into his eyes from the corner of his eyes, and the depression in his heart became even worse, but he didn’t expose Wen Chi, instead he put Wen Chi on the bed with a gloomy expression.

Wen Chi was wet from top to bottom, his clothes were still soaked in water, like a fish just out of the water.
As soon as he touched the bed, he rolled in without hesitation, not only did covered the bed with dark medicinal broth but he also rolled to the corner of the bed, as if to avoid Shi Ye’s gaze.

Shi Ye stood by the bed, just watched Wen Chi’s performance quietly, until Wen Chi’s was done, then said in a deep voice: “Have you recovered after being scared by Bengong?”

As soon as the words fell, Wen Chi, who had his back to Shi Ye, slightly shook his shoulders.
Although he was very well disguised, Shi Ye still noticed the clue.

Shi Ye found it funny, not only because of Wen Chi’s reaction, but also because of his stupid behavior of rushing to Jinzhou.
Maybe he is a person who likes to be abused and likes to be stabbed in the chest by Wen Chi.
Wen Chi’s successive actions repeatedly stabbed him in the chest.

Shi Ye managed to suppress the anger in his heart, found a set of clean clothes from the closet, walked back to the bed, looked down at Wen Chi who was still facing his back to him condescendingly.

“Are you changing your clothes yourself, or should I change it for you?”

Wen Chi learned the lesson just now and he didn’t even shake his shoulders, pretending to be a corpse lying in the corner.

Shi Ye waited for a while but didn’t get an answer from Wen Chi.
He guessed that Wen Chii was planning to play dumb to the end, so he reached out to carry Wen Chi out of the corner.


Unexpectedly, Wen Chi was secretly exerting force, Shi Ye was casually planning to hug him and then… he couldn’t hold him anymore.

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Before Shi Ye exerted a little force, Wen Chi had no power to resist.
Unexpectedly, only half a year has passed and Wen Chi has already been taught by Liu De to some extent.

No wonder Wen Chi could sense his presence the night before yesterday.

The anger in Shi Ye’s heart rushed directly to his face and his face was so dark that he could almost condense into substance.
Since he was still standing outside the bed, it was inconvenient to exert force, so after hesitating for a moment, he directly raised his foot and stepped on the bed.

Now, Wen Chi, who was hiding in the corner, had nowhere to hide and had nowhere to escape and was soon shrouded in the shadow cast by Shi Ye.

Shi Ye’s aura was too strong, even if Wen Chi’s back is turned to him, he can still feel Shi Ye’s approach.

At this time, Wen Chi could no longer pretend.
He turned around in a hurry, shrank into a ball before Shi Ye’s hand touched him and shouted hoarsely: “I will do it myself!”

Shi Ye was stunned, looking down at Wen Chi, his dark eyes were covered by thick eyelashes.

Wen Chi’s head was still dizzy at first, but for some reason, when he saw Shi Ye’s face, the dizziness disappeared miraculously.
Every word of his words trembled: “I’ll do it myself, you go out.”

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