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Chapter 11.2

Ping An’s words worked.
The next day, Wen Chi kept peeking at Ruo Tao intentionally or unintentionally.

However, he still didn’t see any clues.
He only felt that Ruo Tao looked more and more beautiful.
He also felt that it was a pity that with her beautiful baby face she can’t work as a modern internet celebrity

In this regard, Wen Chi felt deeply helpless.

He really can’t control his obsession with good looking faces….

With Ruo Tao’s face as a snubber, when Wen Chi looked at the other half of the crown prince’s face covered with burn marks, the degree of shock was greatly reduced.

In any case, thanks to Ruo Tao for her sacrifice… oh no, it’s just her face.


He didn’t know what the crown prince was thinking.
After driving Wen Chi out that day, he actually called Wen Chi back to the study the next day as if nothing happened.

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Wen Chi thought that the crown prince, whom Ping An regarded as the sun, was too busy to touch the ground every day.
After a period of time, he ran to the crown prince’s study almost every day and then he found that this “sun” seemed to be quite busy.

Anyway, every time Wen Chi passed by, he never saw the crown prince do any serious business.
Either he listened to Eunuch Zhu’s memorial in a drowsy manner, or closed his eyes and listened to the official’s talking.
What’s even more hyperbolic is that once, the crown prince actually leaned on the couch and fell asleep and poor Wen Chi had to watch helplessly from the side.

 Wen Chi can only console himself with “at least he can sit, those eunuchs can only stand”.

But he was still angry and glared at Shi Ye angrily.

This dog prince, with so many eyes staring at him, ended up sleeping soundly…… really shameless.

Just after he finished thinking about it, Shi Ye suddenly opened his eyes.

Wen Chi didn’t have time to withdraw his gaze and he unexpectedly caught Shi Ye’s cold gaze.

The four eyes met.

Wen Chi: “…” 

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It’s over, it’s over, it’s over…

Shi Ye raised the corners of his mouth, showing a smile that wasn’t a smile: “Scolding Ben Gong in my heart?”

Wen Chi wanted to shake his head, but seeing the smile swirling out of the other half of Shi Ye’s intact face, the words in his heart blurted out: “Yeah.”

After speaking, he suddenly reacted and covered his mouth in horror.

The next second, Eunuch Zhu’s shrill voice exploded behind him: “Bold!”

Shi Ye glanced at Eunuch Zhu lightly.

Eunuch Zhu suddenly fell silent again like a rooster being strangled by his neck.

Shi Ye propped up his head leisurely, without any intention of being angry but raised his chin at Wen Chi: “Tell me, how did you scold Bengong?”

How else can you scold? Of course it’s cursing your parents.

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Wen Ji knew that this was a life-saving question and two tears flowed down her heart.

Shi Ye said again: “As long as you speak well, this palace will spare your life.”

Wen Chi blushed, knelt down with a plop and said with sincerity, “Just now, I dared to look at the sleeping face of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.  I don’t know why, there is a trace of jealousy in my heart.
His Royal Highness is a dragon and a phoenix among people, just like the sun in the sky, so dazzling.
It is an existence that I can’t reach.
I am afraid that even if I live for hundreds of years it will be hard to touch a hair of His Royal Highness… Heavens, I’m living under the sunshine brought by His Royal Highness and I had such thoughts, I’m ashamed to face His Royal Highness and hope your highness will punish me!”

After saying that, Wen Chi kneeled down on the soft carpet and did not dare to raise his head for a long time.

 Shi Ye was silent for a long time and then suddenly chuckled.

“Bengong forgives you.”

Wen Chi breathed a sigh of relief.
While being thankful that he copied the rainbow farts of Ping An, he said while  kowtowing: “Thank you, Your Highness, for forgiving me.”

Who knew that his voice had just fallen, but Shi Ye’s words changed: ” As the saying goes, to untie the bell, you need to tie the bell1解铃还须系铃人 [jiě líng hái xū jì líng rén] In order to untie the bell, the person who tied it is required;   It is better for the doer to undo what he has done;   Let him who tied the bell on the tiger take it off;   Let the mischief-maker undo the mischief.
Your jealousy is because of bengong and this bengong can’t get away with it.
So let’s leave it at that, tonight you stay and watch bengong sleep.”

Wen Chi’s expression stiffened: “……” 

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The next moment, Shi Ye reached out and squeezed his chin, forcing him to raise his head.

Shi Ye’s fingertips were cold, but the place where they touched his skin was so hot that it seemed to burn.

After the wedding night, this was the second time that Wen Chi had come face to face with Shi Ye at such a close distance.
He could feel the heat from Shi Ye’s breathing and he could see his own eyes reflected in Shi Ye’s clear black eyes.
Then, Shi Ye bared his teeth and smiled.
He said: “Do you think this is called fighting poison with poison?”

Wen Chi: “……”

After a while, Wen Chi squeezed out a smile: “His Royal Highness is wise and I can’t hope for anything else.”

So that night, Wen Chi became the first person ever in the East Palace to spend the night in the crown prince’s bedchamber – or spend the night with his eyes open looking at the crown prince’s face.


T/N – Wen Chi address himself as 小人(Xiao Ren) or this villain, when talking with Shi Ye.
But I’ll be translating it as “I” cuz Villain sounds weird.

1解铃还须系铃人 [jiě líng hái xū jì líng rén] In order to untie the bell, the person who tied it is required;   It is better for the doer to undo what he has done;   Let him who tied the bell on the tiger take it off;   Let the mischief-maker undo the mischief

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