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Chapter 91.2

Around midnight, he found the booklet hidden under the bed, leaning against the bedside to read it by the weak candlelight in the bedroom.

There are a lot of things written in this booklet, it doesn’t look like Shi Ye’s handwriting, maybe Shi Ye asked someone else to write it, of course this is not the point, the point is——

It actually wrote about Governor Zhou’s brother and sister-in-law colluding with kidnappers.

Sure enough ……

The fact is that what Lord Yin did was really at the behest of Shiye.

Wen Chi was in a daze and then continued to look through.
Not long after, he found a list written on the back of the booklet.
In this list, there were not only those who came to Jinzhou with Wen Chi, but also those who stayed in the capital.

And some of the names looked very familiar.

Wen Chi’s fingertips touched the positions of the familiar names and tapped them lightly.

He remembered!

Aren’t these people supporting roles that appeared several times in the original novel?


Although the roles of these supporting characters in the original novel are so small that they have almost no roles, they play a decisive role every time they appear on the stage.
They not only rescue the protagonist Gong and Shou from the predicament, but also help the protagonist Gong and Shou to seriously injure the villain – that villain is Shi Ye.

Unexpectedly, when Shi Ye was in the center of the vortex, he had already found out the people who were unfavorable to him and even investigated the details of these people and their deeds in recent years.

At this moment, Wen Chi could no longer suppress the shock that welled up in his heart, and a thought slowly grew in his mind.

He wondered if Shi Ye had prepared for his death and had paved the way for him so well that he had even written down the people he had to guard against in the booklet.

No wonder when he didn’t mention Shi Ye to Zuo Zhi and Liu De, they didn’t say anything either.
They were clearly people around Shi Ye, but they seemed to have forgotten who Shi Ye was.

This idea ran rampant in Wen Chi’s mind.

Wen Chi gasped and fumbled to close the booklet and re-hide it under the bed.

He was flustered and the emotions piled up in his chest seemed to be pulled by an invisible hand, pulling him so hard that he couldn’t breathe, and even his steps stumbled as he walked out.


Not bothering to put on his shoes, Wen Chi walked out of his bedroom barefoot, walked to the door and reached out to open it.

He wanted to talk to Zuo Zhi and according to Zuo Zhi’s hesitant reaction in the past, maybe she would like to reveal something to him.

Wen Chi was about to go out when he suddenly sensed something and he stopped in his tracks.

The scene outside was shrouded in the pitch black of night.

Only the candlelight in the room poured down along the open door and the faint warm yellow light did not shine very far.
But it illuminated the snowflakes floating in the air, there was already a layer of snow on the ground.

It had been snowing all day, but there was no sign of it stopping.

Wen Chi acted in a hurry, not only did he not wear shoes but he was only wearing white inner wear, the cold wind blowing with snow made him shiver.

But he didn’t rush to close the door and walk back.
Instead, he stood at the door for a while and then stepped out.

He came to the window on the right and saw that the originally tightly closed window had opened a crack at some point.
Through that crack, he could clearly see the scene inside.

The snow that had fallen all day fell on the window sill, covering the window sill with a thin layer of white snowflakes.


Wen Chi bent down, and took a closer look at the window sill in front of him by the faint candlelight shining through the window crack.

After a while, he found two fingerprints on the snow-covered window sill.
Although the two fingerprints were not obvious, they were indeed fingerprints and they had not been covered by the freshly fallen snow.
It seemed that the person should have just left.

Who can avoid Zuo Zhi and Liu De and come outside his window?

This is a translation hosted on KnoxT, copies found elsewhere are either stolen or plagiarized.
Please support the translator by reading it at KnoxT.

Wen Chi had a vague guess in his heart, but he didn’t dare believe it.

Standing in the cold wind, he looked down at the two inconspicuous fingerprints that were gradually getting covered by freshly fallen snowflakes.
He pursed his lips and was about to turn around to leave when he saw a dark spot on the ground with sharp eyes.

He froze for a moment and squatted down.

The light under the window sill was particularly dim and he could only vaguely see the dark color on the snow, even if he looked closely, he couldn’t make out what it was.

However, Wen Chi seemed to have sensed something and stretched out his hand to touch the dark color.

A viscous feeling spread instantly between the index finger and the middle finger.
On this cold winter night, Wen Chi felt the liquid on the fingertips still had a hint of warmth.

He withdrew his hand, put his fingertips in front of his nose and sniffed lightly.

It smelled like blood.

It is blood.

As if bewitched, Wen Chi stretched out his tongue and licked his fingertips.
In an instant, a sweet and greasy fragrance flooded into his mouth along with a faint fishy smell.

How many times has Wen Chi drank that person’s blood, how could he not be familiar with the smell?


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