tom of the cabinet.

After stuffing, he turned around and saw that Shi Ye had stood up, folded his arms, and looked at him quite innocently.

Shi Ye said: “Bengong has nothing to do in my spare time.
I happened to see these things in your room, so I took a look.”

Wen Chi was extremely embarrassed and his face turned red: “You know that those are not proper books and you still read them!”

Shi Ye chuckled lightly, as if a little puzzled: “Since you know it’s an unscrupulous book, why did you still buy it?”

Wen Chi quibbled: “I didn’t know at first, I didn’t know until you took it to see it without asking.”

At the end, he added depressedly, “If I had known what the books contained, I would never have let you see those books.” He would have hid and read them secretly!

Shi Ye: “…”


Wen Chi scratched his hair angrily, Shi Ye burst into a chuckle and then heard him say: “I just read a few books of yours and it made you so unhappy, why don’t this palace pay you back twice as much?”

Wen Chi froze.

Shi Ye continued: “I’ll return the same types of books to you.”

“…” Wen Chi was furious,  “I can’t afford to accept Your Highness’s kindness, Your Highness should keep those books and enjoy them for yourself.”

After saying that, Wen Chi ran out of the bedroom.

He called Zuo Zhi and Ruo Fang, and asked them to take out all the books in the cupboard in front of Shi Ye and give them away, and as for the little yellow books that they had bought by mistake – they were all burned in the courtyard.

Wen Chi was really angry.
On one hand, he was thinking about Shi Ye’s previous farewell without saying goodbye and on the other hand, he was thinking about Shi Ye’s dog-like behavior as always, new grudges and old grudges, making him silent during meals, treating Shi Ye as a transparent person throughout the entire process.

In the middle of the night, Wen Chi thought about these things and still tossed and turned, unable to sleep.

He even suspects—

Did Shi Ye regret giving him those land deeds, so he came all the way to ask him to get those land deeds back.

The next day.

After Wen Chi woke up, Shi Ye was long gone.

And the snow outside is getting heavier.

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Wen Chi followed Lord Yin out of the Zhou Mansion.
They raised the curtain on the carriage and looked around.
They saw the streets of Jinzhou covered in white, and everything they could see was white and even the hot air they breathed out formed a conspicuous white mist in mid-air.

Lord Yin looked at the snowy scene and sighed: “It’s snowing and the mountain roads are difficult to travel, I’m afraid we will all have to stay in Jinzhou this year.”


Wen Chi said: “Yes ah.”

Lord Yin turned his head to see Wen Chi’s indifferent face, not looking like he felt as much as he did, so he said, “You’ve been away from the palace for so long, maybe when you go back, things will be different.”

Wen Chi seemed to have heard a different meaning in his words and asked, “Lord Yin, how is the capital now?”

Lord Yin shook his head and was about to speak, when the entire carriage shook violently,  accompanied by the hoarse screams of the horses outside and the abrupt pleas of the coachman for mercy.


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