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Zuo Zhi: “…”

Now that Liu De had said so, Zuo Zhi and Ruo Fang couldn’t ask any more questions.
They turned around and saw that although Wen Chi was in a daze, he was not completely unconscious, so they simply tidied up and then followed Liu De out.

Walking out of the bedroom, Ruo Fang, who was walking in front, immediately saw a figure on the couch.

She saw that the person was dressed in a navy blue robe, with black hair lightly pulled back, eyes drooping and frowning.
The half of his face not covered by the mask was still eye-catching even though it was hidden in the shadows.

Isn’t that person…

His Royal Highness?!

Ruo Fang was shocked beyond measure, and her face turned pale with fear.
She never dreamed that she would see the Crown Prince here.
She thought she had an illusion in front of her.


Isn’t His Royal Highness the Crown Prince in the capital? How could it suddenly appear in Jinzhou?

And the legs of His Royal Highness…

Before Ruo Fang could figure it out, Shi Ye suddenly raised his eyes.
His cold black eyes were as sharp as blades and they aimed straight at Ruo Fang.

How could Ruofang resist this? In an instant, her legs became weak, she staggered, and almost fell down—fortunately, Zuo Zhi held her up in time.

After Ruo Fang stood tremblingly, Zuo Zhi let go of her hands, walked over with cold sweat, bowed her head and said, “Your Royal Highness.”

Shi Ye glanced at Zuo Zhi, no joy or anger could be seen on the nearly perfect half face: “Leave.”

Zuo Zhi said: “Yes.”

After that, Zuo Zhi hurriedly pulled Ruo Fang, whose legs were weak and hurried out after Liu De.


Wen Chi didn’t know how long he had soaked in the medicinal bath and when he was a little more awake, he found that Zuo Zhi and Ruo Fang who were guarding him had left at some point.

But that’s fine, he’s not used to having people waiting for him to bathe and change clothes, not to mention that Zuo Zhi and Ruo Fang are girls, so it’s always a bit embarrassing.

Wen Chi reached out and touched his forehead.

Wen Chi didn’t know if it was fog from the hot medicine bath or he was burning but he felt very hot to the touch and he didn’t seem to be any better than last night.

But Wen Chi could indeed feel that he was a little more seriously ill, at least last night he didn’t feel dizzy like he is now and the images in front of him seemed to be split into half.

He soaked in the medicinal bath for a while before he planned to climb out of the wooden barrel.
Even though it was comfortable soaking at first, it still didn’t feel good after soaking for a long time and also the medicinal soup smelled bad.


However, as soon as Wen Chi stood up, the image in front of him began to spin.

He shook his head and sat back quickly.

After resting for a while, Wen Chi tried a few more times, but he was still dizzy and had difficulty even stepping out of the barrel.
In desperation, he had no choice but to bite the bullet and wait for Zuo Zhi and Ruo Fang to come back to help.

He didn’t know that it’s going to be a long wait.

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