin Yu was ignored and immediately covered his mouth and started laughing.

Lin Yu was so embarrassed that his entire facial features were almost screwed together.
He approached Wen Chi, gritted his teeth and said: “Young Master Wen, no matter what, Yue Gui also set you up a few times.
I don’t expect you to share my hatred, but at least you should agree with me.”

Wen Chi was silent for a moment, shrinking his neck guiltily: “I really didn’t hear what you said just now…”

Lin Yu almost vomited a mouthful of blood and looked at Wen Chi like an old mother looking at her own unworthy son, his eyes full of hatred.

Wen Chi looked back at Lin Yu innocently.

The two looked at each other for a while and in the end Lin Yu was the first to lose.
He sighed and turned his head to vent all his anger on Yue Gui, who was gloating and giggling.

In a short while, Yue Gui was crying again.

Wen Chi watched the two for a long time, then turned his head away.

Concubine Rong’s birthday banquet was held very simply, perhaps because of the special circumstances, she did not invite as many guests as in previous years.
But the venue was decorated gorgeously, even the meals served were rare delicacies.
Now since everything is simplified, the number of guests has been greatly reduced, and some people didn’t even come.

For example—His Royal Highness the crown prince.

Lin Yu, Yue Gui and the others had been looking forward to it like the Amah Rock1(The Amah Rock is a mountain in the southwest of Xingcheng, Liaoning Province.
There is a legend about a woman who turned into a rock while waiting for her husband who went to perform his service for the country but never came back.
The rock looked like a woman.) for a whole day, but they didn’t see His Royal Highness.
And when the banquet was over, they were so disappointed that it was as if the sky had collapsed.

On the way back to the courtyard, Lin Yu was listless, his face was full of dejection and he was still muttering: “It’s over, it’s over, I just missed this rare opportunity.”

Wen Chi didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry when he heard this.
So he comforted him: “It’s all about human effort, as long as you have the heart, there will be opportunities.”

Lin Yu cast a sorrowful glance at Wen Chi: “Why do I feel that this seems strange coming from your mouth?”


Wen Chi tilted his head to look at him:  “What’s weird about it?”

Lin Yu thought to himself, “Everything is weird!

The second son of the Wen family was too indomitable, wasn’t he the one who married into the Eastern Palace under his brother’s name? Why does he look like a different person now?

Lin Yu originally wanted to tap into Wen Chi’s inner thoughts but when he met Wen Chi’s innocent gaze, he couldn’t seem to say anything else.

Forget it.

It’s none of his business anyway.

Wen Chi waited for a long time, but did not get an answer from Lin Yu.
Since Lin Yu did not want to answer, he did not ask any more questions and returned to the courtyard.
The two of them went their separate ways and went to their respective houses.

After being a wooden man at the banquet all day, Wen Chi was so tired that he fell asleep soon after taking a bath.

Wen Chi slept soundly but was woken up by a humming sound in the middle of the night.

He opened his eyes in a daze and under the light of the candle beside the bed, he saw a small snow-white face blowing at him and sticking out his tongue to lick his face.

The sticky wet touch awakened Wen Chi instantly and he jumped up from the bed in fright: “A’Gu? Why are you here!”

Wen Chi didn’t know if A’Gu understood his words but he tilted his head and squatted innocently in front of Wen Chi’s bed.

So one person and one fox stared at each other with wide eyes.

In the end, Wen Chi gave in and surrendered.
Since A’Gu didn’t want to leave, he could only ask Ruo Tao to take him away.

Wen Chi propped up half of his body, got out of bed, put on his shoes and walked out.

Seeing Wen Chi’s movements, A’Gu whimpered, then caught up with him on his four little legs, soon overtook him and ran ahead of him.

Seeing this, Wen Chi thought that A’Gu had understood his meaning and planned to leave, so he stopped, preparing to watch A’Gu leave.

But when A’Gu turned his head and saw him stop, he also stopped.
Seeing that he hadn’t moved, he ran back, circled around his feet and bit his trouser leg with his mouth, as if trying to pull him in a certain direction.

At first Wen Chi was suspicious, but it didn’t take long for him to understand what A’Gu meant and he took a tentative step out.

Sure enough, A’Gu let go of his trouser legs, turned around and ran out.

Wen Chi followed A Gu.

One person and one fox came to the vicinity of the hot spring bath behind the house.
The hot spring had been used for some time but it was still steaming.

Before he got close, Wen Chi smelled a strong smell of blood.
His brows furrowed tighter and tighter as he quickened his pace and followed A’Gu to the edge of the bamboo forest.

Under the bright moonlight, he saw a man lying on the snow.


1(The Amah Rock is a mountain in the southwest of Xingcheng, Liaoning Province.
There is a legend about a woman who turned into a rock while waiting for her husband who went to perform his service for the country but never came back.
The rock looked like a woman.)

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